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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. i mean... that is a sample size of 60 people, not thousands. that’s like having 5 people flip a coin and 4 get heads and 1 gets tails. you’re not going to be like omg the chances of getting heads is 80%!!! if you expand that test to thousands and thousands of people the results would begin to even to 50/50. why is it crazy i don’t have side effects? also... the poll does not cover what “side effects” people experienced. some could’ve gotten foggy brain, some could’ve gotten ED, some could’ve had watery semen, some could’ve had all 3 of those symptoms. maybe someone’s side effe
  2. i stopped taking oral min. didnt think it was doing anything. short hair should be fine no sides from fin
  3. it’s as simple as this. finasteride regrew a shit ton of hair for me. it was sincerely life changing. i don’t really subscribe to the topical solutions whether they be topical fin or topical minoxidil. in my experience topical minoxidil didn’t do anything. it’s just simply not feasible to get the foam in contact with your ACTUAL scalp where it makes contact with your skin and penetrates in an amount that would actually amount to anything. in my opinion it got mostly on my pre-existing hair and just made it crusty from the dried foam. now if you are working with a pretty bald hea
  4. looks amazing. i just crossed the 5 month mark. how much did yours change after the 5 month mark
  5. do you notice any visual difference when not in bathroom lighting? can it pass for acceptable?
  6. my guess is Dr. Bloxham based off FUT frontal band. and the bandage looks vert similar to how mine was. I know that’s a dumb piece to compare but it does look very similar to my bandage and my hairline design. i’m currently at 5 months for what it’s worth from Dr. Bloxham. I am still early but definitely in a similar situation as you. really hoping it improves. 9.5 months is a bit late in the process but I suppose it is possible it will improve. some say give it 1.5 years
  7. Just gonna bump this... I really tried hard not to vent in my own thread so here I am. this waiting shit is so hard. I've seen some growth in regards to the weak side of my hairline but nowhere near a knock out result like some people post at 5 months. I haven't really noticed any density increases yet as well. I just keep thinking "other people see significant growth months 5-8, so will you. its coming" /end nervous post. trust the process
  8. I see mention of "Robotic FUE" in his photos section. you want to stay away from robotic FUE. regular FUE and FUT are what you should be looking for. I was in a similar situation as you, and I eventually went up to Dr. Bloxham in NY. It was worth it. Dr. Bloxham also has an office in Philly now. I would suggest you consult with him and link when he's in Philly next.
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