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  1. I wonder why his price structure keeps changing? I was also told $12/graft a few months ago. If you only need 1500 grafts, then you'd be paying $16.67/graft at the price you were told which is pretty absurd. 2000 grafts via FUE is pretty much the most that can be done in a day anyway, and that would be $12.50/graft. Did you consult with him in person? Curious how that went?
  2. @MagnificentAl, do you know if Dr Konior made all of the FUE slits and then implanted all of the grafts, or did he make a slit and then immediately implant a graft (one by one)?
  3. I'm surprised Bruno Pinto isn't charging more given his demand.
  4. I was told $12 USD per graft a few months ago. If it's already gone up to $15 then that's kind of ridiculous lol.
  5. No problem man, we're all fighting our own battles. Just saying what you're going through right now is totally normal and expected, and that you don't even look bad! I'm curious what it'll look like if you continue to buzz your hair. Don't feel like growing it out to cover the area?
  6. How much are you looking to lower it by? And how does your hair look when it's grown out?
  7. Well they don't need to use SEO to promote themselves. Their results speak for themselves, many patients have posted their results online. Anyway, good luck.
  8. @Rossybop see this table compiled by @Portugal25 of some of the top surgeons around your price range:
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