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A new type of drug enters the game

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Hey all,

Just wanted to share a new small molecule being developed by TechoDerma medicines. They are trialing their drug TDM-105795 / TMI-105795 to treat androgenic alopecia and are currently in phase 1b after having successfully completed phase 1a, in the US.

It's a topical which works via local Thyroid Receptor beta 1 agonism.

The original research stems from Pfizer, who saw hair growth in stump-tailed macaques with such a drug. The technoderma team is also mostly ex-Pfizer.

In 2016 such a compound has also been proven to work on human hair follicles ex-vivo, by Ralf Paus.

I requested a comment from him on why his research didn't continue, and he said that it DEFINITELY should be pursued but funding and legal issues with the substance IP owner prohibited him. 

TechnoDerma Medicines Pipeline: http://tkskin.com/en/index.php?a=lists&catid=24

Phase 1 dosing announcement: http://tkskin.com/en/index.php?a=shows&catid=16&id=15

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