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  1. Thanks man I appreciate it! I really hope it's stable, but I've read people going through multiple sheds before it evened out. Have you noticed another shed cycle?
  2. @LordBaldwin sorry if I missed this, but I noticed you are counting yellow and orange dots that are extremely close together for that sort of magnification. Some of your dots are literally right on top of eachother. are you taking into account that these could be a 2 or 3 follicular grouping and not individual follicles? Question for the forum - if you implant a follicular group of 2 or 3, is it possible for only lets say 1 or 2 hairs (respectively) grow out of that grouping when its implanted? Only 1 of a 2hair follicle survive? or only 2 of a 3hair follicle survive? am I making sense? lol
  3. 17 Month Update: I am happy to announce that my hair is rebounding. Since August, I have seen significantly less shedding (if any at all), and my top is getting denser by the week. I will state that I started oral minoxidil August 1st. I am not sure if that is contributing to the regrowth/rebound or if its just a coincidence in timing of my finasteride shed ending. Personally I dont think its responsible for ending my shedding and giving me regrowth. I contribute it to the finasteride still and the hair growth cycle. I can't express how happy I am that things seem to be turning around. It really is an up and down roller coaster. Pics attached below. 1 pic from July which was the worst point of the shedding. And some from before any medical treatment. You can really seem the improvement since July til now. I am still not where I was a year ago at the peak of my journey, but I am hoping I get there in the next couple months if this regrowth continues.
  4. not bad... not great... good luck with the rest. impressive analysis
  5. i’m afraid it looks like it is over harvested. do you have pics of your donor area pre-op?
  6. @Russ @Shifty you may remember I had great regrowth on finasteride alone, then started to have a significant shed. as soon as I got on oral minoxidil, i noticed the shedding stopped and I started to rebound from my shed and have noticed noticeable, and substantial improvement/gains. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just coincidental of my finasteride shed ending, or if the minoxidil was kicking in.
  7. been taking 1.25mg of oral minoxidil since August 1st. no sides. no wolf-man hair. no fine hair becoming darker. nothing. the pill is 2.5mg but my doc said to split them in half
  8. it’ll probably go ear to ear.. roughly 30cm and you can get on finasteride whenever. it won’t matter or effect your procedure. anyone telling you different doesn’t know what they’re talking about
  9. its only worth being on fin to retain your existing hair, which you have very little of left. With that being said, you could be one of the lucky ones that get regrowth with fin/min/derma rolling but that is slim chance. I agree that you should try fin/minoxidil/derma rolling for 8-12months and if you havent made any gains then you can forget all of them and just get a hair transplant without taking any meds... a lot of guys do this. its not unheard of. pic of your donor/back?
  10. holy shit bro considering the amount Dr. K lowered your hairline with nothing previously there is amazing how it’s turning out. great look