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  1. I had always had a widows peak. So I asked to keep it. They wanted to lower the hairline even further, but said it would take two days of surgery. I had originally been quoted 1700 grafts and then the morning of surgery, the Doctor said I would need double that to match the density. And to significantly lower the the hairline would have been at least another 1,000 grafts. I want to see how this looks first and then do a touch up once I know how this turns out.
  2. I had surgery on April 22. The grafts did not start falling out until day 30. Here's how my hairs look like today, month 4 and half. Thoughts??
  3. This is not the most detailed account of my surgery. But I do want to share my story and progress so far. I started losing hair rapidly at age 23. I immediately got onto Finasteride and have been on it for the last 13 years. However the initial hair loss caused significant hair loss and the Finasteride has slowed the hair loss. Now that I am in my thirties and have money I decided to get a hair transplant. I went to a very well know doctor in North America. He suggested we dense pack 3,400 grafts to match my sides. I was shocked that these many hair could be so densely packed. Also, the hair grafts took a solid thirty days to fall out. The procedure took 14 hours but it was painless. Here are a few pictures of before surgery and after. I am currently at month 4.