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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Wolf
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  1. Dutasteride does come in a liquid gel cap. I don't know why they didn't make it a regular pill like Finasteride. Seems that capsules cost more than tablets.
  2. IMO, it is a natural whorl. The rest of your hair looks outstanding. The crown is always the thinnest spot.
  3. Dr. Charles is an awesome surgeon AND human being! I am always impressed by his work, and it looks as if you are also going to have a great result!
  4. Steve, you have had great success in your hair restoration journey! Your hair looks great!
  5. You are 21 years old and you need your parent's at a doctors visit to get meds in India??
  6. Dr. Kabaker, I have always considered you one of the most "complete" surgeons on here. This is great work!
  7. Spanker, you are already a follicular superhero! This is amazing at 3 months!
  8. I started with Finasteride, then added Avodart, now I am just taking Avodart. They both work well, but the Avodart is better.
  9. What an excellent before and after, Dr. Charles! I love it! I notice more and more older men are getting hair transplants. It's never too late.
  10. I congratulate you on your surgery with Dr. Devroye! But at the same time, it is also strange hearing 1000 strip grafts, all singles . Your hair is awesome for your age. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  11. Come on Bill, it's way past April Fools Day. This can't be true! These are two of the very best in the world. What is wrong with Ontario? Can their patient coordinators or someone from the clinic post for them??
  12. Your girlfriend is a mean witch! You are not balding, you just have fine hair and I know how that is.
  13. It's killer that you received almost 1,000 bonus grafts! Dr. Konior is easily in the top 5 HT surgeons in North America. His results consistently speak for themselves, and it looks as if you are on the way for another one of his amazing transformations!