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  1. It appears that your donor has some miniaturization and/or retrograde alopecia. I'm not sure if you'd make a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. It does appear that you have a good deal of beard hair - this could possibly be a resource for you. Tread carefully.
  2. It is believed that Trump had a scalp reduction many years ago, which would explain the peculiar way in which he styles his hair. Whether he had hairline work done is anybody's guess but totally plausible. A side note, I have a hunch he's had an alar base reduction (nostril flare reduction surgery) and upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery).
  3. Unless there's blood you didn't lose a graft. Most likely it is just dead skin attached to a shedding follicle. All part of the process.
  4. This is incorrect. Finasteride inhibits testosterone from converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Testosterone levels are not lowered, in fact a small increase of testosterone has been noticed among users of finasteride. Go to a clinic that does both FUT and FUE. That way you know they will perform the procedure that is right for you, not just the one they are more comfortable with.
  5. @Raphael84 If this was a 12 month result we'd all be congratulating you - at just 5 months it is simply stellar! Great detailed write-up (I learned a few things from it) and happy to see someone who gives so much to the community enjoy a fantastic result. Bravo Dr. Bisanga and congrats! 👏
  6. If you can only spend 10k can you keep saving for another couple years? You're going to need somewhere between 3-4,000 grafts at least. If you shortchange the first procedure you're just going to be spending more money later on a second - which could possibly happen regardless where you have the procedure.
  7. If you are not in a rush to get a HT then consult with as many docs as possible until you find one that you really click with.
  8. To the naked eye your donor looks average, so definitely get it checked out for miniaturization before surgery. I think consulting with H&W is a good place to start. I know they are not fans of minoxidil and would probably ask you to stop before surgery - not sure how much good min is doing for you now anyways. Without being on fin I'd anticipate further loss to your lateral humps and widening of the bottom your crown, so plan accordingly.
  9. Looking solid even under harsh lighting. Also looks like the transplanted hair is maturing and settling. 💯
  10. Things are looking good, hairline very natural. Love the vid of the donor area and strip scar. Happy you did FUT? Looks like you have more strips in the bank.
  11. The ISHRS is a crapshoot. Some great and not-so-great surgeons there. Be patient, do some research on this site. There are definitely some good surgeons out there.
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