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  1. Seems odd that you're willing to meet 200 people IRL but won't simply post pics online for everyone to see..?
  2. I think places like ASMED usually reject candidates if they have weak donors, so that is why most people you see here are able to tolerate it pretty well.
  3. 900 grafts over 3 days, so only 300 a day? That's unheard of for BHT, I can't understand why so much time would be required? What was the cost per graft if you don't mind?
  4. I feel like these comments belong in this thread as well: Where many people are saying you shouldn't use BHT in combination with depleting the donor area, but rather you should just implant the body hair grafts directly onto your recipient area. Can you share some examples, ideally of yourself, showing how nape/body hair makes the recipient area worse? Body hair is understandable, though seems to be very common nowadays and are rarely placed on the frontal hairline, mostly spread through the midscalp and crown. I haven't heard anyone complain about it. Nape is surprising to me, as I've heard those grafts are excellent candidates for the sides and hairline due to being fine, single hair grafts.
  5. Oh, I didn't realize he cut your hair on day 2. I understand showing up on the procedure date with long hair, I guess I'm just surprised he didn't shave it all down on the day of.
  6. You have a good hair to graft ratio, should be a great result. I'll be following. It's weird that the pre-op pic makes it look like your frontal loss was quite bad, whereas the other before pics you've uploaded seem to show a fairly strong frontal third. Some questions if you don't mind: Does the derminator hurt that much? Mine just arrived in the mail, excited to start using it. Do you plan to continue microneedling? I plan on trying 1mm every 1-2 weeks, and possibly 0.25mm before applying minoxidil to enhance absorption. I haven't noticed much benefit from min alone after a year. How come you didn't fully shave your head? Has it made post-op difficult in any way? This sounds ridiculous! What is the chance of this happening, I wonder? I plan on getting FUE and this would be an awful surprise. Edit: Oh, just saw about the folliculitis. Glad it seems to be under control now. I sweat easily and have had folliculitis in the past, so it's something I'll need to be careful about when I get my procedure.
  7. They're all the same, only difference is cost. 5mg generic which you can cut into 4 = 1.25mg pieces is the cheapest.
  8. Are you taking any preventive medications? That is the single most important thing you should be doing before getting a hair transplant. Finasteride to prevent further loss, and consider minoxidil to promote a bit of growth.
  9. Looks good, happy growing! How many grafts did you get from the different locations? So you only had one FUT in the past, yet your donor is depleted and not suitable for FUE? How does that happen? Have you been taking any medication (finasteride, minoxidil)?
  10. How about on the sides? Some people have retrograde that is less visible when the sides are cut short. Is it preferably to grow them out a bit if you're considering having hair implanted there?
  11. You have an awful GP, sorry to say... Either try to educate him on it, find a new GP, or look for an online service (like Keeps, Roman, or Hims in the USA).
  12. Why do you keep posting new threads? This is useless without telling us more facts about your surgery, like before pics and number of grafts.
  13. I'm confused how lasering it could make it look worse. Wouldn't lasering it make the nape hairline look more uniform? If the retrograde continues, there will be an even bigger difference between the center and sides