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  1. It looks like you have few multi-haired grafts in the hairline. Those can be punched out and re-implanted elsewhere, but don't try to raise your entire hairline. Just get another transplant from a better clinic this time to add density.
  2. You have a good head of hair with some thinning so definitely consider getting on Fin. @nishchd gave you good advice with the lower dosage start. I get a generic prescription of proscar (finasteride 5 MG) and I cut it into fourths (1.25 MG). This amounts to about $15 for a three month supply. You might be able to cut it into smaller pieces but it'd get tricky to do that without the pill crumbling.
  3. Looking solid for six months, very natural too. Those hairs up front are only going to get stronger with time. 😎
  4. That looks like alopecia areata to me, not typical male pattern baldness. Go see a doctor as soon as possible and you'll likely receive a cortisone injection.
  5. Yeah, it's thin but you weren't butchered, so count your blessings. The hair is also a little damp (or is it product?) in the pics, so that can clump the hairs together to make it look thinner. Either way you definitely will need another pass... H&W, Rahal, etc. My first procedure was a downer too, but thankfully I didn't go back to my first doc.
  6. Yuck! Yes, that donor area is sparse. That's going to be one unhappy patient. 😑 An ethical surgeon would have declined.
  7. Dr. Arocha does great work and I think your photos are looking good. I'm very interested to hear about the exosomes treatment as it's quite a new treatment.
  8. This is fantastic! I can see why would you want a 3rd procedure to fill in the gaps, but give this one time to mature and enjoy the process. A little dermmatch or toppik and it'd look like a full head of hair I imagine. I'm also impressed with your donor area. You should be happy with this procedure, congrats!
  9. Some clinics regularly do 4,000 graft mega sessions in one sitting... Rahal, Hasson & Wong for example. Still, I think you'll need more than 4,000 grafts for a desired outcome. I do agree with Dr. Bloxham's assessment that you should do FUT, but that's only the case if you grow out your hair on the sides and back a little longer. I can get away with a 3 or 4 guard.
  10. If you knocked loose a graft you would have seen blood. It'd have been ugly. Who was your doc? Care to show pics so the community can give you feedback?
  11. Using a cup you're probably ok. Just don't go directly under the shower head for a few days and make sure the water isn't hot. Aren't you returning to the clinic for a cleaning anyways?