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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood IV A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments
    I'm here for support

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  • Other hair restoration physicians
    Dr. Ashok
  • Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime
    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

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  1. Also, it'll be interesting to know why you chose Eugenix. Is it because of their previous work (or) recommendation etc. ?
  2. Sorry about the result, that looks patchy and even the back of the head isn't fully recovered as you can clearly make out the grafts removed. Eugenix was referred at many forums for some good work but unfortunately they don't seem be as good as people suggested. I will let the seniors here comment about the progress and It may be worth waiting few more months before concluding anything.
  3. Looks Fantastic @Guy73, Congratulations ! I would consider going with Dr. Nader, Is this the right webpage for Dr. Nader to start consultation: https://www.nadermedical.com/
  4. I’ve been following up with them since 2 years and got an update last year in 2019 to setup and appointment for Sept 2020, but due to the COVID situation they had to move the dates further away and they did the online video consultation
  5. Hi @jkp4e I was originally scheduled for Sept’2020 but due to the COVID situation in US and travel restrictions, I moved my surgery to May’2021. Yes, they are a little slow to respond. I had a video consultation last month with Dr. Couto and he did take good time to explain the procedure and took questions from me. Keep me posted on your progress and Good luck !!
  6. No, I don't recall talking to you about this. Your advise makes sense, I have been watching their videos and posts and hesitant about using them but I'm losing hair in the crown so I might try using it on the crown.
  7. @Melvin-Moderator - I have no interest in advertising or making a business out of this. I'm a real hair loss patient and checking to see if anyone has ever tried it and looking for feedback before trying it.
  8. @Melvin-Moderator - I'm trying to get feedback here, why do you suggest links shouldn't be posted here ?
  9. Fantastic results @Portugal25, Congratulations ! Looking forward for more updates.
  10. I recently came across a PODCAST where the inventor of the hair regrowth solution claims that you don't need a HT to restore hair and instead try their solution and derma roller for hair to regrow the hair. Has anyone tried it ? Link to the Book: Link to the PODCAST: Solution:
  11. @KoaX - Congratulations, Do you have a more recent update and share pictures ?
  12. @wilkinte - Do you have any progress update of your second procedure ?
  13. @LonelyGraft - Congratulations, the results look fantastic ! Do you have the more recent pictures ?
  14. @Abhinay Singh - Congratulations on the great result ! quick question - Who performed this surgery, Dr. Pradeep Sethi (or) Dr. Arika Bansal ?
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