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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. I’ll be following! you’re barber is a magician lol am I seeing your hairline correctly though? do I see a widows peak?
  2. @Sweettransvestiteim in pennsylvania. originally scheduled for april 20th. then june. then august. then october. now january 2021 which is still a long shot at this point
  3. lucky. I'm waiting for the border to re-open between US and Canada.. been rescheduled multiple times now with H&W
  4. you have great hair characteristics. I would think this will be a great result. donor looks pristine as always from H&W. good luck with growing. where are you from?
  5. it actually makes complete sense if you researched the tools they used to do FUE extractions....
  6. I just noticed this when they were advertising the Saints/Bucs game and they showed Drew’s face in the preview. I instantly noticed his hairline since he’s always been receding and what balding guy wouldn’t notice. Interested to see more pics and videos as the season goes on and we see interviews. Who do you think he went to? and FUT or FUE? Can’t tell how successful it was but initially looks to take 5 years or more off him
  7. what is the application like for acne related purposes? surely it's not mixed with minoxidil. so I wonder how its applied to the face. is it a cream? liquid? powder?
  8. couple questions.. 1) what is the texture/consistency of this? is it a foam like rogaine? or a liquid? 2) melvin, what are you looking to get out of taking this drug? it seems like most of the hair on your head is transplanted and you have little hair left to "save". are you hoping this revives some follicles and get regrowth? 3) how easily is it to get this? this seems like a no brainer to try edit: I've always been skeptical of things being absorbed through the scalp. it just doesnt seem real to me. idk what it is lol
  9. Im in the same scenario as you.. been pushed back date of H&W multiple times...
  10. everything looks great man. I'm really interested in how this turns out. I'll eventually be going to H&W
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