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  1. I think your donor has been over harvested, definitely need a repair. I highly recommend going to Dr. Nick Riviera for round two.
  2. If you're not on Fin, then a HT would likely permanently shock out the rest of your native hair leaving you no better off, possibly worse.
  3. There's that... I strongly recommend maxing out on strip before FUE. A smaller FUT session with Dr. K would be more affordable too.
  4. Elite docs work on patients from all over the globe. Local demographics don't mirror their cliental.
  5. Yes, in that the surgeon can locate multi-hair grafts and grafts from healthier regions of the donor which go a longer way in building density. That said, @makehairgreatagain had Dr. Konior do FUT for his crown and it's as dense has one could hope for.
  6. Pics are little glarey/blurry, but from what I can tell you shouldn't get the crown transplanted just yet. Wait it out a few years. If you get FUE, you won't need 1,200 grafts to fill it up. 700 might do the trick.
  7. I've had six FUT surgeries. Nobody can tell, and I don't wear my hair super long either.
  8. Yikes, the graft placement looks utterly unnatural and it looks like you got some pitting going as well. Do not go back to this clinic, don't even reply to their phone calls. You need repair work asap in my opinion. If you're in the midwest then either go to Dr. Ron Shapiro in Minneapolis who is renowned for his hairlines or Dr. Konior in Chicago.
  9. Yup. My two younger brothers, both well in their 30's, have full heads of hair. One of which still has their juvenile hairline.
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