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  1. Hey mate, looks like the frontal third is coming along nicely. Hopefully it goes off over the next couple of months. The scar is not too bad, a bit of smp down the track can hide it hopefully
  2. Sorry to see mate, not a great result. The hairline is better but everything behind that seems to have gotten worse...
  3. Melvin, can you please upload a few photos of your donor? In similar light as the photos in this thread?
  4. Hey mate Seems like an improvement on your pre op pics already. Hopefully the growth continues for you!
  5. Hey mate, definitely looking like heading towards nw6 if not nw7. You gotta head to a local HT surgeon to assess your donor capacity. You should have enough donor for the hairline and mid scalp and if lucky, the crown. You have to keep as much native hair as possible now via min & fin. Your donor doesn't look outstanding so doubt it will cover the whole top of scalp down the track, very unlikely with FUE
  6. Biceps I am going through the same thing but have more patterned receding as well as diffuse thinning. My donor does not look any better than yours but have not been rejected by any doctors at this point in time. I am very surprised to hear that some doctors do not consider there is enough donor for coverage. I think 2k graft will only cover your frontal 1/3 and hairline. You may have to make a call when you are happy to have your midscalp and crown to be bald if there isn't enough donor. Good luck with your search
  7. I started losing it in the mid to late 20s, but didn't really notice until about 18 months ago where the temples have seriously receded. I am now 33. But once I started noticing the temple recede, I also noticed the overall thinning on top of head and the dreaded moment when my doctor noticed that I was also losing it in the crown. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with hair loss and after a lot of time on YouTube and forums, have started seriously considering a HT. The sad part is that MPB is an endless march to eventual baldness / shiny/ horseshoe. You can delay with medicati
  8. People need to have realistic expectations before getting a HT. You will never achieve your teenage density but what a good HT can do for you is to provide you with the visual aesthetics of having decent coverage for your head. Also noting that not everyone has enough donor to cover the total balding area of yOur head, so you might have to make a choice on which areas of your head to focus on. If you are a NW7 and only have enough donor to cover your frontal 1/3 at 40% density (which I believe should give you some decent visual aesthetics), while the mid scalp and crown is bald, will be a
  9. Hey mate, your first two results looked absolutely amazing and it's great to hear that it's all still looking good after 10 years. Dr Konior' s reputation on this forum is exceptional! And the results show
  10. There are couple of different ways to think about. Some guys have more of a live fast die attitutude and want the aggressive and dense hairline at a relative early age as it will provide them with a stronger level of confidence and self esteem (perhaps) at a younger age. Some other guys will have a longer term goal and will want to conserve their donor and perhaps take a less aggressive approach. This may turnout bettwr and more natural and balanced in the long run. But then again, there is no guarantee how long you live to. I guess the world is a colourful place and p
  11. Don't mean to hijack the thread but what do you think it's the most critical component of the HT where the doctors involvement are required? My understanding of sequence of significance is: 1. Hairline/ recipient area design 2. Donor area extraction design 3. Opening slits for recipient area 4. Punching the extraction area Although I would still feel more comfortable if the doctor is actively involved in every step of the process
  12. So sorry to see something like this mate. I just have my fingers crossed that you could get SMP or a repair job in the future. Like your said, the growth in the front seems reasonable, hoping that it gets better for you in the coming months
  13. Mate i am in the same boat. Have reached out to konior/lupanzula/h&w/Bisanga. There are pretty much all exclusive positive reviews for these doctors on this site, which is reassuring. Would appreciate advice on which of these doctors are the best in terms of donor preservation (have below average donor) and take a conservative approach
  14. Thanks Melvin. I am in Australia and there doesn't appear to be any recommended surgeons or IAHRS members in the country. Most recommendrd doctors also dont travel to australia for consultation. What do you suggest as the best way to move forward? I am happy to travel for the HT
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