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  1. I think I can go down to a 5 right now without it being noticable. (while dry of course) and I had my transpant back in August.
  2. I will tell you that I had my hir transpant at 23, 9 months ago. I am happy with it right now because it no longer looks like I am going bald, especially when I gel it, but I do have anxiety about how I look in the future. I am living with that fact that I am going to have to have another surgery in the future, and maybe even one after that. I have noticed the hair behind my tansplant beginning to thin out, but I am going to wait it out until I truly do need another one. I went back and forth on getting one because of my age, but I couldn't take it anymore. I worked with the doctor to plan if I go completely bald that my hairline will look natural because it has recessions built in. I will tell you if you get a HT you will feel the same way I do. I lose some sleep sometimes but I know it can be fixed in the future.
  3. I was on the proscar for over a year and was still losing my hair. I also experienced side effects that I really didn't care for. The transpant was very conservative, with my future kept in mind. He didn't really lower it any, maybe a bit on the recessions, but my tanspant has recessions built into it. Right now I am happy with it most of the time. It looks great when it is wet or I put gel into it. I just feel anxiety about my future. I went into the doctor a few days ago to check on my progress and he suggested I go ahead and do a second procedure to fill in the top of my head. I told him I wanted to wait and he was fine with that. I'm just wondering for the future if I should just go to another doctor like the ones on here?
  4. I am 23 years old and had a hair transplant back in august. I had tried proscar and such for about a year and it wasn't helping. I decided to go with the surgery but didn't have my hairline lowered, just filled in and maintained. The doctor also added a few to the back of my head that was starting to bald. In total he added 1600 grafts. The doctor didn't do a very good job with the line on the back of my head, and the grafts up front are still very wavy and dont match the other existing hair. I am wondering if I should go to one of these bigger doctors and see what they can do for me... Or just wait it out? I can comb my hair forward and everything looks fine.
  5. What are the pros/cons of using the laser for a hair transplant?