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  1. it looks good/great in some pics and decent/ehhh in the others. still some time for things to happen. give it a few more months also. you got a considerable amount of grafts put into the temples so remember 4.3k are not all in the hardline. you could easily have between 500-700 grafts in each temple. how did those turn out? can’t see in the pics
  2. good luck. interested to see how this turns out. you must have a ton of movement to still close that
  3. can you show a side by side before and after? kinda hard to know/appreciate where you started from. also the pics from your original link are gone. great results none the less tho
  4. wow great progress. really frames your face well. any more pics? how’s the scar
  5. i would definitely lean towards Cinik. much more patient results to go off of. i am surprised it’s quoted 3000-3500. i personally think your temples are fine. yes your frontal 1/3 can be reinforced but could probably be done with 2500-3000? idk that just my opinion. good luck bro
  6. are any of these people the same? literalno, lovinitl9, bman3082? im having a hard time following whats going on in this thread.
  7. and you decided to get a touch up from asmed? what is the plan again?
  8. i didn’t know what the “halo effect” was either but watching the first 1:30 of the video, there are multiple times where his hair looks like this screenshot i took below. mostly the sun from above and behind him. you can see his hairline and scalp is basically painted brown, but the density isn’t there at all
  9. jeremy piven is amazing in entourage. not the lead role but a major cast member almost in every episode... i see what you mean by that halo effect tho... damn that is brutal