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  1. At the end of the video there is clearly new growth so he's either scamming everyone because he has nothing better to do and actually had a real transplant or somehow his method works - which may be nothing more than bad lighting and glue lol
  2. It looks like this guy is plucking healthy hairs, inserting them into his scalp and getting growth. I'm not new to the transplant process and have always understood the graft would comprise the entire follicular unit but he seems to be getting growth with only the plucked hair. Yes, i realize this guy is somewhat butchering himself and he should at least use actual hair tp tools but aside from all that, how can he get such growth by simply using plucked hairs and not the entire FU? I apologize if this has been previously posted.
  3. Hmm. You guys would be pretty shocked to know who it is. I'm not going to say who until after I have the procedure, whether it's him or someone else.
  4. So $12 per graft is not that unusual?
  5. Can anyone tell me the avg. per FUE cost of the top doctors?
  6. Yeah my hairline has had a lot of incisions made into it over the years and even though the skin looks normal there's probably a lot of scarred tissue under the skin that isn't visible. It might be worthwhile transplanting into the healthier skin that's not in center hairline area but I'll see what he says next week.
  7. On the day of my surgery i'm scheduled to confer with my doc. Regarding Acell and my situation, at what point would it be administered? Ie. before, during, after, etc.
  8. I'm getting ready to go in for my 8th transplant from doctor #4. my most recent procedure was from one of the more respected doctors on the forums and he's scheduled to do my next procedure. My last transplant was fue at the hairline. Hairs placed in "virgin" territory on the left and right side of my hairline grew in nicely but hairs transplanted in the front where I had line grafts from the early 90's and subsequently removed 20+ years later, did not grow. Is there any point in trying again at the widows peak part of the hairline or should I stick with the "virgin territory" areas?
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