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  1. I feel your pain Steele, I’ve had 2 hair transplants and even tho I can style my hair now and I have the Illusion of density I sometimes do think what if I would of just went the bald route and shaved. It was emotionally draining after my first procedure. Always wearing a hat and obsessing over my hair line and examining everything. I still kind of do it now tbh. If I would of just shaved I would never have to worry about this but I prob would always be thinking about getting a hair transplant if I hadn’t. I don’t think in anyway your in a bad situation I’ve seen some bad work with some crazy scars on here and your not in that category. The pictures you’ve uploaded don’t look bad. Give it the full 12 months and I’m sure the shiny look will be less. And by then you could get smp again to fill everything in. goodluck.
  2. @Steele114 I was scheduled with Dr. Wise once and my father talked me out of it not because of the doctor but he didn’t want me to get anything done. Looking back at it now I’m glad I canceled the deposit and he gave my money back. Knowing what I know now... he wouldn’t be an option. The results he has posted online are okay nothing crazy but the problem is he doesn’t just do hair transplants. He added hair transplants to the many things he does because of most likely $$. I’m curious to see how the work looks.. can you post a picture?
  3. Thank you @EdDantes99theres no doubt in my mind that you will get a result like mine. Your in good hands. I’m not 100% sure but I think you should be okay using it by that time tbh. I didn’t use anything because I got away with using a hat. If you don’t have the option of wearing hat. It honestly will come down to how you heal. I’ve seen people post pictures after a month and it looks like nothing happened ( aside from the hair loss ) and I’ve seen others that it look really red. I think it has to do with your complexion as well. feel free to ask anymore questions or pm me. tb I think your right about the inches deff 5-6 right now. Tbh I think anything after 4” starts to cover your whole head very nicely. Im planning on buzzing my head so I’ll be able to go through all lengths again and see how it changes as it grows. I do plan on growing it out alittle more because I love it like this but I’m starting to also hate the maintenance that’s comes with it every morning lol.. when summer is over here I might buzz it and go back to comb over less maintenance. thank you John!! I appreciate your compliments !
  4. Thanks man! Yea 6 months is when It really hit me that my hair was looking great tbh until then I was crossing my fingers. Bloxham is awesome you will be fine don’t sweat it ! Thanks Melvin! I’m happy I finally made it to the other side and got my hair back. I was alittle discouraged having done it once already but I’m glad I stuck to it and found Dr. Bloxham. Yea I liked your comment once I saw it lmao.
  5. If anyone wants to watch my 1 year update! Dr Bloxham took some great pictures of my hair pre-op. It really shows how how thin my frontal third really was. Im so blessed to have went to Dr. Bloxham. He’s really given me the long hair look I wanted. I can’t thank him enough and FYI I will be going back to fill in some spots in the hairline maybe at the beginning of 2022. Dr. Bloxham said something around 300 grafts. I will be also documenting that one here. here are some Pics I took today which is 14months post op for anyone who wants to see. These pictures were taken in VERY bright light. Like the only way someone would every see me in these conditions would be if someone was holding a flash light to my head lol.
  6. When I first started looking into hair transplants I thought of the same idea tbh. But it will never work unless you can remove the grafts without leaving a scar. The scaring around your head would be crazy and even if you get smp I think it would still look like very obvious that something happened. But it would be cool if someone tried it so we could see
  7. Skin fades are doable. Obviously you can’t do high skin fades without you seeing the scar completely but mid to low are good .. you won’t even see the scar. Trust me .. check my post.
  8. Yea I hear you lol.. I’m in no rush to do this all again. If he can do a small fue without shaving I’ll do it. If he says to wait acouple of years to see how I progress I won’t complain. My hair is not perfect but I’m happy. Thanks man! Yea it’s such a great feeling finally getting to this point where I can push my hair back and leave the house. Don’t worry you’ll be there soon!!!lol ... when I was at 4 months it wasn’t that impressive either. Tbh the first time I actually looked at my hair and was like this is crazy when did I get this much hair was somewhere between 6-7 months I was getting ready to go to a engagement party and I did my hair.. I had the fibers out wax and a comb. I was like let me style my hair first then I’ll put some fibers on. Once I finished combing my hair I was like I don’t need fibers this looks awesome 😎
  9. Thanks James, I asked him about doing a small fue through email but once I go in and he takes a look ill see what he recommends.
  10. I agree with @Melvin-Moderator, sometimes you rush into things because your sold on fake dreams of having all your hair back and how easy it is. Until you realize 6 months later that there is something worse than losing your hair and it’s a botched hair transplant. Don’t be in that situation because it’s not a good place to be in.
  11. Yea I just want alittle more density right in the first cm of my hairline. The rest of my hair covers my scalp just enough to make it look like a perfect head of hair lol I wouldn’t change my hairline even if they could give me a juvenile hairline from when I was 18 with density. This is my opinion but I feel like a receded mature hairline gives a guy more character and just better looking than a straight low hairline. Plus when your 50-70 years old (hair transplant or not) you will bring a lot of attention to your self because of it. Where the scar is if I had to guess maybe around 3-4 clipper guard. Yea let me see if I can get some now... if not tomorrow I’ll have my wife snap some. tbh tho I really could care less about my scar. I’m 32 years old and I have a great head of hair (thank god for hair transplants & this website). I think it would bother me more if my transplant was a failure and my scar was showing.
  12. Just wanted to update with some pictures since I just got a haircut for who ever is curious and also some pics of side and back of my head scar is good not a problem. Im having alittle hair greed and I am planning on seeing Dr. Bloxham in acouple of weeks to see what his thoughts are on adding some more density to hairline only. If anyone has any questions lmk!! P.s haircut didn’t come out to good so just ignore the spottiness lol
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