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  1. Thank you for the input! Do you both think an FUT would be the only way to get enough density to lower the hairline and cover the scalp? Or would it be possible to do it piecemeal as well via say 2 FUT procedures (one for each area)? While I did have a good scar result without shock loss or deep scarring with the first procedure, I'm hesitant whether I will be able to have the same result with another FUT? Any thoughts regarding this? Also with removing more tissue for a strip, is there any risk for further retracting the front hairline with removing the strip area from the back of t
  2. Hi All, I am 34 years old and had my first FUT HT procedure in 2011. I had the procedure done with Dr. Wong and had approximately ~4000 grafts put in. Even at that time, I had pretty serious thinning from the front hairline to the crown. I have pretty thin hair and we focused our efforts on the front 1/3 of my scalp, then the crown and left the mid-section between front and crown relatively untouched. At the time, I wanted to lower my hairline as well, however because my hairline was already so receded, it was recommended to have a higher hairline and focus on density. I've been on Propec
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