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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
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    • Post op day 1 I had my final check in and had my bandages removed and was given post op care, saline spray, lotion for donor, meds, and other basic stuff. i will say my forehead is definitely showing the swelling. I am starting to look like a beluga whale.   I am waiting for the pre/post op photos that the clinic took and will share those as 🐋
    • Ener, I think you’d be surprised just how natural today’s hair transplants can be.  If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to take a look at some of the clinic and patient posted results on this forum.  For example, Take a look at One of the recent results I posted on behalf of Dr. Rachel. You can view it by clicking 2661 Grafts - FUE Hair Transplant - Dr. Rahal. That said, I agree that you are likely a good candidate for surgery although given your advanced level of hair loss, it’s important to carefully plan and transplant hair in the areas that will ultimately benefit the most.   Since you were concerned most about the hairline and the frontal region, I recommend the Standard approach of re-creating a conservative natural looking hairline and grafting as far back as possible.  That way, when people look at you from the front, they will see a nice, conservative looking natural hairline with no signs of thinning.  Also, enough hair could be added to the midsection and even some in the back so that the crown still appears thin but not bald. To accomplish this, you may require more than one procedure and a larger number of grafts. if you would like to discuss how to best accomplish your goals in more detail, I’d be happy to set you up with a one on one information session with Dr. Rahal. Just send me a private message if you’re interested in getting the set up. I hope this helps. Rahal Hair Transplant 
    • I also believe there's been a severely bigoted view of medicine from a Western PoV for a long time because they haven't sometimes even bothered to research and the mind can be a powerful thing. However, whilst he makes some valid points, you have to perhaps differentiate things on a philosophical basis and something that might not quite line up with what you require.  There's definitely all sorts of crazy stuff he did, i haven't checked on his vids in ages but glad to hear he's better.  100% agree mental health is important. Unfortunately it's still not cared for enough despite all the attention people gave it in the pandemic. 
    • Yes. Not so much for NW 6 because they don't have a bald crown that goes far down the back of the head, but for a NW 7 I feel it's better to transplant the lower and sides of the bald crown and leave the upper portion of the crown with less grafts. I am a NW 7 and am in this situation. It would look totally ridiculous if I leave the lower crown completely bald.  
    • He sued for basically talking about him getting a hair transplant. We should take this down LMFAO. He might sue us for using his “likeness” 🤦🏻‍♂️ 
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