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Dr Nader, May 2017

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Thanks for the ping. All is progressing. I did start Rogaine about 6 weeks ago and am experiencing some shedding from that. Also went back on fin about the same time. While I was starting to think the fin had lost effectiveness for me, and I wanted to be able to donate blood, the risk to my hair was too serious.


I have structure for sure, but not as much density as I want. I'm at 8 months now, so maybe it will be 4-6 months more.


I'll put some pics up at some point before the year mark.


Best wishes for your hair too!

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What’s your current status ? I don’t think u have enough grafts 3300 to cover that large a space .. more than likely u have to do another round.. please keep us updated .. thanks 

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On 2/22/2017 at 8:27 PM, wilkinte said:

I just used info@nadermedical.com ( on website).


Key thing is in the subject line I communicated I was ready to go, and included pictures for the Dr's assessment.


I was then successful getting through on the phone to make sure the receptionist knew I was ready to go. I used Skype, and didn't ask a bunch of questions, etc.


I might have gotten lucky, but I think my attitude of "I did my research, picked you guys, now get me on the schedule" worked. And keep in mind earliest available was 3 months out.


The next day after the call I received a document with pricing, appointment confirmation and what the Dr recommended. Easy Peasy.


I will not post prices on the forum but as everyone else has noted he is quite reasonable.

Hi Wilkinte, may I know the price for HT? please reply to my email, rodhethan.ligoyligoy@gmail.com  Thank you.

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Heading back for round 2 in May.  That will be 2 years after the HT.

These pics are from January and what I sent to Dr Nader in preparation for going back.  These are 20 months after the first HT.

A total of 3300 grafts were done then, 1/2 in crown and 1/2 in front.  While it gave me structure and coverage I (like everyone else) want more density.   Also I'm sure I've lost native hair over the last 2 years, even with my rogaine, finesteride, and biotin regimen.  Genes are a bitch!

I've kept my hair short, I found when it grows out the light density is accentuated.  

While we haven't dialed it in yet, I'm thinking HT2 will be similar, with maybe more grafts in the front.  (so it will be another 2 day thing) I want to ensure a natural look even as I'm sure I'll lose more hair as time goes on.  So definitely the crown needs beefing up since I'm guessing any native hairs in there will fall out.

My hair is generally thin, so I'll never end up with John Stamos looking hair.  But hopefully I will be able to grow it out more than now and do some different kind of styling.

I'm happy to be going back to Luis, and I'll update the thread as we go.





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