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  1. What are your experiences of prejudice or being ridiculed for having a balding head? It's so annoying when a mate says you should shave your hair off, what they are actually saying is your hair looks bad....problem is most people that have said to me shave your hair off are those with an abundance of hair... I definitely think people also judge you before they have even spoken to you, they almost create a judgement based off of you being bald before you've even said a word... What's everyone else's experiences?
  2. I have to totally agree with you there, its definitely like premature ageing, a sign that your over the hill....had a chuckle at 'like the youth is getting sucked out of you', a chance would be a fine thing...lol
  3. A very well executed account! What I find interesting is the correlation between a man's pecking order and hair loss. How hair loss can cause a deficiency which in relation to man's and woman's new roles in society can cause a whole lot of confusion for us. As a man our new focus in the 21st century seems to be gauged on image/beauty, the same as women. I'm thinking that's because WE ARE TRYING TO CREATE A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD TOO, as they earn the money like we do, we want be pretty like them as to balance it all out..but to me man will always be at a loss as man can't live equally with women...we need to have power unfortunately.. It begs the question, what is man's role in society right now...?
  4. Hi Spanker Thanks for the reply. But what pressures and pain do you feel have caused your anxiety and depression?
  5. What's the most emotionally draining issue you have or had to deal with when losing your hair? Mine would probably be the feeling that I have become less desirable which has effected me socially and professionally....it's a constant torment...almost like an arrow pointing to my insecurity.... Would love to hear what others feel...
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