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  1. That's a lot of loss for someone who's already had 2 hair transplants (at the age of 17 and 18, wow) and has been on finasteride since the age of 19. How many grafts did you get from those first two transplants? Do you have any pictures or can you describe the progression of your loss? Never heard of this doc but the work seems good to me.
  2. Donor looks good. You have a great scalp to hair color contrast going for you.
  3. Really sorry to hear about this. While there is definitely room for improvement, I doubt it'll meet initial expectations. IMO hair transplants can just end up as luck of the draw, so experiences like these are super important for people to be aware of. Can you expand more on this? How many grafts did you have put into the crown, and how has the growth been there relative to the front?
  4. Same here, 1.25mg/day to start off, so far so good. I really need the boost though, because I didn't notice any improvement from topical minoxidil. But definitely good to have an opposing viewpoint when everyone seems to be praising oral minoxidil lately.
  5. Yeah I still stand by my previous comment. Still difficult to see the other side. If you have any immediate post-op pics then it would be easy to tell if it was implanted in a "cornrow" fashion, but I don't notice it from these pics.
  6. For the grafts, what do S and M stand for? Do you have any pics shortly post op? Any of the donor? Thanks for sharing.
  7. I don't see any cornrows or pitting. To me it looks like potentially badly angled grafts, but I don't know that's just how you've styled the hair. The density seems like it could be better, but it's not bad. You've covered the hairline on the other side so it's impossible to compare.
  8. Some of them stop updating their thread, but you can see they were "last online" recently. I'd say it's 50/50. I think there's a great deal of embarrassment to admitting you had a bad HT result.
  9. I agree with @ciaus, and that's why I was not surprised about the prescription fee. @jcs87, was your experience with a HT doctor, or some other doctor? If it was with a non-HT doctor, I think that would explain it.
  10. Too early to say. I still use foam minox in the morning (probably drop the foam once I go up to 2.5mg oral minox), and 0.5mg/day dut.
  11. Insane result for only 2600 grafts, considering you were almost completely bald on top. Do you know what your hair/graft average was? Your hair characteristics and color contrast must be helping as well. In your next update, I'd love to see a picture of you parting the hair to show the true density - try to make it look as bad as possible
  12. Well, it is a business. I'm sure most HT clinics would charge similarly. Of course, if you were their HT patient, they'd likely prescribe it for free.
  13. I had a complimentary video appointment and they charged a ~$100 prescription fee. Then they want me to have an in-person appointment after 3 months for ~$300ish, followed by ~$100 for prescription refills (up to 1 year at a time, I believe). Hoping to avoid those charges before the 3 months, by finding another clinic who's covered by my insurance.
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