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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. holy shit dude it looks amazing. other asmed patients would kill for this
  2. I think we should also clarify what we mean by “cure” lol. There are many different situations. 1. completely bald man. confirmed all dead hair follicles. are we saying a cure would be to bring him back to a full head of hair everywhere? what sort of density? essentially making hair follicles from nothing 2. Typical NW 3 man. this “cure” holds onto his remaining hair permanently?(fin x 100 and no sides) but can’t bring anything dead back? cure returns miniaturize hair from weak to strong hairs 3. Typical NW 3 man. this “cure” doesn’t save/do anything to his current hair, but returns his frontal region to natural density? just a few i thought of off my head. what do we think community?
  3. theres no way to see any cosmetic improvement as a result of the surgery. He could easy have this hair style before surgery...
  4. in 2020? hellllllllllllllllll no. in 2050? *maybe* (I F-ing hope so lol)
  5. there’s way too many points/questions in the above post to answer typing on my phone, but you’re acting like it’s impossible and unheard of to have a successful transplant after a failed transplant from a different surgeon...
  6. everytime i’ve seen a recipient site with incisions, it looks like it’s clean shaven. not even buzz cut length hairs. but maybe there are hairs that i can’t see at that length?
  7. I've always wondered how surgeons dont transect existing hairs when implanting into regions with hair already. if the head is clean shaved, how do they know where the follicles are sitting and not to cut them?
  8. really interested to see this one!!! good luck
  9. @jj51702 scalp isn’t itchy or flaky or anything. I actually experience pimples a decent amount (nothing extreme). i know people usually report that when they get a HT and they say that’s new hairs poking through.. Idk... @Mycroft i stopped rogaine around christmas time. it just wasn’t worth it to me. in my first post i mentioned how i used it religiously before and it didn’t do anything for me. i highly doubt it’s because of me stopping the rogaine as I started noticing the shedding before I stopped rogaine fingers crossed bros!
  10. I’ve considered PRP but don’t know if it’s proven enough. just really haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m based on the east coast, USA. Im trying to remain calm. I’ve been reading a lot about people’s experiences on reddit who have been on finasteride a long time. a lot of people seem to have quite a number of sheds and bounce backs in first 2 years. Also read this thing about a ‘synchronized shed’. Staying the course and fingers crossed..