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  1. ASMED is a great option for someone looking for a great result but a more competitive price. Yes there are surgeons in the US producing great results too but if you ask me they’re pretty overpriced. I have this exact problem in Australia where I was quoted $11 an FUE graft and surgeons here have no where near as much experience as someone like Dr Koray. There are other great clinics in Istanbul too, not just ASMED but make sure you do your research as there are a lot of dodgy clinics. HLC and Dr Cinik are two others I have seen with decent results
  2. Thanks! Appreciate it! Yes I plan to fill in my scar and hopefully I’ll never have to worry about it being visible again!
  3. Thanks! Yeah I tend to agree. Honestly with an FUE I think majority of the general public wouldn’t think twice even if the scarring was quite visible. The fut scar is really easy to pick though because it just looks so linear. My plan is to get it filled in and once I’ve done that I’ll be 100% satisfied with my how my hair looks. I know no one knows but I still have the thought that Its there and someone might see it every time I get a shorter hair cut and overall I just don’t think it looks good
  4. If I didn’t have the FUT scar from my first procedure then yes, easily but I avoid it because my FUT Scar is so easily visible at anything below a 2 guard. Planning to fill the scar in then I would easily and undetectably go a skin fade but that’s also because my donor is quite dense so the fue scars aren’t easily visible
  5. 12 month result Hey everyone here are my 1 year post op photos. I think this is an awesome result and undetectable. 10/10 would recommend and if I never had my first FUT procedure in Australia this would look even better. I keep in touch with the other guys from my procedure day too and all of theirs look top notch! May see if they’ll let me share their day 0 vs 1 year post op photos on here. Really love my result. The inner perfectionist in me really is only picking out the little things. The hairline could do with some more density to further transition better into the multi g
  6. 9 + 10 Month Update Apologies for the lack of posts, been a bit hectic towards the end of this year. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year. These photos were taken on the 18th of December. I’ll post current pics for the 11 month mark soon. Have since started oral Minoxidil 1mg and changed to a lower dose (.4mg) of finasteride orally to combat weight gain (water retention) I believe I was getting as side effects from finasteride. Will up the dosage again to 1mg daily if no negative sides are persistent on current dosage.
  7. I had the €2.5 package and can confirm Dr Koray was involved in the entirety of the procedure. He mapped out the donor zones, did all of the recipient incisions, And oversaw the extractions and implantation by the technicians and has regular input. Not being pro asmed or anything but Koray ran the procedure and was involved throughout and I was happy with his level of involvement. I know some people like to know that the doctor is physically doing ALL of the implantation and extraction but to me if the team is as trained as they are I’m confident with them performing the majority of the extrac
  8. Month 8 Update Still seeing gradual improvements so far! My main concerns is the spot above my right temple which still seems to lack density, the peak in the centre of my forehead seems to lack quite a bit of density, and some spots in the hairline where you can see doubles or multis right through the hairline where I’m hoping more singles in front are still coming in. Despite these small concerns still pretty happy so far. Apologise for the upside down photos too. Having trouble when uploading them.
  9. 7 Month Update Growing nicely. Still have very small hairs poking through the surface. I think I must be a slow grower. Thinner patches behind the hairline in the temple regions are slowly thickening too.
  10. 6 Month Update Pretty happy with the progress so far. Fair few hairs still filling in the gaps. Definitely improved since the last month update.
  11. @MichaelD thanks for your comment! Yeah I realise it’s only early days. It’s hard to not go over results with a microscope when you’re so excited for the final result! Trying to remind myself I still have 7+ months growing to go! Appreciate your reassurance!
  12. 5 Month Update Pretty happy with my results at the 5 month mark. Still not seeing the density I am after especially on the left side where the larger recipient area was and in the central peak. I am able to go out in public and easily style it to the point that you can’t see the new hairs which are much shorter than the rest of my hair. Not noticeable anyway. Not anywhere near wearing my hair with an exposed hairline like I’d hope to. Interesting that I seem to be progressing slower than the other 2 patients I kept in contact with. May just be how my body is reacting and I may just
  13. 4 Month Update Pretty happy with results so far. Density lacking but expected that at 4 months. Hair is very uneven and at different growth stages in the front. Have also noticed 2, 2 hair grafts in the frontal hairline but I think the single grafts in front of them still have to grow in so hoping this won’t be an issue.
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