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  1. They are actually working in the same building medical city have alot of floor and different services. I simply didnt choose her because of lack of response and no intrest from her side. didnt answer simple questions like how much the graft price was and estimate how many grafts she think it would be. not even questions simular to "if i go there on monday is there any possibility t do the surgery the next day so i dont need to travel back and forth" she blamed her team for not knowing but i didnt feel comfortable with her. Check medical city's homepage, they have 3 different docto
  2. I went to meet Theresa Cacas at medical city in pasig (MARC) mostly because she have been trained by Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich at medical city in bangkok which i confirmed by contacting his team. 2,345 grafts - 60php each (if belove 2000 its 70 i think) She was very professional and kind. and i love the result (fixed the sides and frontal) the frontal is to thin for my teaste since the hair a lil backward is thicker but its because you cant transplant to much at once due to the survival rate of the hair. thats why you usually need a second seassion for frontal. however she estimated 2
  3. Hello everyone, im going to do my hair transplant around September and have been looking into Dr J. Peralta-Arambulo. So my question is simply if anyone have any experience with Dr. J. Peralta-Arambulo which havea clinic by the name Asian Hair Restoration Center. From what i have found they have instagram, facebook and youtube channel. and you can see some results of theirs operations but its mostly minor and not really frontal restorations which is what im looking for. I have also been looking into Dr. Manzanares and Dr. Andrew Pineda but their homepages kind of give you ni
  4. Nickerian

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    Started taking minixidil for about 2 weeks (have supplie for another 7 months) First day to start Finasteride Teva 5MG (cuttin down to pieces
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