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  1. Yeah, just because they are dermatologist they have no experience with hairloss. You can only trust people who are specialized for hairloss and those people are hard to find since hairloss is not a disease or condition that harms your health. Pulling hair has so many factors. Did you wash your hair before the test, how good did you wash your hair etc etc.
  2. Idk this looks fine? Am i the only one who doesnt think this is an actual hairloss?
  3. seriously? You advise this kid to go on fin and minox without even a single clue of baldness? You realize that theres only so much time you can use minox effectively? Why would he jump on DHT blockers this early?
  4. theres no big differences between dosages in DHT blocking. Surly its gonna block less of DHT but not significantly. If you plan on getting on dht blocker, *do the blood work* first. Make sure your hormones are ready for that. People get sides because they either dont have enough androgens after taking the drug or too low/too high estrogen levels
  5. i think the main reason people get sides from fin is because they didnt get the bloodwork checked before taking the drug. Your test and estrogen levels are very important in this equation
  6. you are such a nice lad, i enjoy reading your replies for real
  7. Just remember that no matter how shitty things can get, your mind and body is made to adept to mental and physical stress. I wont tell you "stop stressing", i ve been there, i m still there, im stressing like crazy. Instead of that, forget about the hair, come back in 3 months, take another pic and compare it. I would usually have 1 day in few months where i go full panic mode but then i give it time and realize it was panic. You do have crown thinning. To determine how aggressive it is, you ll need to take another pic in few months. As far as the treatment goes, if you ever decide to go with fin, do the blood work before taking it. You need to make sure your hormones are good because side effects happen to people who have too high or too low estrogen.
  8. Do minoxidil only before sleep, its probably going to be enough. When you wake up you wash your hair and get rid of "dandruff" that causes minox. You have nothing to lose if you do it once before sleep instead of twice a day. Half life of drug is 23 hrs so why bother doing it twice and having issues with scalp? That will eliminate your issues with greasy hair
  9. Those "dht blocking" shampoos probably just have ketnoconazole in it with bunch of useless shit to market it as an unique formula. Just like they do it with minoxidil. They put it with some random shit and claim its their working formula when in reality the only thing that is working is minoxidil in it
  10. I m not promoting anyone but this video was interesting to me. His word shouldnt be taken as a fact but its a worth giving it a try i guess. I thought this could maybe help someone or start a topic on castor oil in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQQSQ70OHx0
  11. Dut works just like fin, but blocks 3 types of DHT instead of 2.So it has better effects on hairloss, not sure about sides
  12. i have same question with these shampoos which are actually cheap but i m really skeptical about it. https://hairlossdhtshampoo.com/products/hair-restoration-laboratories-hair-loss-dht-blocking-shampoo-16-ounces. Anyone bought these? They also sell a 40$ minoxidil so that made me really skeptical about the legitimacy of their shampoos
  13. What are the well known topical fin products? (if any even exist)