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  1. From their website, it seems their product is "perfect" with all kinds of ingredients that tackle almost every aspect of hair loss. Their products claim to have ingredients that is equivalent (or better) than Minoxidil. And they also have ingredients that does DHT blocking. (Plus a lot more stuff that others don't have. ) If is true to what they claimed, then there is no need to use Minoxidil and Finasteride?
  2. You can always try it out for 3 ~ 6 months. I guess that is what most of us here do just to "test" the product. Since there is no way for us to really confirm, especially when the product is not FDA approved. Do let us know your results though if you decided to give it a try. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Some hair restoration service provide Peptide injection over scalp. Just like PRP, but they mix it with multiple Peptides that stimulate growth and inject together during PRP process. Is that something common, effective and safe? Thanks.
  4. What was the reason you switch from Propecia to Aindeem in the first place, if it just a different brand with the same compound? I did not try the product from minoxidil max. That's the thing about all these products published with all the ingredients available. But there is no prove of clinical trial, not listed/approved by FDA, no case studies or what so ever. Is all solely based on "testimonial" over their own website. There are also other topical application (such as from DS Lab) that also published to have DHT blocker ingredients. I was wondering do we really need "finasteride" irre
  5. you can have a look at this site: https://www.minoxidilmax.com/topical-finasteride-without-minoxidil-essengen-f
  6. Hi, Have anyone tried any topical application that contains Astressin-B. It was said to formalize to target stress induced hair loss. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Will the hair that is grow back after a PRP treatment, be "re-grow" again after one cycle of shedding? Or it will stop growing after 1 cycle? And this new hair that is grow from PRP treatment will also subject to MPB, as in it will one day also shed and stop growing? Thanks.
  8. I saw a doctor promoting another brand of topical finasteride (not sure whether he is affiliated with the product), with the combination of minoxidil + retinoic acid. https://www.hihappyhead.com/product/men-topical-finasteride-for-hair-loss/ But it seems there is an additional compound which is retinoic acid, which Minoxidil Max doesn't have.
  9. Thanks for your advice. Just that i don't see any new hair growing even after 5 months of minoxidil... and now worst, one side of my head is also thinning... is very frustrating and stress out. Not sure what is wrong.
  10. Thanks for your input. Can i know which one that you are using? Just finasteride, or mixture with minoxidil? How aggressive is your microneedling? As in very frequent or the depth of the needle?
  11. Hi, Is PRP + Acell same as PRP + Stemcell? I've also seen treatment advertised as "PRP + Peptide". Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have MPB for many years, but I experienced very drastic hair loss last year, probably started in Aug (very sudden). Since then I started to use Minoxidil and i realize the hair is still shedding after a few months. So I started finasteride couple of months ago as well. But even until today, I am still shedding alot of hair. And I don't see new hair growing even with daily Minoxidil. Is worrying for me. Seems like there is other factors trigger it. Any advice or comment? Appreciate. Thanks.
  13. I come across this product which is topical finasteride: https://www.minoxidilmax.com/topical-finasteride-without-minoxidil-essengen-f It is not FDA approved. But based on case studies, it is claimed to be as effective as finasteride. And because is topical application, it doesn't bring (or maybe minor) side effects compare to oral finasteride. Seems like people are switching from oral to topical application due to much worried of the side effect. Have anyone tried? Or heard about this and it's effectiveness? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Have anyone experience using Essengen-F? A topical solutions for Finasteride with less side effects compare to the tablet. https://www.minoxidilmax.com/topical-finasteride-without-minoxidil-essengen-f Can't find much info online. Anyone tried? Any comment on the product? Thanks.
  15. I read alot of feedback from forum saying Nizoral seems like causes dry scalp, and also positive feedback of using Revita. So was hoping to give it a try.