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  1. Staying fit is definitely a priority. LOL at that story. So, are you implying that it'll be obvious to the women that I'm using concealer? I'd like to avoid them finding out prior to me telling them about it, if possible. I don't think my usage of concealer is that obvious in itself - I'm more worried about the situations I listed in my OP (which it seems like there are ways to deal with them).
  2. Yeah, simply get on finasteride (pop a pill once a day) and forget about any future hair loss problems Good on you for being proactive.
  3. Thanks for showing the unflattering pictures as well. How do you style it to make those areas less see-through during normal daytime lighting? Also, can you comment on the temple corners (including the sides) and how they integrate with your existing hair?
  4. Hey folks, My personal situation - I was originally going to get a hair transplant this summer, but decided to put it off since I'm still young (25) and want to ensure my loss has stabilized (only been using meds for 1 year, and I see some miniaturization in my donor). You can check my previous threads to see my situation, I'm basically a NW 3V with retrograde and diffuse loss elsewhere, with the possibility of DUPA (unsure as of now). I've gone through a long term breakup at the beginning of this year, and am thinking about how I will get back into dating. At the age of 25, the current state of my hair is NOT a good look to attract women. I also have an extra large sized head (and forehead), so I need really need hair to properly frame my face. Luckily, between NW 2 and NW 3, and at my crown, I still have a bit of hair (although it is very diffuse). With the use of either hair fibers or dermmatch at those locations, I'm able to replicate a mostly NW 2 head of hair quite well. Obviously, I want to use these to my advantage when dating. Even if my hairline was perfect, I feel like I'd still want to conceal my crown - it wouldn't show up in my dating profile, so they wouldn't know about it prior to the date, but I see the large majority of women being turned off by that at my age. There are obvious benefits to using concealer: I'll be able to date much more attractive women, and I'll be more confident in my appearance. But there are real downsides as well: Might get the sheets/pillowcase dirty when sleeping with a woman (unless I use my shirt as a cover, or we sleep at my place where I have dark sheets) Might look bad the next morning Can't shower with them (unless I avoid getting my hair wet?) Can't let them touch my hair or their fingers will look dusty (may happen during sex?) Does anyone have tips for dealing with these issues? Preferably someone with personal experience using concealer and dating. Also, I'm not really looking for a long term relationship. For one night stands and such, I see no reason to tell them about my usage of concealer. But if I myself with someone longer term, I'm not sure how I'd break it to them. I know women have things they may be nervous about and are hiding on a date as well, such as being without makeup etc, so I could let them know as soon as I'd see them without those things, but those are more widely known and accepted than a man trying to hide his hair loss. I'm not sure what the general consensus would be from women, but I guess some will be completely turned off from me after finding out, and that's something I accept. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
  5. no pre op pics? hard to judge the success without those.
  6. I would be wary of SMP solving this issue. While it may help in dark lighting, I have a feeling that you'd still see the reflection of light bouncing off the scalp. I think your two options are either concealer, or a hair transplant.
  7. I thought it was because it provided the best illusion of density? For example in Couto's videos, literally every patient has that combed up hairstyle lol.
  8. My beard area above the jawline isn't that strong. The cheeks and connectors are a bit sparse. I wonder if you can transplant from below the jawline starting from the bottom-most neck area, to fill in any areas above the jawline? Given that I have light skin, if the grafts were taken from the neck area moving upward, I feel like scarring wouldn't be that noticeable? My facial hair would just start a inch or two higher up on the neck. Seems like a problem many men have, and a transplant seems doable, but I haven't heard anything about it. Also, I have tried using minoxidil, but I didn't notice any new hairs. Not sure why some people get facial hair growth on it whereas others don't.
  9. Looks normal to me! I hope you get the density you were looking for this time. Do you have any before pics?
  10. Thanks for the pics @BeHappy. How is the scarring?
  11. Looks great! Do you have any buzzed hair pre-op pics? How useful did you find going to the clinic for cleaning?
  12. Agree with @1978matt about the "low density straight hair" comment (TBH we have similar type of hair, you can check my recent thread), but you may be in the early stages of diffuse loss like me (but I am farther along). How about your temples - have they receded or are they thinning? I think you should definitely get on finasteride if you are mostly done maturing (get informed about the drug and go consult a doctor/dermatologist). But I would not recommend using minoxidil at your level of loss - it doesn't do much for most people, it is MUCH less convenient than finasteride, and it is a lifetime commitment (anything you gain with it will be lost if you stop using it).
  13. I'm not sure what it is but the extractions look quite different in these two pics? In the first pic, they seem to go a lot higher and I can't really see the separation between crown, but in the second pic I can clearly see it.
  14. I agree, but I wouldn't consider the hairline I marked to be "low". It seems to be pretty mature in my eyes, about a NW2. That makes sense, I'm just looking for an estimate. Money is not a concern so I'm definitely going for an experienced surgeon That makes sense, and is worrying. Is this also an issue when you do a second pass through previously transplanted areas? Or is that not a concern because those hairs are DHT resistant?