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  1. Wow big difference from where you came from Dr. A did a good job with you. You have to be super excited lol. Yea I went through your entire thread. How’s the scar ?
  2. Thank you James. thanks Steve, yea when I look back at where I was and how it finished it was a big difference. I do notice a lot of differences this round recovering. Even my wife said that the redness is so much less and the grafts are way tighter together than previous ht. I’m really happy I got it done with Dr Bloxham, he’s awesome. I have a feeling this time around I will be very satisfied by that time. have you had a transplant yet? Thanks lovelygraft, yea I’m really surprised how it turned out and can’t believe I was worried about the scar.
  3. I did get this Red dot on my head after a shower don’t think I lost a graft but kinda scared me I wonder what it is ?? Any ideas ??
  4. Today I had my staples removed and it’s 9 days post op.
  5. agree with you on the first part depending on the size of the procedure Tho. Don’t forget you get scaring from both. But with fue you get scaring and donor loses density. if your going to shave your head what’s the point of getting a hair transplant. The chances of you having to shave your head because of not having any more donor will happen more with fue vs fut just going off of more grafts available and survival. Even if the survival rates at a 3-4% difference. mathematically doesn’t make sense unless your a nw2 and can say for sure you won’t lose anymore hair. I rather have a fut scar with fue or smp in it and knowing I have a lot more hair on head than fue holes with smp and less hair on head and donor. Period.
  6. Thanks matt that’s exactly what I was looking for lol. Did you have numbness around the scar ? Everything seems to be going good with mine no pain except for what you described. I have this numbness from the scar up (like 1 inch) I was just wondering if you experienced anything like that ?
  7. If you had an fut procedure describe how it went from beginning til when you had no more pain\numbness.( scar donor wise )
  8. I don’t want to be bias but those were my two choices as well. I’m sure you can see who I went with 👇. It was for the simple fact of location I choose my doctor and that I was talking directly to him with made it more personal. In my opinion both are equal as far as probability of getting good result.
  9. Keep your hair longer in the back you don’t have to buzz your entire donor for fut. it can easily be covered
  10. Today makes 1 week Over-all super excited. Very big difference from my first procedure very dense and excited for when it starts to grow. scabs are completely gone I can’t stop rubbing my head from like day 5 lol and so yesterday night while showering I noticed how easily it was coming off and before I knew it I would say 95% of scabs were gone. no pictures of the scar until I remove staples because there’s really nothing to look at it’s just a line as of right now. But I do have some stinging pain here and there but nothing crazy maybe 2/10 pain wise. above my scar I would say like 1 inch or so is still numb but I feel like it is slowly getting better. Yesterday I started finasteride (2-10-20) I’m planning on doing Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1mg. If anyone has any suggestions on the dosage I’m taking and how often let me know. I decided on it based on the research I did and studies I found. Here are the pics enjoy and let me know of any questions.
  11. Wow. I’m praying everything works out. Have you looked into smp to help
  12. I have no idea what’s going on in that video but it’s seems like the guy In it had had a ht
  13. Well in the in the donor you don’t need to buzz it all off just where the strip is going to be removed as with doing fue you need to buzz all of the donor so the doctor can pick and choose which grafts he wants. the recipient area always needs to be shaved so they can see where they are working. I know they offer an unshaven option but to me that’s just making it harder for the doctor and increasing your chances of something going wrong