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  1. Looks good. It’s going to look rough for the next 2.5 months, just prepare yourself. Other than that know you’ve done all you can do and it’ll start growing after 4 months!
  2. It’s hard to say for sure as you have styled your hair differently at 6 months. Seems to look good though based on your goals. Six months is maybe 50% of final result, and many new hairs aren’t as long or haven’t matured, so it should only get better.
  3. It seems like people forget how bald they were. If you compare the before to the 9 months, there is a huge difference. Also your hairline is age appropriate for a 36 year old. It will likely look perfect at 12+months. Month 9 is only 70% matured, meaning hair will thicken 30% more. Looks great!
  4. Looks great, don’t be too depressed if you shed a ton in the next two weeks.
  5. They will very likely all shed, and you will look worse until at least 90 days out. That has been my experience. Just prepare for it, it’ll reduce anxiety. Wear lots of hats
  6. For a Caucasian man, you have an ideal hairline that most men would be thrilled to have, myself included!
  7. My opinion: Every month it improves. By month 12 you may well be happy. You had a very large area filled in in front of your existing hairline and it looks infinitely better than before you started. If you are over 35 years old, this is already a hairline that 80% of men would envy.
  8. Not really, I had longer hair for a number of years and they shaved it right before the surgery.
  9. Here you go. Donor has been perfect from week 2 so I don’t really think about it. Clipper length started at .5 and went up from there.
  10. It’s been just about 3.5 months. Just got my first haircut. TLDR: some new growth has started! Starting at about 100 days, it became cosmetically noticeable, my temples are now a darker shade as the peach fuzz like hair fills in and darkens. A few days ago my girlfriend commented that she noticed new growth, which was a nice confidence boost! Everyone’s timeline is different, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t seeing “early growth.” I do think this forum creates un-realistic expectations in that regard. Dr. Nadimi said that I shouldn’t see a big change until 6 months, so anyt
  11. My donor area was very itchy and painful and red for about two weeks. Then it just went away and was perfect afterwards. It will pass.
  12. Haircut makes a big difference! Having uneven length hair makes it look worse than it it. Looks good for under six months.
  13. Yes, I believe they have. They’re a little shorter than the rest but I’m “back to normal”
  14. I agree it varies. If you’re getting just a little touch up around the hairline - it seems like baseline is like 2-3 weeks if you’re a Norwood 6, baseline can be faster too because as long as redness fades and you keep a few transplanted hair, you might look better in a month. I think it’s the Norwood 3s who have their whole frontal third transplanted that have the longest timeline to get back to baseline. That’s the situation I’m in. I had thinning in the frontal third, and therefore some shock loss in the first few months. I’m exactly at week 13, and I would say I’m close to
  15. This guy would basically be slick bald, and now he has a nice hairline and no significant bald spot. For someone in his 50s, with his stage of baldness, this is a very solid result. I’m guessing by your comment you are much younger...
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