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  1. How is there no scientific background? The medication literally blocks the sex hormone that has a huge role in libido.
  2. i m not denying that you can take fin and have libido, all i m saying is that if libido really really matters to you, you shouldnt do it. It takes a % of it. DHT is still playing a role in that
  3. Taking finasteride is about taking sacrifices. Its all in priorities. I can 100% guarantee you that your boner will never be as hard as it used to be, whether you got the sides or not. If you are happy will that tradeoff, then good for you. My choice will always be - start minoxidil/dermarolling on time, if it works it works, if not screw it. But i guess you started treating it too late so you hopped on everything you could to get it back.
  4. I felt the same way as you. Nothing to worry about yet. just take pics every few months and once you spot notable differences start with something. Thats a normal whirl, i have the same kind of whirl for few years i ve been tracking my hair.
  5. I m not here to site you evidence that saturated fat and cholesterol is causing further hairloss or heart diseases. Bodybuilders who eat 10 whole eggs, especially raw a day, are morons. If there is 180mg of cholesterol in one egg yolk, you need a simple math to know that its a really bad idea to take this many eggs. Never said anything about unsaturated fat. When you talk about hairloss, your overall health is also very important. Vitamin D3 is also specifically good for hair. If you are vitamin D deficient, you can start losing hair at faster pace. Just like not getting enough sleep. Now back to simple math. Recommended daily cholesterol intake is around 300-400mg. If one egg has 180mg, how much would you go over the top with 10 eggs a day? Lets go buddy you can do it.
  6. I also wanna know which one of those caps from amazon are proven to work. There are some that say "this is not a professional version". The vary from 500 to 1500+$ so if anyone had results with it let me know which one you have at home.
  7. High cholesterol makes your blood vessels tighter, less circulation, high risk of heart disease and many other issues. Saturated fat boosts up LDL cholesterol. Saturated fat shouldnt be avoided tho, but it should be taken in low dosages. Drinking eggs is just a very dumb idea. You shouldnt take more than 400mg of cholesterol a day, and one egg large egg yolk has 180 mg of cholesterol. I can only assume that you are taking atleast 3 egg yolks which is already a lot. Cholesterol is present in meat, dairy products, so you can end up stacking up a good amount of cholesterol by eating too much of all of that. Eat 50grams of fiber a day, especially if your diet is high in cholesterol, it can help reduce it. So. Eat a lot of veggies. Take a shit ton of brocolli, carrots and other veggies in the mixer, make a soup out of it and chug it down for the easy micronutrients and fiber. Take vitamin D supplement, thats a must on winter. 90% of the people are in deficiency of that vitamin during winter so taking a supplement is a good idea. (up to 500IU a day, i take 10 000 every 2 days because thats how much the pill has). Protein get from chicken breasts, beans, lentils and rice. Mixing these foods will bring you a lot of health benefits.
  8. It looks like a slow hairloss. I dont know if i d have balls to go on fin but see if it works for you. Get any minoxidil 5% product if you want to keep it at that
  9. Avoid food high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Eat 50 grams of fiber a day.
  10. I can confirm that creatine doesnt raise DHT. I have a gene for hairloss, been using creatine for 3 year. For the duration of those 3 years i havent had shedding. Study does show the increase in DHT in football players as i remember but could be for many other reasons. I stopped using Creatine supplement because i didnt even want to risk a slightest chance of dht increase because the supplement itself is not worth it and it barely works. Creatine in food is extremely hard to get because its usually in raw meat, which we dont eat. To get a daily creatine dose you would need to eat a shit ton of raw beef. Once you cook the meat creatine is gone
  11. Im gonna do anything to prolong the end result which will be my bald head. My last resort will be minox, until then, microneedling, healthy diet, vitamin shampoo and cold washing..and hope i survive my 30s I m going to look up for PRP tho, never read much about it, might even do that
  12. I see i see. Guess i ll be happier with a harder boner than hair. I guess its all about the priorities
  13. Regarding fin side effect. There are some good evidence that ED can be almost permanent if not a very long lasting ED. (IF that happens). But what i am wondering is that, even though you dont have ED, it can still affect your sex drive and the hardness of your errection, even if its a 10% of reduction. Thats something i really dont want to play with, especially when i get older, getting an erection is just even bigger pain in the ass. I am 24 atm and have no issues with it. But what if i m 35+ on DHT blockers, there is no way it doesnt affect my errection even a tiny bit. That thing right there bothers me a bunch... I do understand there is a psychological aspect and placebo effect of ED in fin users, but its still something i wouldnt want to even think about it, especially when i grow older. Also one more question. What do people do when minox stop working? What do they switch to? Higher dosages?
  14. Fin is a very dangerous drug and it shouldnt be taken this lightly. You cant just get on that and be on it for the rest of your life. Just because most of the people tolerate it, it doesnt mean they dont have "weaker" errections, worsen mood or depression by some % etc. Surpressing DHT is not a game
  15. There are studies where men had good results with saw palmetto. My question was more directed towards why would it be safer than fin when they do the same thing to DHT? Maybe because its weaker?