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  1. Getting that first HT pretty much signs you up for at least one more HT down the road. A newbie should be told to expect that.
  2. Get on Fin, go to Konior (or Nadimi), stay away from Bosley.
  3. Well, maybe not the whole donor region for FUT - just the area the strip is excised. But shaving the recipient area if you have a lot of native hair will help the doctor minimize shock loss.
  4. There is always a risk with shock loss, but if the doc works carefully then it minimizes this risk. Also, I'd recommend shaving your whole head for the procedure, regardless if it's FUE or FUT.
  5. I've had six strips (one of which was a scar reduction) and I have no issues with long term tightness. It always feels tight for a few months but gradually returns to normal.
  6. There are a handful of Dr. Nadimi cases on the forum. Use the search function and you'll see.
  7. Harsh lighting conditions, short hairstyle, and it's still looking good! The next month should be an exciting one for you. Looks like you're starting to grow out your hair, correct?
  8. 💯 I feel for any gentleman that got a HT during those years.
  9. Good call! Also, I do lather organic aloe onto my scalp a few times a week. Feels good, has a soothing effect.
  10. I've been on Fin for 14 years, and while I still continued to lose hair I believe Fin has prevented the worst case scenario for me; i.e. lateral humps and crown dropping. @Phab You definitely lost native hair, you might have transplanted hair (impossible to say). Either way, you due for round 2. Be prepared for more surgeries as you are a high NW.
  11. If you're already dealing with scalp inflammation then I would hold off on the topical for now, especially min as it is a skin irritant for many guys. Maybe ask the surgeon? Go to a dermatologist? I do use neutrogena t-gel and/or Nizoral once a week and that seems to keep the inflammation at bay. Also, I swear by Scalpicin - cures any itchiness I get.
  12. I drove 14 hours after my last FUE (over the course of two days), so yeah 4 hours won't be a problem. I would definitely plan on having a clean up at the clinic the morning after though, maybe even two mornings after if you can.
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