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  1. Hi @83mjs where did you have your surgery done? Look forward to following your process as we are around the same time frame!
  2. 2 Month update Photos with Flash on to show grafts clearer Left Right Front Definitely well and truly in the ugly duckling stage. Have noticed I have held onto a very small amount of original transplanted hairs. Even getting a few little bits of stubble where some are starting to poke through. Redness is still a factor. Being undetectable at 10 days is a myth imo. With the redness as it is still, it’d be easy for anyone to see that there’s something up. Sides are longer than the top, uneven growth and areas still recovering from minor shock loss from surgery. Looked better at day 10 than it does now. I’m not exiting the house unless I’m wearing a cap. This whole corona virus epidemic, as bad as it is, has given me a good excuse to stay home and has also cancelled all the events I originally had been invited too. Perfect time to have had a hair transplant. The growth stage can’t come quick enough! Hope everyone is staying safe! 🙂
  3. Agreed now reviewing it closer. Second video is a bad example. Just posted to show that clinic had performed grafts into FUT scarring before.
  4. No I didn’t but that’s for pointing that out! I understand they were done quite some time ago. Second video Is probably a bad example although first video demonstrated grafts into scar well I thought. 10 patients a day? Where’d is that information from? I was one of 4 on the day of my surgery.
  5. Luckily I was able to style it to disguise it. Wind and water were my worst enemy though. Here are two links to repairs Dr Koray has performed to scars. They also have more examples at the clinic. Thanks for your input! Appreciate it!
  6. Hi @Hairgod appreciate the comment. I don’t think the first HT was good at all. If you see the post here of my first transplant result you’ll see the density was a major issue. Temples were the only thing operated on. For 1000 grafts supposedly, Density was unbelievably poor. Hairline design was ok, I agree with that. Photos are deceiving given I swept my hair in a way that would cover the less dense areas. If I pulled my hair back exposing the hairline it looked really terrible, would’ve preferred to have just never had grafts placed there in the first place and not to mention the place meant of doubles even tripled in my hairline. Overall it was just a really really poor job. Clinic has performed quite a few procedures placing grafts into FUT scars and results are good. Yes I should have around 7000 grafts still available in my donor zone These photos should show you a bit more about my first HT. They were taken 3 years after it. Keeping in mind these were the only areas operated on For 1000 grafts, that is a really poor result with a huge level of scarring for such a small area to fill in
  7. 1 month photos. Shedding has well and truly set in! Have got shock loss in the mid scalp, crown area and thinner donor site but have been assured that it’s normal and will thicken up again after some time. Bright indoor light Daylight FUT Scar
  8. Hi @Abby bad luck about the scar. Biggest regret has been the fact that I opted for an unskilled dr that I didn’t do enough research on and trusting that what he told me. I asked Dr Koray about implantation into the scar and he was more than happy to do so but he said if I had work done to the front it isn’t ideal because I can’t sleep laying on my grafts. I think I’ll eventually go back and get the scar covered as well. It’s an awesome clinic. Hopefully they can help you out!
  9. Thanks @Sam818 really appreciate it. Always been a fan of reinforcing the temples. IMO only working on the hairline can look like a toupee once the temples recede later on so thought I’d get them done. Clinic were more than happy!
  10. Yeah I use finasteride 1mg daily. Not a huge fan of minox so don’t use that. Thankyou 😎
  11. Yeah I agree although my first transplant was a fail (guessing below a third of grafts survived if I did in fact receive 1000 grafts) and this one was technically a repair. Clinic were happy moving forward considering my response to finasteride plus my intention to continue taking it as well as my large donor capacity. Also the fact that I was always self conscious and lacked confidence due to my hairline/failed first HT made me not want to wait 4 years when I could just do it now. Even at 10 days my hairline shaved just frames my face a lot better and makes my forehead look in proportion etc. Already gaining confidence when it looks that good shaved. Thanks for the feedback man appreciate it. Starting to shed a bit now and looking patchy and uneven. Looked better at 10 days then it does now 😂. Very excited for the final result!
  12. 10 Days Post Op Still quite a bit of redness but other than that it matches in really well with native hair density so far.
  13. Here's a better look at my first HT results front on. The temples were the only thing operated on, nothing else and you can see the major density difference. You can imagine what it looked like if it was cut short enough that i wasn't able to cover these areas..... supposedly 1000 grafts too...
  14. Hi CosmoKramer, I wish i got a shorter haircut before travelling to ASMED so that the "before" showed a bit more of a true indication of what it looked like. I'll post photos of the 5 year after my first clinic op photos. The result was really sparse (especially when i wasn't on finasteride) making the temples look really thinned out and unnatural to the rest of my hair. You could really tell I had had a transplant. There were also doubles and triples in the hairline (had a co-worker say my hair looked like plugs) I agree looking at these photos it doesn't look like i really need a hair transplant. Having said that I'm wanting to style my hair in a way that exposes the hairline more and am sick of rocking that combed over, brushed forward fringe look to cover my hairline. Combine that with the front looking thinning in rain/swimming and worrying about wind. TBH I just wanted to fix a bad procedure and have a nice hairline while i'm still young. I understand getting near 3000 grafts at my age is a bit controversial, but given my donor capacity and my positive response to finasteride I was happy to move forward. Also in regards to waiting for progressed hairloss, my feeling towards that was i would rather have it addressed now and top it up with more procedures later on if i need so that it isn't such a drastic change to people around me (i have kept this procedure quiet). Waiting for progressed loss and suddenly growing a lot more hair was always going to be a dead giveaway for people around me. Having said that I appreciate the feedback and happy that you think my hair looked good before. Hopefully this means it will look great once everything grows in. And the plane ride was a killer! 22 hours of cabin pressure on a fresh transplant was far from ideal. it definitely accelerated my swelling. Especially when compared to the other guys that had procedures the same day as me. Ideally, if i did it again i would opt for a hotel close to the clinic until the 10 day mark and go in everyday for my wash a check. At least then you have the peace of mind everything is being done correctly and you can arrive home without the swelling. Thanks for your comment