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  1. any concerns with the crown at the moment? you can clearly see the cutoff from where the transplanted grafts are, and the non-transplanted. not that it looks bad, just noticed it
  2. amazing result based off where you started. great first run
  3. his results are very good and very impressive. I actually had a consult with him myself. I may just have a high bar set for the word "homerun" I chose to go with H&W whenever they open back up.. this would be for FUE though
  4. they’re all very good options for FUT. if you’re headed towards a NW6, Dr Bloxham is probably the most conservative when it comes to design of hairline and lifetime grafts. If you want to try for a homerun/knock it out of the park, I would lean towards H&W or Diep
  5. wow that is a very interesting case. really cool to see the approach and results. do you plan on doing any more?
  6. how old are you? be careful chasing the crown also who was your surgeon?
  7. do you want to sport a short hairstyle? if not, now may be a good time to let it grow and see what it looks like. looks to be progressing nicely
  8. assuming you aren’t on finasteride or any medical therapy? this is the risk you take with your nontransplanted hair. I do agree the hairline should be better. unfortunately one of the first poorer results i’ve seen from his clinic lately
  9. thanks for showing. will be waiting for the final result. Dr. B always puts out great results
  10. first off, I think you are getting confused on beard "hairs" and beard "grafts". these are very different. second off, you may not be the "average man" third off, if everyone had 30k or even 5k beard grafts to use, we would see a lot more use of the beard in hair transplants. You may be able to get upwards to 1000 grafts out of your beard to use for your scalp if you want to totally deplete your beard. But if you want to leave some beard for the future and facial hair, I think you're looking at 500 grafts like I originally stated. Unless you post more pictures indicating a fuller beard
  11. its very hard to give an estimate based on these pics for a few reasons: we cant actually see the beard hair. you mentioned they are gray, it seems you may have just recently shaved? growing it out a bit would give us a better understanding where you put the red arrow is probably too far south for a doctor to take from. its possible, but they usually take the bulk of them from directly below the chin. assuming your density is greater below your jawline as compared to your cheek, and is like most beards I've seen, I'd guess anywhere around 500
  12. i mean from where you started it’s a huge improvement. is it perfect? no, but many hair transplants aren’t perfect, especially on the first pass