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  1. I take 5 drops (from the 5% solution) orally every other day. I calculated the mass to be consumed. I put the drops in a gelatin capsule before swallowing as direct consumption in the buccal cavity increases oral mucus production and throat inflammation. Good luck.
  2. Yes. That's correct. There can be miniaturization of transplanted hair.
  3. There are certain studies that indicate that the transplanted hair follicles from the occiptal region, can take on the degenerative characteristics of the hair follicles of that area, into which they are transplanted. This may be due to partly due to the trauma of the transplantation, but also due to factors that I'm not qualified or educated about, to inform you (reduction of potassium channels, etc.) But generally, you are correct Mr. Steele; the transplanted hair should last you for the rest of your life. The overall MPB process is progressive, and lasts the rest of your life, once it has initiated. The native hair follicles genetically programmed to degenerate, will do so, and the transplanted hair follicles, may degenerate (produce hair of lower calibre compared to when it was in place in the occipital region), but not completely die.
  4. Spanker is right about the 6 year run. I too had my surgery in 2009 and though I have had some native hair loss since then the overall effect has thinned, my hairline is still good. Patriot34 is right. The majority of HT doctors probably don't tell you how long the HT will last, which is why you should prepare a very detailed list of all the topics that you need to discuss with them before hand.
  5. Yes, you should choose a qualified HT surgeon, but be careful to understand, that choosing a recommended surgeon does not guarantee that you won't get a stretched scar from a HT or from scar revision. There are: doctor skill, (even recommended surgeons) patient healing and unknown (X) factors at work on this.
  6. "CaddyTad77" is right in terms of the tight numbed scalp. No one ever told me about the numbness that still continues to this day. It might be permanent. I too might undergo scar revision sometime in the future.
  7. I've used it in conjunction with other products, so I can't say what the effect is in isolation.
  8. My ears stuck out a little bit after surgery, but disappeared (the sticking out, that is) after 2 weeks. I say give it more time so that your body can return to its original state. Remember the body is plastic, that's why it's called plastic surgery.
  9. Interesting....don't mind if I follow this thread.
  10. Great job Spex!! Didn't realize that much about your own personal journey..... and I thought Bill had a lot of procedures!! It was really inspirational!
  11. They usually let you know upfront that the deposit is non-refundable and is equivalent to your consultation fee. If you reschedule your consultation you should be fine (as I did.) You should read your terms of reference, as with any other surgeon.
  12. Fully agree! Because you start young may not necessarily mean you'll end up NW7.
  13. mmhce


    Better one day dutasteride and next day finasteride.