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  1. Hey everyone !! Well the golden time is over which everyone kept telling this last year that 'wait for 14 months .. a miracle will happen' ... well i guess the pics speak for itself !! i had a terrible last year and now iv decided im just gonna accept this growth and move on with my life ..start getting worried about other stuff rather than staring at the mirror .. looking for any new black spot on my scalp ..! stop getting depressed that iv wasted my money for this !! still sometimes do think if they can atleast return 50% of my amount .. lol i havent seen my doctor for the last 6 months and neither they have approached me .. so i guess this case is nicely handled Not a single person in this last year noticed that i got hair transplant and atleast 50 ppl told me to get a transplant .. lol .. these 50 ppl dont know what iv already been thru well guys thanks for the support last year .. it was a great experience sharing my sad stories here .. it really helped me pass this one year !! if anyone goes thru this horrible experience of necrosis and funny growth .. you can always contact me thru email .. ill be happy to help anyone thru this time !! i have all the best of wishes for Mr.Humayun Mohmand and i really pray from my heart that no one goes through experiences like mine !! wishing you all the best of wishes with your transplant !! Mr.Nk case is officially closed !!
  2. Hey everyone !! yeah i did vanished fer few months and was not posting but actually i was waiting for a year to complete !! well now 13 months have been completed and ill be taking new pics today and then lets see if there are any changes !!
  3. well after reading everyone's comments i have surely decided to wait for 12-14 months .. but as on today its been almost nine months and i just took some pics but there is absolutely no change in the last 20 days !! i remember when i had necrosis doc kept telling me to wait for another 2 weeks everytime i use to visit him ... this went on and on for 4 months until he finally did the small procedure and it was over and healed in 5 days !! so im pretty use to this 'wait and see' thing .. so i guess ill just wait and see for another 3 months ... before i decide to go for another HT ... cuz this looks so horrible in normal day/sun light that i have no other choice ... i really dont wanna have a strip surgery again cuz of the experience and large area which is still numb... i really was thinking if i can get a FUE to do the repair ... cuz somehow that looks somewhat less traumatic !! i wont be able to to go thru the same procedure again .. as flashes of HT journey still haunts me .. !! im not sure if Dr.Mohmand offers a FUE cuz all of his patients undergo the strip method .. and also .. on my consultation day doc's hair consultant who examined me (Shahid) didnt mentioned the option either ... Also wanted to ask what is the policy of different clinics on returning the money if there is a failure ... i havent talked to my doc about this but do clinics offer this ??
  4. Thanks Future_HT_Doc for the kind offer but i guess there is nothing better to do than to wait for 12 months .. i guess my next update will be after 2 months now .. and megatron i know almost everyone requires a second pass but considering the experience in the first .. who knows if the second one will be smooth as anything .. there is a fear embedded in my head of going thru the same all over again !! and RCWest ..Dr.Humayun Mohmand did surgery with 2700-3000 grafts! my big no growth area (necrotic) turns tomato red when i take a bath or play outdoor sports ... but today ill again check if the spots turn more red or get bigger after a bath ...
  5. 8 months and 10 days to be exact ! well till now not a single person has noticed about my hair transplant .. lol .. i wont blame them either ! .. i have noticed red spots on my scalp this month(last pic) .. there are not like those which i got before when the hair were popping out in the 4-6 months .. i hope i dont have some new problem coming first there was necrosis ... then my surgical procedure to fix that .. then bad hair growth ... and now some new infection? ... i dont think i have the courage left to go thru another HT ... .... is this heading towards a complete failure ? or is it already one ?
  6. thanks wb280 ... ill do that as soon as i get the time ...
  7. im gonna wait for 2-3 more months hoping something is gonna change and look somewhat presentable .. ill book an appointment with Dr.Humayun after 15 days when my 8 months are completed ...
  8. ... 7.5 months ... just wanted to update pics .. nothing much to say
  9. yeah i know 6 months is too early to conclude anything ... well tomorrow my 7 months will be completed .. and ill be posting new pics as soon as i take them this week.
  10. Sir i have complete faith in you and in your work !! and i know how much u really do care for the patients and im 100% satisfied with the co-operation of your clinic! PLEASE do not think that im complaining about your work .. i fully understand all the things that mite be delaying the growth ! i update my entries every month on this forum as i receive emails from ppl to do so .. i still think i have small hair growing .. so im very hopeful that ill have good result by the end of 8-9th month .. i dont have hair in the necrotic area but im hopeful that the rest will cover that area! Thanks a lot for taking time and writing ..
  11. yeah i can still feel a lot of small hair on my scalp ... i hope when they'll grow then it will look better !! ive seen a case on doc forum site .. his name is mayur? .. his growth in 6 month was really not good .. but i think 7th month started nice for him .. so i guess i have to wait a bit more .. but ill be posting every months progress here ..
  12. yeah i guess cuz of the necrosis there are some no growth areas and it just adds to the emptiness even more !! i know i mustve lost a lot of grafts cuz of necrosis and then the small procedure to repair it ! my assistant at work paid a quarter of amount to a different local surgeon compared to what i have paid and my hair growth is just a quarter to what he has now But yes ill wait for 8-10 months cuz i can still feel some small hair growing .. i really hope all is well in the end ! thanks ur replies just gave me hope for 3 more months !
  13. well here i am reaching the 6 month mark .. i guess 2 more months till the final result !! i really hope things start to change now .. till now not a single person has noticed any change .. and still known as the 'bald one' among friends .. !! been thru a tough transplant journey so far .. still hoping a good 7th and 8th month !
  14. First of all thanks to everyone here who supported me on everyday basis .. this forum really helped a lot throughout this necrosis journey !! i think otherwise these last months would've been really tough .. As for my no growth area .. Dr.Humayun has been saying from the first day that his patients are all his responsibility from day one and yes he told me that he will take care of this area ! im very impressed from his professionalism and ive also learnt a lot as a person from him ! ill wait for my final results and if this area is nicely covered with the rest of the hair then i dont think ill go for another surgery ! ill wait for complete 8 months !!