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  1. How did everyone deal with going back to work? how long did you take off? what was it like? I work in an office setting so can’t wear a hat to work. What was your excuse for your appearance? More interested in FUT cases but FUE also welcomed since the recipient sites are all the same
  2. the recovery is mainly what scares me the most. i think i could get 2 weeks off, and then maybe work from home the 3rd week, but i’d just be so afraid of looking ridiculous when going to the office where I can’t wear a hat
  3. i’m possibly eyeing up a FUT with H&W as well. I think even the slightest possibility of having a better result via FUT rather than FUE is a major point. atleast for me. The scar and recovery are what make me nervous however
  4. yes. and the thread he’s referring to is actually mine. which is here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55987-fut-experiences-please-tell-your-story/
  5. that’s an insane donor area. that’s gotta be a #2 on the sides? 2.5?
  6. bumping this. would like to get more experiences. thanks for everyone that has helped so far
  7. @pkipling I had a consultation in August 2019 with @H & W Doug. Great guy and a lot of good information. This is when my hair was losing ground and at its lowest since having a great response. He said I could do either FUT or FUE. 3000+ grafts, rebuild the frontal 1/3, etc... He also had Dr. Hasson take a look at my pics and story. I feel very comfortable with H&W and the sort of results, patient care, and procedures they conduct. I also had an in-person consultation with Dr Bloxham around the same time. He recommended strip, again in the 2500-3000 ball park. Another good surgeon. It's just tough, because I don't want to get surgery if I don't have too, but the thought of killer results is always in the back of my head. I could look amazing at the wedding, or risk it hoping things level out with my cyclical shedding.
  8. i wouldn’t touch the crown with the limited remaining grafts you have. i would tweak the hairline and beef up the frontal third of your head
  9. Almost 19 Months: Still shedding a lot of hairs regularly. I know shedding doesnt always equal hair loss, but I can definitely tell in the density of my head that its weaker and weaker. A good haircut makes it feel better though. Some pics included. What do you guys think? edit: having trouble uploading pics.. doesnt seem to be working..
  10. @goodwally if you saw my results from fin you’d see different. no one has said those results are bad lol. you’re mixing 2 things up.. natural density and great results which are illusions... good luck with your hair restoration
  11. @goodwally can you not see how in your first video you posted, how 3200 grafts to cover that area could never be natural density? lmao you’re fucking delusional old man. also look how dark the video is compared to the pre-op pics lol. this is the type of guy to buy informercial products
  12. Gas said “you owe me $10000” You said “keep the $10000 to buy reading glasses” lmao seems like you’re the one who needs reading glasses