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  1. Those "dht blocking" shampoos probably just have ketnoconazole in it with bunch of useless shit to market it as an unique formula. Just like they do it with minoxidil. They put it with some random shit and claim its their working formula when in reality the only thing that is working is minoxidil in it
  2. I m not promoting anyone but this video was interesting to me. His word shouldnt be taken as a fact but its a worth giving it a try i guess. I thought this could maybe help someone or start a topic on castor oil in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQQSQ70OHx0
  3. Dut works just like fin, but blocks 3 types of DHT instead of 2.So it has better effects on hairloss, not sure about sides
  4. i have same question with these shampoos which are actually cheap but i m really skeptical about it. https://hairlossdhtshampoo.com/products/hair-restoration-laboratories-hair-loss-dht-blocking-shampoo-16-ounces. Anyone bought these? They also sell a 40$ minoxidil so that made me really skeptical about the legitimacy of their shampoos
  5. What are the well known topical fin products? (if any even exist)
  6. Thats a good point. Its almost like he didnt really get over losing hair subconsciously.
  7. fin should help not peeing at night since its a prostate medication..
  8. everyone gets their libido down from time to time. You cant be horny every single day..4 days is not enough to say its sides..
  9. The major problem of making studies for such a medication is that people know the possible side effects. I can almost guarantee that 99% of people that got lower libido, got it because they got depressed over possible side effects. Someone should pay balding people to take fin for some time and the examine them. I know this might not be the ethical solution but if people take money whats the worst that can happen? Those effects were mostly reversable.
  10. @pkipling Hi again, i did a 2 day wash. After the 2nd day it was already much better. Doesnt mean i m still no thinning though. I found some of my hairs being thinner than the others. And as it looks like on pics, the recession progresses at a slow but certain pace. I still dont wanna go on minox. I dont wanna go on fin because i already suffer from depression that doesnt have to do anything with hairloss in general, so it might get harder with fin. I want to give minox as much time as possible because minox just stops working after some time when our scalp gets used to it. I see minox more of a "buy 2 or 3 years time" medication.
  11. I know how annoying is to hear "just shave it bro". Hairloss has been ruining lives no matter how crazy that sounded. But if hairloss is affecting your life this much, maybe focusing on the beard and shaving your head would give you a massive mental relief. I think that its better to be "less attractive" but happy and confident with what you ve got than depressed over a long period time over hairloss. Since hairloss is affecting you this much, are you doing somethign to stop it? Are you on some of the "big 3"? What is your plan? If you are not planning to commit on saving your hair then shave it. Watchign your hair recede over time will just screw you over mentally and phisically. You ll look less attractive with the balding hair than a shaved head. Let girls meet you first time with shaved head. If they never seen you with hair, then why would they even care that you are bald now? Thats why people look at the actor from transporter, bruse willis and vin diesel as attractive bald men, because nobody fucking saw them with hair lmao. They built their looks on being bald. Think about it
  12. I have seen people doing minox only once a day before sleep and it worked well for them. Half life of minox is like 22-23hrs so ...
  13. "we are mature enough to do that" Says the guy who is literally trolling and acting like an ignorant piece of shit to gain reactions. Nobody is going to feed the troll by spending active effort to prove him wrong with collecting evidence
  14. That advice about stepping back was spot on. Thanks i will try to be more positive and stop overthinking it. I have 2 pictures with 8 month gap. I did have 2 stressful surgeries 1 month ago though (just a side info). You can tell a difference. One was taken today, the other one 8 months ago. I have washed my hair 24 hrs ago. I pulled by myself atleast 70 hairs and i have undercut type of hairstyle so who knows how much on sides fell off..it just felt wrong. Im going through a lot of stress because of many things, including hairloss as well