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  1. This was 2 fut procedures back to back ? Two stripes taken out 1 each day ?
  2. Was this done in one sitting? A pre-op and post-op pic would help a lot. I don’t want to put you down but I highly doubt this will change much by 12 months. hows the donor look? Hopefully there’s enough back there to repair if you need to.
  3. I don’t think it will honestly. If you look at most hts they all begin to take shape 4-6 months . 4months being early growers and 6months being late growers. I’m just as worried with my second ht.. but I have to keep reminding myself it’s still to early.
  4. Don’t be bummed out. I think you deff went to good doctor, just have to wait it out. I really believe once the redness Subsides you will be happy.
  5. Seems like the way he extracted your grafts wasn’t spread out instead it looks like it was acouple grafts in groupings from different areas. the redness in the area is making it look worse. Regardless there’s nothing you can do now but wait. I’m sure once the redness is gone it will look a lot better.
  6. I agree ☝️.. and also 4-6 months is when it starts I’m sure it will improve in the next couple of months.
  7. What you described is exactly how I’m feeling and mine is looking just like yours. If you look at a lot of people on YouTube and here and go to 4 months it’s no different. Honestly it’s rare that people have really thick hair at 4 months but I see a trend for the majority of people at 5-6 months starting to get decent coverage as far as density. I’m sure around that time you will be satisfied.
  8. Ahhhh for some reason I thought you went fut from start to finish. Yea I hear what your saying with recovery. Fue recovery was deff a lot easier hands down. Hey as long as your happy that’s what matters.
  9. Thanks home1212, when did your scar stop being red/pinkish? And did one side heal faster compared to the other? The scar on my left side is so much more dense and covered compared to the other side.
  10. Yea very true.. my mood some days are happy and other days not so much it’s like a rollercoaster.
  11. Thanks thanks guy73, yea I feel stubble ...density is okay right now.. in certain lighting it’s not so good but I’m sure from here on out it will start to change a lot... Patience is key!
  12. Alright guys these pictures are from today (17 weeks & 3 days) yesterday I hit 4 months to the date. Overall everything is moving slowly and shockloss in the back is also recovering slowly. Lmk what you guys think.
  13. Looking good man, I’ll be posting my 4 months June 4