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  1. Hi Gasman! Thanks so much for posting about your procedure/experience with The Maitland Clinic. The last two years I've been in UK to help set up and run The Maitland Clinic with Dr Edward Ball after 20 years at Shapiro Medical. I've been so fortunate to work with some of the most wonderful doctors! The one common denominator in the doctors I've worked with is that they have the best interest of the patients and will do everything they can in achieving the best results. I didn't realise you are "gasman" when you were at the clinic. I'm very happy to hear you're happy with your experience with us. I'm confident you'll be happy with your end result as well. Great job with the post op pics! Looking forward to following your progress. Of course you know how to reach us if you have any questions or concerns throughout your healing and growth journey. (ps; the other techs working on you were Mo and Ildi) Best!
  2. Thank you, guys. Arrie and Bullitnut, hope you`re both well. It would be great to see some updates.
  3. There is an immediate post op pic as well as a video of the result with a comb running over the transplanted area so they'll get posted soon. Spanker, This patient did not have a previous ht. j
  4. Another superb result from Dr. Paul Shapiro - Patient is pleased to show-off his results. Total grafts: 3763 Total hairs: 7782 1 hair grafts: 735 2 hair grafts: 2081 3 hair grafts: 903 4 hairs grafts: 44
  5. Thanks Andy, Triple7 and David for your kind comments. Andy, I agree with you that SMG tends to do more with smaller sessions. I think that it's due to matching cut grafts to incision sizes, careful placing of grafts and use of Hypothermosol and Liposomal ATP solutions. In short, SMG does everything they can to ensure growth from each follicle. J
  6. Thanks everyone!! I didn't realise that this patient is so happy with his result thus far that he's willing to show his face. I've put pics without the blocking. :)
  7. Result at 7.5 Months Post Op - Graft breakdown is as follows: 1 hair grafts: 756 2 hair grafts: 1639 3 hair grafts: 330 4 hair grafts: 1 The hairs per graft ratio is lower than average but what an amazing result achieved!
  8. Thanks David! Bullitnut, You raise some good questions, actually. Hair colour, especially the white/grey hairs can be more challenging to sliver and dissect because there no pigment in the hair shafts or the follicles. So, you end up with lots of white upon white tissue. We tend to keep the grafts bigger in such cases to minimise risks of cutting away essential parts of the graft. It's helpful to have high magnified microscopes, good lighting, and dye during slivering and cutting on these type of cases.
  9. Natural Hairline & Frontal 1/3rd result using 1723 grafts/3510 hairs Beautifully executed FUT result....
  10. Hi tim888, I will need to check with Matt directly on updates for this patient. I have not been able to access Shapiro Medical data files for some time since moving to the U.K. I'll see what I can do. In regards to your question, "how does the skin look after the removal of grafts?" I have never seen any adverse signs on the skin after fue punch out sessions at SMG. You wouldn't suspect anything was done, the skin heals up smoothly without any discoloration or lack of normal skin pigment from the small punch holes. It's not like the back of the scalp where you get the white dots after fue graft is extracted and heals up.
  11. This 62yr old patient is very happy with his result at 6 months post op. Enjoying a hairline he hasn't had for years. Graft breakdown shows he has a good supply of three hair grafts to help with density. 1 hair grafts - 742 2 hair grafts - 2515 3 hair grafts - 856 4 hair grafts - 83 Total: 4196 = 8672 hairs
  12. Please contact Matt@shapiromedical.com or call him at 1-800-843-1989. He'll either have access to tupdated pics of this patient or other patients in similar situation. SMG physicians have a lot of experience with these type of repair work.
  13. This patient at 1 year post op has more hair style options. His hair looks much stronger on top compared to pre-surgery hair. Reminder: total grafts/hairs breakdown: As you can see, this patient has less than average hairs to graft ratio but the coverage achieved even with his short hair cut is a home run!
  14. Shapiro Medical is pleased to present a 1 yr result from Dr. David Josephitis. This patient wanted at least 3000 of 4201 grafts to address the frontal half with much lighter coverage to the back half. Multiple sessions were planned from the beginning to address total recipient area of over 200 cm2. This patient will schedule another session to address the crown soon. For now he can enjoy this stand alone FUT procedure that gives him a natural result.
  15. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, things begin to improve for your mom. UK is going very well, thanks.