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  1. Has anyone's HT become so apparent that people have asked or you just admitted to people? I feel like mine is getting more obviously with the loss of hair behind it. I'm worried if I cut my hair real short my scar will be visible... How do I explain this?
  2. I guess I'm wondering if it's ok to use Minox occasionally....?
  3. I don't like how minox looks when I put it on in the morning so I have been wearing it just at night. Is this a waste of time since it says to apply twice a day?
  4. I have this same problem? Ingrown hair? I hope it doesnt stretch the scar!
  5. Just felt my scar today and a small part of it is raised and very tender... I looked at it in the mirror and it is very red... What could be going on?
  6. How long ago did you have your HT? That's interesting you have pictures that show the scar stretching after 7 months? to how much from how much did it strech during those later months?
  7. So I guess I'm not in the clear yet? I'm happy with the scar right now but afraid it will stretch like my last...
  8. 3 months post op... Wondering if my scar can still stretch or if it's pretty solid at this time?
  9. Looks like you've had quite a bit of donor shock loss?
  10. My donor scar is still very red at 2 months. Looks like it has stretched a bit... Does it being red mean it's taking longer to heal because it's stretching?
  11. I am 5 weeks post op and am missing a lot of hair around my donor scar... I don't remember it being this bad my first surgery... Is donor shedding normal? It doesn't seem like there's much healthy hair around the scar like there used to be..
  12. Thanks guys. I think it's a lot mental too... When I'm not thinking about it, it doesnt hurt.
  13. I'm 3 weeks post op and still have pain in my donor area. It's not too bad but I thought by now it would be gone... When does it usually subside?
  14. Is it ok for my donor scar to still have a little scabs 13 days post op? I'm hoping this doesn't mean it's stretching and trying to repair itself...