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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. seems like an oxymoron but okay lol
  2. i’m sure they’re fine. where were the 250 grafts placed?
  3. pre op pics? Dr. Bloxham has been posting great results lately. I look forward to following this.
  4. good write up and happy growing! any reason you opted to do no-shave?
  5. cant wait to see it turn out
  6. hairlossPA

    Finasteride Advice

    1. you can get it from your general doctor, dermatologist, or online at places like HIMS. I got mine from a dermatologist and have a recurring prescription every 3 months. 2. there is the generic version "finasteride" or the brand name Propecia. I dont think there are any hard results/studies that show one is better than the other. I go with generic finasteride. 3. a low dose to start off with would be .5mg every other day. My finasteride comes in 1mg pills. Propecia comes in 5mg tablets I believe that you have to cut in pieces.
  7. @kw877 agree with your comments you made
  8. @kw877 I feel for you man. I agree your hair looked good pre-op but I 100% understand wanting to not hide it anymore and be free from all the feelings all of us know on this site. Its unfortunate... hang in there. What are you thoughts on next steps? Wait the full 12 months... Would you go back for a free touchup? Or would you look into a different surgeon?
  9. will be following! interested in what changed from thinking 1500 would be enough to 2300. Was his initial hairline way more conservative? I feel like even 2300 is low for that amount of area, but like you said, he has a way of working his magic. happy growing!
  10. are the areas of concern only on that side of your head?? I’ve never seen anything like this before
  11. hairlossPA

    Is Breezula The Real Deal?

    I’ve been living under a rock I guess. But it sounds good. i wonder what the texture or form of the topical solution will be like? I’m a little skeptical about topical solutions because it’s sort of hard to fully get it applied to your scalp. Most of the time when applying rogaine i get 75% of it on my hair and not on the actual skin of my scalp
  12. don’t worry just yet. like others said you had a lot of hair prior to the surgery so it’s harder to see the progress. you’re not even half way done. month 7-8 i’m sure you’ll notice it. hang in there bro