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  1. By the time I am waiting for Milena’s reply, I am posting this picture which I have taken today. The main concern of mine regarding removal of the smp can clearly seen in this picture. Notice that the smp areas are “whiter” than my regular hair right now. Smp being this color concerns me most. I am trying to get to my skin tone , which is obviously darker than the smp. I have scheduled an appointment for a chemical peeling this saturday , which is still a big question for me. How will it work? Does temporary smp will fade out through skin color or will it become more white?
  2. Hello Milena, Thank you for your answers. If you allow , I’d like to discuss more on this , especially requiring your comments and thoughts. After your answers , I have come to a conclusion that laser may not be the direct solution. It will definitely see the dark pigments, but the light ones are probably going to stay. It is uncertain that how will the light pigments gonna look like in terms of estethics which is the most important issue. Also , laser have its own unknown questions like how many sessions it will require ,the healing time between sessions , possible scarring and how pigments will react to laser especially. I’d really like to hear what you think about this, especially for my situation and also for the people who thinks about temporary smp. As for the other method that we talked, chemical peeling ; has its own pros and cons. In my opinion , well applied peeling will help the pigments fade without depending on their light or dark color(please correct me if I’m wrong.) The waiting time between laser is minimum 6-8 weeks where chemical peeling can be performed in 21 day cycles, as I was informed. However, the method “trichopigmentation” as you mentioned repeatedly different, both for the pigment type and depth of the pigment.Also, you are clearly pointing out that this is completely temporary and should not compared with neighter regular tattoo nor any other smp applications. So it is a world of unknown questions both for me , and the dermatologists that I have talked so far. First , it is impossible for me to find any dermatologists or plastic surgeon in my country that is familiar with this technique.Secondly, you uniquely own temporary smp which is accepted by many hair transplant clinics and doctors. So , please understand my concerns about especially with chemical peeling path, eventhough in my opinion would be the safest and non-harmful after your reply(again, correct me if I’m wrong.) I know I am talking and thinking too much about it, I’d like to know what would be the “right” way to go if chemical peeling applied. What would be the right chemicals, acids etc to use and what kind of application should be applied. If you can guide me through this , either yourself or you can give me an info about a doctor , dermatologist that I can talk with which is familiar with your technique, I would highly appreciate it.
  3. Milena, Thank you for the open and honest answer. Please be sure that I have not used any implies or bad words against your procedure,just quoted what I hear from a laser removal clinic.If they follow this forum, I believe they have a right to explain what they explain to me on the phone. Addingly, I know we have talked many times about this via e-mail, discussing the reversibility via this thread would be much more informative both for me and anyone considering temporary smp. You have explained the reabsorption in its scientific nature, however in my situation; it did not quite happened the way it should happened. So I will repeat the questions that we have talked, which I am sure you will be informative again. 1-What would be the best way to accelerate reversibility besides laser? I know we have talked about chemical peeling. Please explain further about what type of chemical peeling should be done , what part of the dermis that the smp stand(especially having many sessions like me) , what would be the success of it and what type of acids can be used. I am asking this because based on my research online and discussing about it with dermatologists, removing a tattoo with some peeling is nearly impossible and also very risky for scarring, so please inform further how temporary smp can work with this. 2- After doing the “negative treatment” as you mentioned , the coloring of the pigments have become lighter. Since the laser procedure is more successful on seeing darker colors, would that be a problem for laser to remove it or does this mainly depend on pigments depth on the skin rather than the color? 3- As a person which had applied the temporary smp procedure like me on both sides(dark pigments and light pigments) , does the later procedures(light pigments) stand on top side and the previous ones on deeper ? How does this work in terms of fading out?
  4. Ok since no one is commenting, I am giving the updates to my laser treatment research. On other threads, I have found the user bustamove had done laser treatment to his smp and he recommended beauty care nederland. I have contacted with them, tell them about my situation and sent them the chemical composition of the pigments that Milena Lardi, Beauty clinic uses. Today I recieved a phone call from the laser clinic that they wont be doing a laser session to me because the chemical composition contains titanium oxide and iron oxide which they say it is poisinous to work with. This is becoming a scary situation for me right now. First , I have decided to go for Beauty Medical because of the treatments reversibility , which didn’t occured. Then now I am finding out that the pigments contain poison and dangerous. I have talked with Beauty Medical about this and they say that it contains very minimal amount of titanium which body will make it dissolve over time and definately not poisinous. However, laser clinic (beauty care netherlands) insistently says that they won t be doing the treatment because of this. Now I am attaching my pictures in order to make the situation clearer and I really, really need to hear some opinions and explanations. Note: You can see the laser test patch done at my frontal.
  5. Addingly , what I am curious about is; If someone undergoes on a smp clinic that claims permanent ink, laser should be the one and only option. However, I have done my smp with Milena Lardi , who is one of the most reputable ,most approved with her technique and claims that inks absolve in the body gradually. So , first I was skeptical about "lasers for tattoo removal" will see the ink. Also , if this procedure claims it's %100 percent irreversibly , where are those people? And what should be done to speed up the fading process besides laser? I really love to hear the opinions , expert thoughts , comments about my issue. Please don't make this thread dead since I am a bit desperate and undecided about this.
  6. I really dont want to post pictures right now because of my anonymity issues. All the community , please give your opinions and advices about my issue. I know Shapiro Clinic and some others use this technique. Also I know there are some smp clinica that uses Milena’s inks and needles only. I want to learn which laser suits best and also any other methods besides laser that can gradually fade the pigments out. best
  7. Hello , i haven’t been here for a long time ,maybe many new members don’t know me. long story short; I have had my first smp session in 2013 done by Beauty Medical , Italy. At that time i wanted more defined and darker color hairline. Jumping to 2016, my fading out process hasn’t been very well and therefore I started going back to Italy for having “negative pigment” sessions, which I remember done 3-4 times. Now, I admit that my procedure does not look bad or detectable but it clearly does not meet up with the expectation of “completely fading out in 2-3 years”. When I asked about this to the clinic, they always said that dissapearing differs from person to person and it depends on immune system. Also on my research , I have only found only one person that had this procedure dissapeared completely , who is Beauty Medical’s employee. I am not here to blame anyone or any clinic. However ,after 7 years from my initial treatment , I still have a tricopigmentation on my head which was not my plan when I started this. I am looking for a solution right now. From the clinic, they told me that the laser is the quickest way to have it removed. However , I am still looking for other solutions besides laser. So I am looking for some answers from the forum. Any suggestion from the clinics that uses Beauty Medical’s products and techinque and also some people that have done trichopigmentation. Also, anyone can suggest me a laser clinic in the Europe zone, or any other methods/producs that speed up the fading out process are highly appreciated. note: All my research about laser tattoo removal says that darker color removes better. Since my trico is not that dark, and differs from regular tattoo, I don t know how laser reacts to the pigments. I really appreciate any information about this.
  8. hairthere, thanks for the replies; both for pm and thread. However, as you can see from my photos, the fading is minimal to none even after 5 years. I am not here to offend anyone, clinic , company but I still think all of the clinincs, studios, companies that use this product should have an "answer" to a case like me , without offering laser treatment. I signed up for this knowing that this is NON-permanent treatment and I just seek for help right now, nothing else. And by this, I'm asking for some specific usage/regimen that i can use without having any social in complications. All thoughts are well appreciated.
  9. Long time no see all:) Maybe some of you guys will remember me but I was unactive in the forum for the last 5 years, simply because my hairloss issues become less compared to other things as business, graduation , almost-marriage etc.. But now here I am with a question that I really need to be answered in order to get what I want with my trico from now on . Before I tell about my story and problems , I will not blame anyone or any company. I have decided to do this, I took my full responsibility of it , it was decision that made me forget about my hairloss completely for 3 years. So what I'm seeking is not a "you did this to me" type of approach , just help for my situation. Ok, my story begins from january 2013. After a year of research and decision-making, I have undergone into a tricopigmentation session with Beauty Medical in Milan , Italy. First 2 sessions was done in end of January by Alessandro Lardi. When I got back home and had a shower, all the trico had disappeared completely. So, as the procedure goes as 2 days in a row and 1 session after a month, we have talked back with the clinic and decided to have 2 sessions instead of 1 because all the trico had faded out. Addingly, we went for a darker color, denser look.(my decision) After the sessions , I have achieved what I wanted. And for 3 years , it was all fine. Please note that I have given an extra care to my trico areas; almost never contacted directly with sunlight , went to pool maybe 4-5 times in 3 years , and wore a hat in sunny days. So you can say that I did my part to take care of it pretty well. However, my native hair shed in those years. So, trico both become unnatural in terms of with my native hair , and also it become very "defined" and "strong" in my look . Even though that's what I wanted 3 years ago, I started to become very unsatisfied with it. The very first reason to go with trico was the fact that it is non permanent. So I become panicked and thought there is something wrong with it and decided to contact with Beauty Medical again in early 2016. After reaching out to them , Milena Lardi offered me "negative treatment" , which is done with the skin-color pigments in order to reduce the darkness and make trico softer. It seemed great idea to me because I wanted my trico to become "nearly- invisible" , to a point that only a careful eye could notice , not for a full head of hair look . (I still do want that.) So we started the "negative " sessions in February 2016 and I had my last session 15 days ago, almost a 2 year-process. At this 2 year process, the darkness of the trico reduced significantly. I became less worried about it , the naturality has achieved. However, when we start the negative sessions, it was expected that the dark spots that have done in 2013 would also disappear in its natural course, meaning that all of this should be gone by now, but they haven't. In my opinion, only process was made with the negative pigments and black pigments stayed nearly the same. So today, I am at the point of without any unnaturality on my head , but still want it to a point where it is nearly invisible. The treatment of negative pigments would never cover up black pigments completely ,as said from Beauty Medical. Also the care for the pigments continues with the negative ones meaning that you should protect it from UV, pool etc. I have done my research with anyone who experienced similar/same situation with me and found nothing. Language is a big barrier since I don't know any Italian. What I am looking is what to do to make my trico fade out completely(or become barely visible) . I don't know the chemical component of the pigments, which skin layer they are applied at, and what causes fading and what not. As I see, there are now plenty of clinics using the exact same method that I have done , and also patient database become larger in 5 years. I have mailed to Ahead Ink and Shapiro Medical and so far no reply. I am not considering laser treatment, since this tricopigmentation is non- permanent and I don't want any scars on my head. For my research for fading out , Milena suggested products that contain glycolic acid. She didn't give a specific product name. I have seen that both tca and glycolic acid works with tattoos, also there are lots of tattoo removal creams in the market . I haven't bought anything and applied nothing so far. So, this started to become a problem for me . I am 31 years old now, and when I first done my trico , I didn't expect to last this long. I really appreciate anyone with an help/advice with a treatment, product, regimen etc. Sorry for the long post, good to see you all again
  10. You can see my before at the beginning of the thread; here are the afters, 1-3 days after trico 2-2 weeks 3-4weeks 4-6 weeks (4 days ago)
  11. Sorry for the delay but to be honest it was great to forget about your hairloss so i forgot=) Here is my experience ; My first sessions with Alessandro (which is Milena's brother) are on 30th and 31th january. At first I was very very nervous . I remember myself smoking in front of the door of Beauty Medical and praying "please god , don let this be something embarrasing". Afterall, it is "fake" hair. And of course I had many questions in my head like "would someone notice?" "what am i gonna say if someone notices?" and many others. Eventhough I was very well prepared and talked with Milena couple of times about the procedure, hairline and everything, I am sure many of you would know what i mean. Anyway, when I sat back , we talked with Alex about the density , color and the hairline. I had two strict rules; density would not be too much and hairline would be as jagged as possible. At this time I have to say this; if you don't know italian , it is really hard to communicate with them, thay may be the only minus in their customer relations for me . Otherwise , they are perfect but that's another thing , I'll get there:) The process is simple ; you lie down and Alex does all the work . For the pain scale, I have many tattoos on my body and this is zero compared to that. Other clients say crown hurts a lot but since I have done it only in my temples I can not comment on that. However, after the first session , I had a slighty bad headache for a while. The divison of the sessions are first day , second day and one month later total of three. Alex told me that after the first two , %80 of the work is done. Here is where I had my concerns started, trico was near to invisible! I came back to Turkey and I showed it to my mom (she is the only person who knew) and she can't see it either. I shaved down to no guard clipper, washed my head and when I wipe my head on towel , towel was clearly got black. I looked at mirror , I saw the trico become more visible due to my short cut, but it was far away from what I expected. So I sent an e-mail to Milena about the fading out and my concerns, she told me not to panic and fading out a bit is completely normal and after 3rd session it would be ok. So after a month, I went for the third. But the 3rd session had no help. By the time a month passed , trico was completely gone. I sat at home and felt very depressed, asking myself what went wrong. I spent quite some time and money (trico may not be expensive but going to Milan twice in a month is ) and got nothing . So after some thinking , I sent an e-mail to Milena and Spex about my condition. At that time , I have to say a big thank you to both of them . They were bit quite suprised about this and told me everything will be handled. I was so down at that time and out of money that I was thinking to cancel all this and accept that this is not for me but my mom encouraged me both mentally and financially to finish what I started . So I went there for a 2 day session again . This time, we went more dense and darker color. Also we went over the post -op procedures and my excessive use of nizoral accelarated the fading out process. I know I talked to much and u want to know how it turned out? It turned out very good!! It 's been nearly two months now and I am really happy with the hairline design, it is very natural and jagged. Finally, I am not constantly thinking about my hairloss. I can say that I really got what i wanted. However , there are few things about it I like to address that anyone who is curious about; 1-This is not "real" hair: I made my trico to my temples which there are only tiny minoxidil hair (which are gone after I quit it) so it can be said that it is only at the completely bald area. I shave my head my zero guard clipper at weekly basis. After the shave, trico looks best however there is this depth difference that I can see. The reflectivity of the scalp is more than the places where I have real hair. I am not saying this to critisize trico, but this is the reality. Maybe if I prefer to razor shave it the difference will be minimal but the reason I choose Milena is that i don't want to razor shave it every 2-3 days. 2-This does not look "weird" at all: Again ; I am only talking myself as I am a diffuse thinner all over and zero hair in temples. I haven't have it done in thinning areas , only on temples. I admit that it looks best after the shave and recommend everyone who have this to shave 2-3 days . But I am too lazy to do it and the best thing of this lazyness is that it does not weird look at all. When I first go to Beauty Medical it was for to have a consult with Dr.Wong so I went there not shaved for 10 days. When Milena saw me she asked that if I wanted to keep this length. I said " no! I use it a lot shorter than this " and she said no problem and I can keep it to that length . At that time I didn't believe her but now I see her point. 3-They can make a pretty natural hairline: As many of you who are interested in having this, hairline is the most important thing. After seeing way too many "helmet heads" online, that was my biggest concern . And I talked with Alessandro and Milena over and over again about this. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting that natural hairline but they are great at what they are doing. I am not a doctor, medical advisor or anything related to ht industry. But I have researched about ht and smp for over 3 years now and in my opinion , this can be a game changer for some people. Many of the people in this community are looking for a longer shortcut and I respect that. But , if you are happy with the shaved /buzzed look and want to maintain it that way, working with a world class FUE doctor which is familiar and working with smp , you can get excellent results. I am thinking about filling my temples with fue in autumn and keep going with smp right now. Nowadays , I am fairly happy with it. I think i need a 3rd session since we started all over again and minimal fading out had occured . Hope this helps everyone.
  12. Davis, I don't know anything about the technical terms, maybe Joe and Spex can help you about that but I've seen it in person and here are my thoughts; I've been researching about smp for almost 3 years now and I also agree that pictures of Milena's results seems a bit "different". That's because nearly all the pictures are taken right after 1st or 2nd treatment. They told me that after 2-3 days the pigments will settle and final result can be seen . But as far as i see, unlike other smp procedures , Milena's technique does not try to match exactly with your hairs on the side. She makes it in a way that it won't look weird or unnatural between specific lengths. It is not that "opaque" whitish compared to other smp clinics, their approach is like "stubble but effective". Hope I made myself clear, best wishes.
  13. Thank you so much all!! I am super excited and afraid at the same timee:) Just a quick change, dates are changed 1-2 february and with Alessandro Lardi , Milena's brother. My business is super busy right now that's why i changed it .