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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. I called H&W on 3/20 and they said they were closing for a minimum of 2 weeks and that they were rescheduling everyone out to June/July. I had a surgery scheduled with them 4/20 but moved it to 6/4
  2. not sure if this is the same situation as you, but it was the one I was looking for:
  3. i cant speak to it, since I've never had a transplant. I'm trying to find the thread that came to mind when I read your situation
  4. are you sure they're not native hair? if your sure they're transplanted, I've seen a few cases where this exact situation happens. They eventually grow back but it definitely is unexpected
  5. Dude you need to listen to melvin. Based on your initial pics on the first page, specifically the top down pic, you are (were) headed to a NW 5 pattern. Not sure if you are on finasteride or not, but you need to be careful. This is why a master plan is so important. You are going to be chasing perfection and have nothing left for when everything else goes when you are 30 and beyond. Based off your initial post you should be around 28-29 now? But let me guess, "you only care about being young and good looking while you're young and for 'mates' " lol
  6. that 2000-3000 wont do much spread out across your scalp. you should be planning on being at NW5-6. With that being said, 3000 grafts to the front 1/3 would give a decent improvement to frame the face
  7. how old are you? anything over 30 and I'd say you have a good head of hair. Have you noticed much more hair loss or has it stabilized? FUE usually ranges from $6-$10 per graft in the United States, probably averaging in the $6-$8 range. I think you would do well rebuilding the frontal third with maybe 2000-2500 grafts, assuming you wont lower the hairline much. Gabel, Diep, Bloxham, Konior, to name a few in the US
  8. I was around the age of 23. I was at a beach bar and saw someone I knew from highschool and he randomly blurts out "damn bro you're balding". It caught me so off guard and I was like wtf??? I was with my girl at the time and I couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of the night. It's crazy how much it sneaks up on you, and you have no idea... I didnt hop on fin for the longest time and when it was at it's worst... the comments from the continuation of people were absolutely killing my self esteem. I was so depressed
  9. that donor looks pristine!!! good to see. H&W is great
  10. “Its no coincidence that “virus” was concocted in China, that their communist regime used military strong-arm tactics to shutdown the population, and now are sending teams of their “doctors” (and likely not spies, right?!?!) to Italy to “help” them contain the situation...which, now has the population under military lockdown (Martial Law)...and no, I do not trust the Italian government officials claims that those elderly that have died is all from this “virus”.”