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  1. This is a patient who came in for follow-up for an FUE procedure back in 2018. He had wanted to fill in his temples. We transplanted 67 single grafts, 489 double grafts, and 160 big grafts, for a total count of 716 grafts. He is very happy with the improvement to this temples and cannot detect any of the FUE extraction sites. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  2. This is a patient who first came to see me in 2015 and who wanted to thicken up his frontal scalp. He was very happy with his results but over the next four years felt that his hair was continuing to thin, particularly in the mid scalp area and in 2019, we did a smaller procedure to fill in the mid scalp. In 2016, he received 784 single grafts, 1183 double grafts, and 324 three-hair grafts, for a total count of 2291 grafts to the frontal scalp via FUT. In 2019, he received 652 single grafts, 845 double grafts, and 117 three hair grafts, for a total count of 1618 grafts to the mid scalp via FUT. The post op photos were taken one year after the second surgery to the mid scalp. He is very happy with the increased density of the transplanted areas. The pre op photos are from 2015 and the post op photos are from 2020. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  3. This is a patient who came in recently and had previously received a hair transplant to his hairline years ago. Since that time, he experienced thinning of the area behind the transplant, as well as lateral to the transplant, and in the vertex. He wanted to thick up these areas again so we transplanted these areas last year. We used 737 single grafts, 1843 double grafts, and 933 three hair grafts, for a total count of 3513 grafts. The patient is about 11 months out and is very happy with the results so far. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  4. This is a patient who wanted his frontal scalp to look thicker and wanted his hairline to be lowered. He wanted to maintain a natural look but didn't want to use a lot of grafts. We only used 455 single grafts, 1090 two-hair grafts, and 705 three-hair grafts, for a total count of 2250 grafts to thicken up the frontal scalp. He came in about 11 months post op and he is very happy with the results. He is happy that it has changed his hairline and areas of significant thinning dramatically while still appearing very natural. In the after photos, he has a bit of product in his hair, obscuring the results a little bit as a result of the hair clumping together on the right side in particular. He may return in the future to thicken up his hair but he is very happy for the time being. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com BEFORE PHOTOS AFTER PHOTOS
  5. Melvin and Mycroft, Thank you for your replies. I am also looking forward to the results. This was an FUT procedure and I believe it was a mini-micrograft procedure or multi-follicular graft procedure. Thanks again.
  6. This is a patient who came in for his procedure recently. His story is interesting in that he had received one prior hair transplant procedure from another clinic about two years ago. He believes he was told he had received approximately 2500 grafts. Luckily, he had a photo of his recipient area following his first procedure so we could ascertain if this was possibly the case . Based on this photo, I think it more likely he received 2500 follicles/hairs as opposed to 2500 grafts as the density does not seem high enough to reconcile a 2500 graft count. I do encounter patients who were told they had received X number of grafts but actually received X number of hairs/follicles. As a result, I would always advise patients when they are consulting with a surgeon they may not be entirely familiar with to find out the type and number of grafts they are receiving and the projected number of hairs this might come out to. This would at least give the patient some idea of what they are going to be receiving. On the other hand, if you have researched the surgeon and are familiar with his or her work, then of course this would not be necessary. At this point, I only have photos of the immediate post-op from his first procedure and the post-op photos from his most recent procedure, as well as the results from his first procedure. I will add the results of his recent procedure in a year or so once the grafts have a chance to grow in. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  7. This is a patient who came in a few weeks ago for follow-up He first came in about 5 years ago and wanted to fill in his frontal scalp. In the frontal scalp, we transplanted 684 single hair grafts, 1380 two-hair grafts, and 337 single hair grafts for a total of 2410 grafts. He is very happy with the results. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  8. This is a patient who wanted to thicken up his frontal scalp as he felt that his hair was thinning out of control and his hairs were becoming so fine. We decided to transplant the frontal scalp and we used 2186 grafts consisting of 643 single hair grafts, 1176 two-hair grafts, and 367 three-hair grafts. His after photos were taken 13 months after his transplant. He came in a few weeks ago and is extremely happy with the thickening. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  9. Melvin, thanks for the comments! Gasthoerer, thank you for your comments also. I see that I forgot to put the postop front view photo. I will attach the front view before and after here. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  10. This is a patient who came in for follow-up a few weeks ago. One year ago, we did a FUE transplant to his temples. We transplanted 177 single grafts, 503 double grafts, and 153 3-hair grafts for a total of 833 grafts. The patient is very happy with his improvement. Of note, he had a strong cowlick on the right side that we had to follow in terms of hair direction. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  11. Phi36fromaus, vinzaf19, Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate them. jj51702 and vinzaf19 both asked if the patient is on any other medications as well. I checked his chart and his is currently taking Propecia 1 mg daily. Thanks again for all the comments. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com https://nakatsuiderm.com
  12. CosmoKramer, jj51702, paddyirishman, and forgotpassword, Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them. He is definitely happy with the rejuvenation of his hairline. Even though it is not a low hairline, it has turned the clock back considerably and sometimes that is exactly what the patient wants. As for what other treatments he is on, I will have to check his chart and get back to you. Thanks again for the comments. Dr, N https://drnakatsui.com https://nakatsuiderm.com
  13. This patient came in recently for follow-up and he is now about 6 years out from his surgery. Just wanted to show how well transplants can be sustained over the years. He initially came in unhappy with the significant thinning he had experienced and wanted to rejuvenate his hair. He did not want a low hairline and wanted to keep some temple recession. However, he really wanted to thicken up the appearance of his frontal scalp. We used 566 single grafts, 1236 double grafts, and 918 three-hair grafts, for a total count of 2720 grafts. He is very happy with the results of his transplant. Dr. Nakatsui https://drnakatsui.com
  14. This is a patient who came In a few weeks ago for follow-up. She had always felt self-conscious about her high hairline all her life and had really wanted to lower it. We transplanted 386 single grafts, 856 double-hair grafts, and 375 three-hair grafts for a total of 1617 grafts. We did this five years ago and she tells us this was an amazing transformation for her. She was extremely happy with the change. Dr, Nakatsui https://nakatsuiderm.com/treatments/hair-transplant-edmonton/ https://drnakatsui.com