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  1. Any update? I'm kinda curious to see how things go with this one (pattern of hair loss is pretty similar to mine)...
  2. Yeah, I hear. I'm conscious enough of my appearance (wouldn't be on the board otherwise), and I'm 43, married and settled down and all that. I'm damn glad that I don't have to navigate today's dating scene.
  3. Interesting. One millennial stereotype I hear a lot is that they're strapped for cash, thanks to student loan burdens, skyrocketing rents, etc. And now, I see that they're spending more on wants like hair transplants (yes, a HT is largely a want, not a need). Seems paradoxical to me.
  4. I've been considering that, again based on your experience, may just have to give it a try in the crown and up front.
  5. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm 42, and started thinning in the crown in my late teens. Started on Finasteride 20+ years ago, and it's done a good job of guarding against much further loss (no side effects, BTW). I've tried Minox a couple times over the years, but never would stick with it long enough to give it much of a chance. Lately, I've been thinking about a HT procedure to thicken up the crown area and maybe address my *slightly* receded hairline; even consulted with a couple surgeons near me, one of whom is recommended on this forum. However, seeing this thread early this year inspired me to really give Minox one more good try before going through with a procedure. I started on it 2x daily back in early February, in addition to the Finasteride (and also added Hair Restoration Labs shampoo and conditioner daily), and I have to say that I'm happy with the result so far. Unfortunately no pics to share (I really am that self-conscious about it), but I'm honestly pleased enough with my progress that I don't think a HT in the crown would give me much better of a result. In fact, with the risk of shock loss, at this point with the progress I've made, it might do more harm than good...and crown work is notoriously difficult anyway to achieve 100% density for most people. I may possibly get some work done on the hairline one day, but it's holding up well for now. All that to say, thank you Shifty for giving me inspiration. I saved thousands of dollars, and avoided surgery and permanent scarring (I was advised that FUT would be best for my case). THANK YOU!!!!!!