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  1. even buzzcuts have the 3D look which scalp tattoos dont. The youtuber Fouseytube did one too and it just didnt look natural. Different folks different strokes
  2. That is just not true. I think its more of a 50 50 chance. My mothers side is all full of hair yet 2 of my brothers are getting bald in their 30s. Regarding this guy. You def. have an androgenic alopecia, but its really early. That doesnt mean you will lose all of your hair in a year. you might lose it at your 20s, 30s or 50s who knows. but its something coming at you. I wouldnt recommend you go on anti androgens this early. Wouldnt recommend minoxidil either, but if your hairloss starts being really aggressive then thats probably the only option you have
  3. i have chronic middle night insomnia too bro. I wake up after 4 hrs every night, at the best 5.5hrs. It used to be a lot worse. How are you doing now?
  4. Also lad, you have lied about the existence of multiple studies about fin causing low T in long term use. There is literally one study which is not even done well yet there are plenty of 5year studies that prove my theory about the slight increase in T. There are many factors that can influence your T levels and 0.3mg of topical didnt cause that
  5. Many people did bloodwork before and after Fin, even after years, their T remained slightly elevated. Theres one crazy guy who does experiments on himself with steroids, anti androgens etc etc. He proved that his T levels increased, and in his case it negatively affected his hair because he is sensitive to T. His T increased by 20% after taking dutastiride for a year or so
  6. I have understood that i added too many zeros on the number as soon as i ve written the replay. So you applied 0.3mg on your scalp. You probably cant absorb systemically more than 5% of that dose unless you have open wounds on your scalp. Not to mention that unless you have a buzzcut, a lot of topical will be stuck in the hair and not touch the scalp. I have zero issues with a whole miligram but i m probably using a different solvent. You mentioned using a liposomal gel fin. I m using a classic Propylen glycol ethanol water solution. I know that minoxidil is not the same drug as fin but, minoxidil can be absorbed into blood through skin from 0.8 to 4%. And thats with a high ethanol concentration. You would need to absorb atleast 0.2mg into your blood to have a significant change in serum DHT...It just doesnt add up to me
  7. I m not trying to fight. I m challenging my and your knowledge about this topic. By doing that i m either improving my knowledge or yours. There is clearly something unclear with what you have mentioned about your T levels. Not to mention that you have 99% did the ECLIA to measure your levels if you let your doctor choose since the LC MS MS is more expensive and not easily obtainable methodology for measuring hormonal levels. One thing. If you took the topical dose of finasteride of 0.03%, that means your overall dose of this drug on your scalp was 0.0003mg. You have gained sides from topical application of 0.0003mg? Can you understand my skepticism ?
  8. Also there are 5 year trials where men who took finasteride at worst, had a T level of a placebo group. Even after 5 years, people still have elevated their T by a small amount. The "study" you have linked has deleted resources and its impossible to find the actual study. This study is not present on boston UNI website nor the other resource path
  9. I am sorry that i have been a little bit rough on you, thats my bad. But you came in here claiming this drug took 40% of your total test and how 0.03% topical solution got you a brainfog. Thats really a huge jump to the conclusion. I could bet my life that you didnt get sides from 0.03% topical solution, i m that convinced. BTW if you measured your hormone levels with ECLIA, then those numbers you posted dont mean anything
  10. Also one really important quesiton. Which methodology did you use for measuring your T and DHT levels? ECLIA?
  11. We are either having a huge miscommunication or you are a godlike troll. I m just debating your claims. You have claimed that a 0.03% caused a brainfog and sides for you. If that was true you would ve gotten castrated by topical dut.
  12. ah my bad, i thought you were saying i was saying finEsteride. Yes, thats usually how you write it on my language but you were right regardless. But thats not even the point. You still havent adressed the bullshit you ve mentioned about your T levels dropping that low because of this drug. You wouldnt do TRT if you didnt already have an underlying condition that causes your T to drop low Edit: you didnt prove me anythign with this piece of text. There is no info in here
  13. it says finastiride? you corrected for saying that ?
  14. LMFAO, its FINASTIRIDE. You are clearly a troll. Stop wasting peoples time here
  15. Ok first thing. Your T couldnt drop that drastically from the use of this drug. You clearly have an underlying condition or something that you didnt mention since you are on TRT. You are telling me that your T dropped ~40% because of the drug that blocks the conversion of T to DHT? Really weird. Second thing, brain fog side effect is somethign that builds up over time. Takes more than few months to develop. Saying that you got brainfog from topical 0.03% finastiride is like saying that you got brainfog from wiping your ass with the wrong hand Sorry but this just sounds too weird and unrealistic.