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  1. I read somewhere that cloning has happened and it was successful the problem was the direction on the hairs were erratic and they have developed something that is implanted with the follicle that helps with the direction and dissolves with time (gel) they said a year and half but also said it will be super expensive so idk
  2. Yea please do I’m debating wether to get my next procedure by him. Not because of his results because they are amazing but because of the scar
  3. I’m really having a tough time deciding. Hasson and Wong responded and said 2k fue which means $16k. They also said I could do fut which would be $10k. Flight would be around $400. Dr. Keser said 1k fue which means $3.5k +$1k (flight) = $4.5k Dr. Bloxham suggested around 1k fut 1,100-1,250: $8,250 1,300-1,500: $8,800 1,600-1,750: $9,750 2,000-2,250: $10,750 those are his prices about the same as Hassan and Wong for fut. no flight for him since I’m 30min away.
  4. Might be or fut with beard grafts into scar or smp into scar or both lol honestly some days I’m like okay let’s do it fue so I don’t have to worry about the scar but then I’m like I rather do it fut so I get the most out of it and just keep my hair longer on the sides.
  5. I don’t think the medication is that simple “ if it works it will for as long as you take it”. I do agree with not having enough donor to achieve a full head of hair with high norwoods tho. I think if I get a 5a and I start fut I think I would be satisfied even if worse case scenario my crown is not as dense as the rest. thank you for your opinion on the matter tho. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. I’m just stuck in this situation which is not a bad one. But I want to make the best possible decision for now and future and I think that will be fut with a good surgeon I’m leaning towards Dr. Bloxham.
  6. Medication and laser are all delayers not cures. Nothing will prevent you from losing hair only delay it. Eventually your body gets use to the medication and your hair loss progresses. If im destined for a 5a then my best bet would be going fut rather then fue if I really want to get the most out of my donor. Doing nothing is also an option. Sometimes doing nothing results in no regrets and not being in a bad situation.
  7. Yea I hope not but I was just comparing it to an extreme. And my dad at 65 hair situation looks like this
  8. Hey lasercap, yea I know exactly what happened in my last procedure and that he didn’t densely pack the areas that were balding that’s why it looks the way it does. I wouldn’t say it was a waste because it did make a difference just not a dense difference. im torn between both procedures because of exactly what you said if it doesn’t come out as good as I wanted or I all of a sudden become a Norwood 7 (I hope not) I have that option of shaving my head if I go fue if I go fut the chances of me having a good result go up higher but I’ll never be able to shave my head. after doing a lot of research on meds and being on this forum for around 5 years. I rather not.
  9. No medication for me. I wouldn’t mind growing out my hair if I get the result I want. Thing is I know you get more hair going the fut route and that’s always on the back of everyone’s mind am I going to have enough hair to keep up with my hair loss. Going fue route yea you can go lower on the sides/back but your risking yield % and I think that’s the main thing I don’t want to gamble with fue if my odds for a home run case is higher with fut. Even if I have to have the back and sides At a 3 max I think it’s a good trade off.
  10. No I don’t think it was bad either. Just wish he went a little bit more dense in the hairline . I don’t want to mess this up again so my next one I want to make sure it’s done right.
  11. I had a procedure done 2 years ago fue 1500 grafts didn’t give me the density I wanted. I want to have another procedure but Can’t decide who to go with and don’t know if I should do fue again or fut. I’ve thought about going back to my first surgeon but I kinda don’t want to risk it again. next surgeon is Dr Bloxham which I know will give me the results I want but don’t know if I want the scar. next is keser which is fue and has a lot of good work on this forum. But is very far as I’m in jersey. Hasson and Wong is probably my next surgeon. Canada is a very short flight from me. I’m still waiting for a response from them. If they say I’m a candidate I don’t know if I should get fue done or fut. i don’t want to start a fue vs fut thread but I want to be in a good situation today as I do in 20 years from now (I’m 30 btw) I know fut gives you more survivability as far as grafts. But I don’t want to be stuck with a stretched scar or not being able to shave my head if the procedure fails. just curious what would some of you guys do if you were in my shoes. if you curious of what my hair looks like I have a thread with my first procedure here https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/49351-1551-grafts-with-luis-nader/?tab=comments#comment-455985
  12. Micknick, yea when the top is a little longer looks way better covers more of the thinning areas. i cut it this short just to see how it compares to the not thinning areas. Once I get this second pass I’m sure I won’t have to worry about it no more
  13. Thanks Vic, second pass hopefully thickens everything up and put me in a good place for a long time before I need anymore work done