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  1. #25 Mustang, May 6, 2020 Mustang already previously said that his result was just "OK", FYI. I found it confusing. I'd also like to see pics.
  2. Well the problem is that the techs have no name. Maybe you'll get one who extracts grafts every day for 20 years, or maybe you'll get one who's only been doing it for 1 year. What happens if your experienced tech quits? If they play such an important part in the surgery, they should be better represented by the clinic.
  3. I would be very interested to see how long your hair needs to grow before the transplanted area is not noticeable.
  4. Thanks for the added photos, and congratulations on the results. Despite some of the hate Dr Diep receives on here, he does seem to get great growth.
  5. Because applying a topical is a pain in the ass and most people don't get side effects from the oral version.
  6. It would be great if you can show more revealing photos, such as parting your hair down the middle, or from directly above so we can more clearly see the non-transplanted areas
  7. Your hairline appears to be a lot denser now compared to before, would you agree? How would you describe the overall benefits of this second procedure?
  8. This is pre-op, right? Do you have any pre-op pics with your hairline exposed?
  9. @Sitries1 post may be helpful to you. He seems to have diffuse thinning, and had SMP done first to help with the buzz cut appearance, but is now going for an HT.
  10. Love this! I Wish it was done more often. @Rolandas plans to do this over his entire transplanted area when he goes in for his second HT I'm always surprised by the number you get when actually counting the grafts. Simply looking at the zoomed-out photos, I would have thought the density was lower. Your native density is insane. Any idea what your hair caliber is?
  11. Looks like more growth since month 4, what do you think? And I've heard that people can continue to feel hairs poking out for months - are you experiencing that? Any comments on the angles, the feel, or the styling of the hair?
  12. I don't think it's likely to do much, but you never know. I also have retrograde and haven't seen much improvement when I've tried, though I don't seem to respond much to minoxidil. How long has yours been like that?
  13. @Rolandas has fine hair and has documented his journey very well.
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