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  1. YESS...... This is EXACTLY what I have written about. Diep's implantation style results in straight rows like if you were looking down a cornfield. You end up with this sparse, see through effect because the grafts are not staggered. When they are staggered you reduce the amount of space between the grafts and creates a fuller, more dense look. This has been my NUMBER ONE complaint from my transplant with Diep (almost 7 years ago). I can't for the life of me understand why in 7 years, he has not done a single thing to change this technique that looks unnatural up close and results in
  2. I don't think you are being a perfectionist by pointing these things out. If you go to page 2 of this thread, I posted my pictures of my Diep procedure and I noted the exact same things. My donor is obviously thinned out because of questionable extraction patterns. Instead of spreading it over a larger area, he focused all of my extraction in a small area on the back of my head. He also went out of the safe zone and went too far up on my crown, which frankly makes that area look thinner. One, the hairs in this area are susceptible to miniaturization. Two, it has made this area look thin
  3. I posted my own pictures earlier in the thread showing this linear pattern that he implants the follicles in. He clearly does it for efficiency. I'm honestly not a fan at all of this technique because it makes the transplanted area look sparser than if he had staggered the grafts. If you have grafts implanted in rows, then you will have rows of spaces that you can see right through. Imagine looking at a corn field. You can look down the rows of spaces. Now imagine if the grafts were staggered. The spaces in between each graft would be minimized and you get a denser looking result.
  4. I'm all for honest debates, but disappointed that ad hominem attacks are allowed to stand and not moderated. The verbal abuse and name calling is so beneath this forum.
  5. He basically writes you a prescription which is sent to a compounding pharmacy that he's working with to make the formulation.
  6. Completely agree with your assessment. To be clear, my result was decent, but not spectacular. Pretty much all the grafts grew in, so you can be assured that your transplant will be successful. That said, do I think Diep is in the same league as a Rahal or H&W? No. His level of artistry is just not quite at that level. Do I think he is in the 90% percentile in terms of results? Yes. That said, he doesn't offer the same meticulous attention to detail as the Rahals, H&W, and Koniors of the world. I think that's a fair statement. No shade to Diep at all. So the m
  7. Look at the placement of the grafts.... They are in straight lines, back to back. You can clearly see how the grafts are not staggered and they are placed in straight lines. From a distance it looks fine, but there are clearly gaps and less appearance of density from this kind of placement.
  8. I had a transplant by Diep years ago, and while the result was good for the amount of grafts placed I always had one gripe. I REALLY did not like the placement of the grafts in straight lines like a cornfield. For one, it causes wider gaps and a more see-through appearance that I've noted in my own transplants and others who have gone to him. If he staggered the grafts it would cover more gaps and give the appearance of greater density. After all these years, he is apparently still using the same placement style. I suspect that this is done to make the process quicker for himself
  9. What's your DIY method? The only reason I haven't done this myself is because I don't want to use minoxidil as a base. The intense shedding is too much for me to handle, so I want to use a finasteride only solution. I've seen people post online about using an ethanol / propylene glycol vehicle. Any idea where one might find a pre-made vehicle solution that would work with finasteride?
  10. Your "rationale" doesn't even really make sense on closer inspection. So if China concocted this virus to bring down the US economy as retribution for the trade war, then all they have ACTUALLY done is dealt a serious, protracted blow to their economy, now that brand China is in the toilet. It's like cutting your nose off to spite your face. Their economy is already sputtering towards a major collapse and the pain will be felt for years to come.
  11. Based on your hair characteristics (fine hair, advanced hair loss) I think you'd be better served by an FUT. You need lots of grafts to make an appreciable difference and FUT is still the best way to maximize your total grafts.
  12. Any reason why you didn't go with Rahal for a second procedure? Which doctor did you choose for the jaw implant?
  13. Just wanted to say that your results are incredible.... And that I hate you...lol. Hoping one day I'll be touched by Rahal's hands.
  14. I would bring the temples forward a bit to match the lower hairline. Your hairline is lower, but the temples are still a bit further back. It would make it a bit more in proportion.
  15. Uh yeah sure bruh.... try writing in a style that doesn't scream shill.
  16. So is the current pricing for Rahal still $8 FUE and $4 for FUT in Canadian dollars? Any info about current pricing is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Purely speaking from my own experience, but at the time of my surgery I had already taken finasteride for about 5 years. It did nothing to stop shock loss. In fact, my shock loss was pronounced and excessive. Everything seemed to regrow, but don't count on it making a difference in regards to shock loss. I think like the posters above said, it's really more a function of how traumatic the surgery was and your body's ability to handle that stress.
  18. The sense of losing control. It's a stark visual reminder of how little control we have over our bodies and our eventual decline. Ugh. But you are right, having the ability to intervene at all is a good thing. There are worse things that can happen to us physically that we have ZERO ability to stop.
  19. Brad Pitt would be jealous. Good thing you caught it early and that the meds aren't causing any major sides.
  20. Sweet!!! Very dramatic difference indeed. Without even looking at your facial features, you definitely still resemble a much younger guy with the hair. Great choice of haircut too. So many guys get great transplants and then get haircuts that age them.
  21. Well Catherine, looks like you kind of exposed yourself on here. First of all, a nurse cannot legally carry out surgery. At most they are allowed to do implantation into recipient sites and to prepare the donor strip. This is grounds for a lawsuit and possibly criminal charges. I'm willing to bet that you set up an arrangement with the doctor, who did not perform any part of the surgery, to put his name on the practice to get around regulations. All the while, this doctor does none of the actual surgery. This is a very common set up with many med spa type facilities that perform aesthetic
  22. Who the hell is Catherine? Does she even have a medical background. How the heck would you know all the inner workings of this operation? It's pretty obvious this is sock puppet account created by someone at the clinic.
  23. Why would it take 2 months to get a dermatologist to look at this? That is not the case at all. I have never had to wait more than a a week or two for an appointment. Don't delay getting medical attention. As for the poster who said this was more a case of negligence than fraud, I find that comment way off base. He was lied to, and was told the doctor was doing the surgery and yet a tech, possibly someone with zero medical training, was the real person who did this surgery. That is clear cut fraud. Please document this and get your credit card company to help you.
  24. I don't see how this is NOT fraud, when he was told the doctor would perform the surgery and yet a tech, and not even necessarily a nurse, performed the surgery.
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