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  1. Looks great. I also have a nasty 10 inch scar at he back of my head after undergoing 2 HTS with Dr Hummayun who is no longer on this forum. I am too looking at the same Dr to see if he can help me out. I will also be posting my latest pics as to how my HT looks after 13 years since 2007. I have been off the scene for a few years and have decided to come back and share my experiences with other members..
  2. IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH He's just phoned threatening all sorts from the owners of this forum reporting me to the police, My I.P number is being tracked by the authorities and legal action to having me jailed and being reported to the British secret services after exposing this rascal on the internet. His best mates refer to him as a dirty little rat and could not believe I handed money over. So much for freedom of speech and liberty I wasn't aware we lived under a dictatorial regime. Maybe this is the type of punishment meated out to dissidents , a botched hair transplant, scared for life. Now I know how Asuange and Snowden feel. All the company needs to do is honour their agreement. He is basically now saying sue the Dr as he is to blame and accused him of stealing cutting boards from his company. ??? Hmmm maybe his wife needed to chop up some salad, romantic candle lit for two. The irony is he continues to protests his innocence and fails to acknowledge any wrong doing. ? He was literally screaming like a banshee and getting very emotional as to why his details were on the web. I know this sounds stupid but I pitted him and removed his details based on the our conversation that he would resolve matters,( lets us wait and see?) However he did make it clear there will be no H/Ts, just like that , drop of a hat. I wish i could just change agreements, just like that!!! . According to him we on the forum have committed the crime of the century, we are the criminals and his Cambridge educated buddies are waiting to challenge any legal action brought forth.?
  3. adamP





    On you’re post you said you will be suing London Hair Transplant Clinic, and you actually had the guys address?



    Just checking it’s this place-





    I really want to get my money back, so let me know how I can help!



    My e-mail address is imranramzan@me.com






  4. Thats disguting, just rang the chap up and he claims to be on business in Europe ,
  5. Dont worry Buddy , this is criminal robbing people of their hard earned cash
  6. I am suing the company. They have left a large scar across my forehead. I have been fobbed off by the company time and time again. However I am also in the medical legal field and have some very good lawyers with me who will start issuing proceedings as of Friday based on a no win no fee agreement. Please contact me if you any of you guys have been ripped off , scared etc I am sure I can help its just isnt fair you cannot promise people refunds, take money and offer H/Ts and when the crap hits the fan they go back on their word. . Abby
  7. I am sung the company join me if you would like your money back
  8. Hi sorry to read about your experience I cannot believe I also got suckered into this nonsense after undergoing two H/Ts by a world class surgeon. I can assure you I also faced the same rubbish, surgery postponed , chasing refunds etc. However all is not lost we have the names addresses of the people who run the company based in Fulham and also the chap who sells the H/T lives in Bolton. However Ive a very good solicitor rehearsed in this field is contemplating of suing them on a no win no fee agreement if they don't honor their agreement. Regards Abby
  9. HI guys much apprecaited if someone can give me an idea as to what these surgeons charge per graft FUE/ FUT Dr BISANGE. Dr. Melike Kulahci Thanks
  10. Hi and thanks for the reply. It would be interesting for you to share your experience and most of all the final results and how he works. Recently I have been considering a trip back to Dr H since he conducted my previous last 2 H/Ts but when i think about the visa issue flights logistics etc it begins to look like a mission. With Europesurgery on my door step and taking into consideration the price he could be a possible option??. However, before committing myself I would like to ask the forum on some of their veiws before making a decision regarding his skills and equipment he uses etc. Good luck and keep posting Abby
  11. Has any body heard Marwan Saifi. he is based in Europe and says he is a member of the ISHRS society. I have checked the hair restoration network website but cannot seem to find him here???
  12. Hi, the reason being, my scalp feels a little tight or should I allow the surgeon to be the judge of that.? Also I heard the balding area seems to increase as you have more and more strip surgery as the scalp has to stretch.
  13. Any advice guys welcome. As some of you guys will know I have undergone 2 H/Ts in the past 3 years. Recently I have been contemplating a 3rd H/T. The problem I suspect with 3rd H/T is the laxity of the scalp??? If this is the case would F.U.E be approrpiate for the crown and frontal line area. I I am also not sure, but I am told F.U.E success growth rate is a little less compared to STRIP surgery. Cheers
  14. Hey guys, I have recently started to use the Courve product, its similiar to dermatch. It is only by chance the other day I couldnt find the sponge applicator so decide to apply it to my finger tips and rub it into my scalp and hair. Before I did this, I applied some of the thickening/volumising foam followed by the Courve stuff and a quick comb. The results were excellent I must admit.