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  1. i respectfully disagree with this. now i’m not saying Dr. Diep doesn’t put out great work or isn’t a good med student/doctor. i’ve seen a ton of his good and not so good work. but your statement is like saying a lawyer from a lesser known/ranked law school can stack up and go head to head with a lawyer from harvard just because the graduates. schools and grades do matter to a degree. would you rather trust a top doctor who went to school at johns hopkins or a community college?
  2. in my opinion that is terrible planning for your father by Dr. Diep. - extensive hairloss - patchy donor - hairline is wayyyy too aggressive for his age, meaning more grafts needed to look even “decent” - rebuilding of the temple points should be last on the list for this patient
  3. looks amazing man. how long does the scar go across the back of your head? ear to ear? a little less? is it right above your fade?
  4. konior has posted some very impressive african american restorations
  5. its not bad.... its not great.... the second picture you posted... thats not low density... thats a (huge) bald spot...
  6. it’s not rocket science that a HT surgeon should always keep the hairline looking natural, no matter what the patient thinks they want... this whole thread is disappointing, from results to responses. i feel for the patient
  7. honestly (and this is just my opinion) the chance is probably 75-80% of a good+ result.
  8. how short of a haircut is that? just curious. everything looks good
  9. you had me fooled with the pre op pics. good to see a large (3k+) patient review from konior. will be following!