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  1. Often wondered this about the large chains advertising clinics all over the world. Some of them don't even list the team members probably for these reasons / or they're ever changing... who knows!
  2. I'd be chuffed with that ! 😎
  3. Interesting. Please keep us updated!
  4. Glad you have found a solution! Does this laser have any adverse affects on your surrounding hair?
  5. Damn that really isn't great sadly. Hope you find a solution. I would grow the hair out longer or get a scar revision!
  6. Amazing, I think theres a lot to be said for trying the medication for a good 12 -18 months if you're in no rush to have a hair transplant. Your results are certainly proof that the meds really do work! Congrats man
  7. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Keep us updated !
  8. I agree with Melvin-Moderator! Your new hairline looks very natural I wouldn't touch it at all! So many men have that 'I have had a hair transplant' hairline look. Most would be happy with a softer look like that!
  9. Thats a nice difference with medication alone man. Congrats !
  10. Looks really good. Congrats !
  11. Is that euros? Prague's a beautiful city !
  12. Nizoral used to cure my dermatitis, but now I cant find anything to rid it. Its slowly getting worse. I thought Nizoral was causing flakes in the end, but after switching to another shampoo for a few months, still the problem persists.
  13. Not many clinics in central Europe with proven reputations. I'd go with Vinci Hair Clinic personally.