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  1. This is incredible. A full head of hair across 2 surgeries in just over a year. No wonder why your brother wanted to follow in your footsteps.
  2. Sorry, but you can't read my mind (or that of the posters I'm defending). And ad hominems aren't going to win you arguments. Can you show me exactly how they are disparaging the surgeons? Since when is it wrong to bump old threads? Asking questions and trying to generate a discussion automatically means you have an agenda? I've seen @Huncholini's posts - if you actually read them you'll see that he has had lots of positive things to say about Bisanga.
  3. I don't ~love drama~, I simply disagree with you. I'm sure there are others who do as well, but they don't want to get on your bad side like I clearly am. I really don't see anything wrong with how @michelshanghai (or @Huncholini) are posting. Simply claiming they're trolls/shills without actual evidence doesn't make it true. As an impartial observer, it doesn't seem likely. I don't see what kind of motive they would have to do so anyway. They seem genuinely interested in the work performed by these surgeons and are asking valuable questions. For example, I would agree that Konior's hairlines aren't always that dense. There are a few reasons for that which a new forum member may not be aware of - Konior tends to be more conservative, he doesn't do more than ~2000 grafts FUE or ~3000 grafts FUT in a session, and he often spreads out the grafts over a large area if that is needed. I don't think there's anything wrong with how he operates, as long as the patient has the right expectations. And as long as a patient makes their goals clear, I don't think Konior would have any problem with achieving a dense hairline (@Egott92 is a good recent example).
  4. Haha, well I think the photos from 1 month post op are more telling with regards to the diffuse thinning and crown loss. That's correct, no fin.
  5. It's hard to say since my microscope wasn't of the highest quality. I never counted or was told a specific percentage, but several clinics did say it was higher than average. For example: Hasson - "Dr. Hasson felt there was more miniaturization than the typical 10-15% and therefore a procedure would involve a bit more risk." Bisanga - More miniaturization in the donor than they would like to see for someone my age, and suggested an in-person consultation Ferreira - Said my donor isn't great, but that I'm far from DUPA, and that my prognosis is good Rassman/Bernstein - said I have more thinning than average but not yet DUPA, suggested I wait a few years, but said I could get a small HT
  6. I flew back on day 5 post op. Considering the total travel time was ~17 hours, I wanted to recover for a few days to play it safe. Didn't have any issues while flying, it was just long. Different doctors may have different definitions for DUPA, for example here's Lorenzo's: Every person falls on a scale relative to the above factors. After passing one of those thresholds, you may be considered to have DUPA. I bought a USB microscope, recorded some pics/videos, and shared them with doctors. Many of them noted greater than average miniaturization, but said I didn't have DUPA yet. In the early stages, it can be difficult to detect - perhaps more so via pictures. But I most certainly have a thinner than average donor, and I know it used to be denser 5+ years ago. If I were to get off of the DHT blockers, I would likely end up with DUPA.
  7. Thanks! Here are the answers in order: It was fairly easy to get an appointment. I booked mid November for early February, so 2-3 months out. There were also some shorter notice availabilities. It was in the midst of COVID, so that probably played a factor. Not sure how things are now, but I'd guess around 3 months out at most. 2 weeks out was alright. Donor looked mostly fine, and recipient area looked pretty good. The problem is 1 month out when you shed the grafts, and the redness in the recipient area is fairly visible. Whether it will be obvious depends on how good your native hair is I guess. I'm super glad I've been able to recover while working from home, but it's still worth going ahead with the procedure either way. I opened up about the procedure to a couple of coworkers, and it was a nice weight off my chest - wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I thought it would be. I asked the clinic's admin assistant (Saide) to help out with the COVID test. She scheduled the test and the taxi, joined me there and back, did all the talking. I also live in CA. I paid the day of in cash, yes. Never did I feel unsafe with the money - I had gone directly from the airport to the hotel in a private taxi, and the clinic is a 2 mins walk from the hotel. I used cash (Turkish Liras) for everything - mainly ordered delivery to my hotel.
  8. Great result! I appreciate the honesty, as is expected with this clinic. I'm curious how this was calculated, and if this was done for the first surgery as well?
  9. That's to be expected after poking thousands of holes into a small area of skin. I can't notice anything now but it's hard to tell when your hair grows out.
  10. You've got beautiful looking hair! I'm sure with every day usage of DHT blockers, you will prevent almost all further loss. Personally, I would not bother with the laundry list of items in your regimen.
  11. Do you have any before/after pics? Considering you started medication at only age 17, I'd imagine you prevented any loss from occurring?
  12. Everyone sheds at different rates, I wouldn't worry about it. Excluding people who don't shed much of their grafts, I haven't noticed any correlation between shedding time and growth. You look good to me, try to be patient. Are you using finasteride/minoxidil? Also I suggest creating your own thread.
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