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  1. You'll likely end up paying more for a repair procedure if you go cheap to begin with. Very common theme with men who are price obsessed vs quality.
  2. Very good post Melvin. Everybody should see this! Most people who want a hair transplant don't even need a hair transplant. We often view ourselves differently in our 20's than in our 30's. This is why many men 35+ regret having hair transplants young as they lose more hair / have unnatural hairlines.
  3. Have an FUT and FUE combination procedure. Strip day 1 frontal hairline (2500 grafts), then FUE day 2 crown / vertex (1500 grafts) Later down the line line you can either have another strip (refashioning the previous strip scar to one new trichophytic closure) or a further FUE. You'll likely get more from a second strip. Always best to plan ahead as you'll likely lose more native non transplanted hair on top. Use your finite donor region wisely. Seek a good surgeon who can do FUT strip (trichophytic closure) 👍
  4. Sounds like a big case ! Are you able to provide a photo of your scalp and donor region ? Interesting that Eugenix & Westminster Medical Group recommended 3000 grafts, and the other clinics are pushing for 4000 - 5000 grafts. You may wish to consider FUT & FUE to get the best yield if you have a limited donor region. FUE, FUT & SMP can work well also for large cases.
  5. It may well be. Depends on the rate of hair loss possibly? If aggressively thinning, it might be best to take 1mg Mon - Wed - Fri.
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