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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
    Created by and for Patients

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    • Nice transformation. I had a questions for you. Did you use a regular shampoo after the first month or were you given a shampoo by the clinic along with the spray and vitamins? I also had an HT with Resul Yaman and he gave me the shampoo, spray and vitamins to use. These are after the foam ones. The issue I am having is skin peeling and dandruff. So the clinic made me stop the spray they gave me. did you also go through a phase of skin peeling and dandruff at the recipient area? 
    • 19 days post op: What’s up everyone wanted to upload some pictures for you guys and give some updates on how everything is going All Hairs have shed and I’m seeing black dots which is hair growing I know it’s too early for it to start growing. Kinda weird like the hairs just broke but are still growing. (Not everywhere) Pain/discomfort is completely gone to be honest with the ocasional sting once in a blue. Above the scar to the crown is alittle numb still but I feel like everyday that passes is a big improvement. Looks like I have alittle shock loss at the bottom of the scar which sucks but I do see hairs there they are just see through idk it’s weird. Kinda want it to grow already so the scar is not visible. I have a decent amount of hair in the front so I know with caboki I can mask having had a procedure once it gets alittle longer. *question I have about fut scar if anyone knows* 1. Is there anyway scars can stretch this far out (3weeks)? 2. When is it safe to say that the chances of a scar stretching is over? 3. When does scar stretching typically happen? 1st week? 2 weeks? 4. How long does shock loss around the scar take to go away? 
    • And how long were you on Finasteride for to experience these results go far?   the donor image you uploaded looks really grainy so kind of hard to see the true results but I can make out that it doesn’t look over harvested.
    • First hair transplant I had it with Dr. Keser. I had 2000 grafts. Overall result it's good but he implanted thick hairs in my hairline which is not great, I thought that he will know that he needs to take hairs from the nape and back of the ears and implant in my hairline... and he also does not use microscope. I have multiples grafts with multiple hairs in my hairline  no bueno. I had a Skype meeting with Hattingen and he told me that he would have to remove some of the hairs from Keser surgery and then reimplant single hairs in my hairline. I think if i'm going to do a second HT i will go with Hattingen as he is romanian like me, very experienced surgeon and he will also come in my city in April so I might go in April for this surgery. Cheers
    • Hi @Min12 Attached is donor today.. I shaved to 0.5 last Monday 17th so I guess what you're looking at is now a #1 guard  Im taking 1.25mg proscar every M/W/F along with massaging  some avocado oil onto recipient area each night.. Its my substitute for minox.. It increases blood flow to the scalp apparently..  I'm a minox shredder so not for me Interesting to note that my very lower crown ( coronet) which wasnt treated by surgery has now appeared to have filled in... Cán only be a result of the meds..  I've had zero sides... And if anything its been a plus in the "boudoire Dept" 😊 Immediate pre op below  Z 
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