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    Forum Discussions, Blogs and Sharing since 1999
    Created by and for Patients

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    • Let’s say my vitamins/minerals are good what else can it be? Some type of diffuse thinning? If it is diffusion hair loss any suggestions on what or how to treat this? Cause I’m almost certain now by looking at others experiences & situation it might be DUPA ); my uncle who has Down syndrome has very thin diffuse hair loss on the scalp and crown but doesn’t look bad in certain angles. and I explained my diet on my other reply above^^
    • Why did you have to shave your head if I can ask? Cause I heard that can also accelerate hair loss.  And why is it that you stopped treatment?  And I’m pretty sure if you were to get on the BIG 3 from what I heard it’ll make some great gains on your situation dude!
    • And I thank you for being here & getting feedback from you guys that’s why I’m still here asking what can I possible do to treat my case?  Yeah my anxiety has been through the roof lately and my stress has pretty much been the same from the beginning of the year my arms, body, and face twitches quite a few times now like if my stress hasn’t made any progress on calming down. yeah I was thinking of getting a second opinion since my dermatologist was just doing his hourly job. I’m suppose to get my physical check and I’d be sure to bring up my hair loss & if had any correlation with any body complications I’m having. I’m honestly so scared of trying minoxidil at the moment since I’ve heard it can make your hair loss worse besides the initial shedding phase. Biotin can keep the hair i have as healthy as possible but before trying all these treatments I want like an official examination of my hair loss until i actually start a regimen for it. Glad there’s experienced people like you to give some guidance an advice before doing anything at all.  No i did not have a product on my hair that’s how it gets if I don’t shower for 1 day or 2. It gets really greasy, flaky and the thinning is way more noticeable in this state. I’m saying why i don’t shower for 1/2 days just cause I heard if I over wash my hair while having dandruff it can be bad for haircare. I’ll show you a photo how my hair looks when dry BUT the appearance is honestly too good to be true due to it being like my last layer of hair density if wind were to blow my hair and mess with it... it would look like the second picture 😞 I say my diet is not the best but i try to keep it a basic & fulfilling but it’s obviously not sufficient enough in my case i need to be eating 2x times the amount of everyone else. For example I would eat like cereal in the morning before school prolly a couple snacks like granola bar or apple. I do exercise a good amount since I’m a skater around. Around lunch time I would the same hint like a sub sandwich also I get dehydrated super fast so I try to always drink water, juice, lemonade etc whenever I’m starting my day also when I’m eating. And used to get hot flashes a lot back then but now I think it’s a bit better I’ll only get 1 or 2 rarely. So far I eat okay I think but it can be way better to be honest i sometimes starve when I’m at work since I’m one of few workers at my job. Yeah i know to some degree everyone experiences hair loss at some point but I do also know that there is ways or I hope there’s is options to maintain & prevent any shedding from now on that’s why I want to get to the bottom of this problem to see if you guys can point out im going through the early stages or something...  If I had started the products the dermatologist gave me i know it would of made some sort of change but i don’t know if that change will be Good if honestly don’t know what’s going on with my hair first I hope you can understand where I’m coming from... but I really appreciate you’re feedback dude!  Both pictures hair is fully dry just the one above shows when my hair looks when blown by wind ..
    • Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has been advised against a HT due to their family history? I'm late 20's, NW3, and all of my father's side, and my older brother are essentially bald. Like, NW 7's. I've been on medication for a couple of years, which has slowed my recession - although it is still ocurring slowly.  Would I be unwise to opt for a transplant? I'm worried it may only be a temporary fix.  Just for reference, I'm on finasteride and minox, but I know some people still lose the battle even with meds when their genetics are too stacked against them. Any general advice is appreciated, cheers!
    • Look under a bright light...Do you see some strands finer than others? That's miniaturization of the native hair.  That's hair loss.  Could you be in the process of maturing your hairline as 1978matt suggested? Very likely.  Unfortunately you did not post any other photos. Check family history and talk to the doctor about getting on some type of regimen to help you retain and perhaps enhance.
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