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  1. My ears stuck out a little bit after surgery, but disappeared (the sticking out, that is) after 2 weeks. I say give it more time so that your body can return to its original state. Remember the body is plastic, that's why it's called plastic surgery.




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  3. Very good post Spex!! We all the know the story about the radical who had incendiary/explosive substances strapped to his leg on the airplane and attempted to detonate. I have no doubt in my mind that radicals will seek to have such substances inserted into body cavities. Thus there has been heightened security including X-ray scanning. To that end: With the advent of full body scanners (X-ray), what are your thoughts and comments concerning the capability of the monitoring officer seeing the staples in the back of your head and the metal detector? (Since they can see everything no
  4. A significant part of ED is psychological. You are too young to have ED. Finasteride if will DECREASE the level of fluid in your semen.
  5. Isn't there a possibility that immediate post-surgery, excessive perspiration (or perspiration not removed by gentle washing) can harm the newly planted grafts, due to increased propensity for bacterial build up?
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