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  1. In general it seems like DHT method is the way to go... It just makes sense to me, and any advantage you can have of having better growth I think you should take. I know everyone says not to focus on the technique, only the results, but still... My one question: for places that do DHT, how do they/can they tell if it is a 1, 2, 3, etc in such a short turn around? I feel like the communication between the team needs to be executed flawlessly
  2. my only question is: how do you know for certain it is only transplanted hair that is shedding? was it a procedure where the doctor solely implanted into virgin/blank scalp (like your temples you mentioned) ? How much density have you lost in this shedding area? from 100% full illusion, to almost all gone? or somewhere in between? It's also possible the grafts the doctor took crept into the unsafe zone on the back of your head.
  3. hairlossPA

    4 Years Later

    how do you wear your hair? short like the pics? or do you grow it out? probably looking at between 2500-3000 grafts. maybe more towards 2000-2500 if you just fill in the temples and the front band, and not the entire frontal third.
  4. Not to keeping going back and forth, but it would be a very interesting question to put forth to the 34,489 registered members of this forum. I’m a data driven guy. Obviously we wouldn’t get 100% participation in the poll but I’d like to see in a poll something along the lines of: In your opinion, have you experienced side effects from finasteride? a) yes b) no c) have not tried finasteride Would love to see those results
  5. just playing devils advocate here, but aren’t most, if not all, studies FDA related relied on by patient self reporting...?
  6. care to explain? what side effect are you clarifying? also- a screenshot without a source is as good as nothing. are you saying seizures are a side effect of finasteride?
  7. Lol i’m sorry but this is the dumbest side effect I’ve read about finasteride. “the first side i got was waking up during most nights and having unpleasant dreams. this was 1.5 years on the drug” what scientific evidence do you have that shows this was a “side effect” of the finasteride you were taking? if you told this to your doctor I’m sure he would laugh. Are you kidding me? I love when people post “side effects” that are no where even close to being listed as potential side effects. Broader question to everyone claiming “side effects” from finasteride: what data or scientific evidence do you have to support your claim that what you were experiencing was due to the finasteride? I’m genuinely curious. Most of the time I think it’s in people’s heads. Did what you were experiencing match what it said online as potential side effects? how did you narrow it down to the culprit finasteride? what if you were just in a funk. what if it’s something else with your body. bad dreams on finasteride. man oh man I gotta add that one to the arsenal lol If you claim side effects other than what is listed here you are completely paranoid and frauding.
  8. hairlossPA

    Is this pitting?

    doesn’t look super alarming to me. it will look better once hair starts growing through those “pits” you’re calling them
  9. You could even go to say that some consider only the incisions the “critical” task, and the extraction and placement as “important but not critical”
  10. @kw877 @munich @MHR84 you all went to ASMED??? will admit these definitely leave a lot to be desired... but wait the 12 months. That's all the advice you'll get from the moderators and community until 12 months hit. If people can afford touchups, I definitely agree with the previously stated advice of going to a more refined/hairline specialist. ASMED seems to have more high NW cases which can provide coverage very well, but not as much attention to detail around the hairline like stated in this thread and others. Hang on...
  11. @Legend007 can you tell us how you used to wear your hair when you weren't experiencing hair loss? and how you plan to wear your hair after your (amazing) results come in? I wouldn't sell H&W short and already not seem thrilled with what they did for you. They know what they are doing. You have to trust them. 1) why do you think you should have gone to Dr. Diep? Your results havent even come in yet and I think it would've been similar price..? 2) We can't really see your temples in any of the pictures you provided but it seems like they're in good standing. If you wear your hair like in the pics you've provided you can't even see your temples..? 3) its disappointing that you're already saying "so this transplant won’t make a big difference in my looks". You dont know that for sure. Why would you say that?