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  1. The cm2 I measured where I got 55 is the black box on the picture below. The box is an approximate size, but the location is the same exact one I measured.
  2. Thanks for all your thoughts and opinions guys. It's really helping me put everything into perspective. So it took some team work, some elbow grease and about an hour lol, but I finally worked out the grafts in a random cm2.. it is 55. The spot I measured was roughly in the first cm from the front that had 65 grafts/cm2 implanted. 55 grafts/cm2 at the 1 year mark is totally great news in my opinion. To put it into perspective, the estimated grafts that don't take after a good/successful surgery is about 5%, from what I recall. Also, take into consideration that hairs only grow about 9 months out of a year, so take a couple out there. And let's say that in the coming few months, I get a couple more grafts that are late bloomers. So 55 grafts/cm2 is totally in-line with what should be expected at 12 months after a successful surgery. What do you all think?
  3. Well to be fair, Dr. Rahal said that in order to get a natural hairline, the grafts are mostly 1 units at the front. Also, my hair characteristics are straight with normal thickness, so my scalp shows more than someone with curly thick hair. But I agree with you, I need more density at my hairline. I tried counting my hairs just now but it was too difficult trying to stay within a square cm. I'll try to ask someone to count for me and then let you know what it is.
  4. Panamera - I didn't mean to say my hairline doesn't look natural. What I was referring to was the front part of my side temples. That part was left out because 2500 grafts was already a super session and the touch up being to put some grafts there so it matches better with the hair on top and behind that already had been transplanted. Markee - I'm thinking about touching up the sides. To be more specific, I mean a new transplant on my side temples that hasn't been touched yet. From what I can recall, Dr. Rahal was involved in everything to varying degrees and did make the incisions.
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestion about any problem areas from my FUE procedure? Or thoughts in general would also be appreciated. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, I'd be happy to share them
  6. That's a complicated answer in my mind because there are so many things to consider. Such as, comparing it to my original youthful hairline, understanding the mechanics and aesthetics of the procedure, and tempering realistic expectations with my simple desire of badass thick locks. I will answer your question in two parts: 1) I am happy and satisfied with Dr. Rahal as my surgeon 2) I do feel that now that the bulk of the work has been done (ie 2500 grafts) and now knowing how my hair looks transplanted, I want to do a few touch ups to make it look more natural and ideal
  7. Hi Everyone! This is my journey so far dealing with Hairloss. When I was in my early twenty's I abruptly lost a tremendous amount of hair (mostly causing my hairline to regress back at the temples) due to medication side effects. Unfortunately, my hair did not bounce back after stopping the meds, as I was initially told they would. As the years progressed, my hair didn't become any better. I had some good days and some bad days, but in general I spent everyday conscious of my hair. I would be afraid of windy days, I constantly wore baseball caps whenever I could, I hated going to the barbers, and so on. I was pretty sick of the way I was living with my hairloss. The psychological impacts were huge and left me exhausted. Over the years, I did a lot of research and spent many hours roaming online hairloss forums. I tried dozens of at-home remedies, supplements and prescription meds like finasteride. I tried everything but my nothing really came close to correcting my main concern, my bad hairline. And to be honest, I felt like all the stress was causing even more and worse shedding. Last year, in December 2018, I decided to do something about it. That something being a transplant. To be honest, I was a little worried about getting a surgery but everything else had failed me. Currently, I am 32. I contacted a few doctors on my shortlist and decided to go with Dr. Rahal in Canada. I spent a significant amount of time deciding on which surgeon to pick and I am glad that I did. Even before the consultations, I knew that I was going to get FUE rather than FUT, because I didn't want a scar on the back of my head. For me, spending the extra money was worth the better aesthetics on the donor site (where the hairs were taken from). There was a little bit of extra effort like renewing my passport and arranging travel to Canada compared to if I decided to go to a local hair surgeon in the US. However, Dr. Rahal's clinic is set up to accommodate international patients. They converted the adjacent office building into a guesthouse for patients and it was very convenient. The rooms were comfortable and the kitchen and living room area were very clean. It was recommended that international patients stay 4 days post-op before traveling because of the risk of bleeding, I was in no rush and stayed 7 days. The clinic handled and assisted with everything in preparation for my procedure and stay. Everyone in the clinic was exceptionally friendly and professional. The day of the procedure, I arrived at 5:30am and was done by 4pm. It went by in a flash. Part of the reason being I fell asleep. The facilities were great. The operation room was very comfortable and had Netflix. The only pain I felt were the pokes from the anesthetic injections. Everything else was a breeze. The day following the procedure, my only grievance was the swelling, it was annoying, but no pain as I had pain killers provided. Every day following the procedure, I walked over to the clinic and they cleaned my scalp and applied new dressing. The back of my head healed up really nicely. Density: 65 grafts/cm2 front and then gradual decreasing density starting from 1cm from hairline Graft Counts: 1 unit- 601 2 unit- 1413 3 unit- 503 4 unit- 1 Total Hairs - 4940 It has been exactly 1 year now since I had 2500 grafts transplanted to the front and temple regions. The pictures are posted down below and are at the timepoints of Pre-op, Post-op, Day 3, 1 Week, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. Let me know what you guys think.
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