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  1. Two days shy of a year. I really could not be happier. The new hair is still a little curly, which I kind of like. I’ve only gotten one haircut in a year too and just let it grow. Will take one more picture in May with it pulled back just to compare, then I’m done. Dr. Nadimi did an absolutely amazing job and I would highly recommend her.
  2. Just under 9 months, wet hair about 30 minutes after a shower. It’s pretty incredible to look at the before pictures, which were all taken in February 2020.
  3. Hi, I was planning on doing a 9 month update in about two weeks with pictures. Things look fantastic. I have only gotten one haircut in 8.5 months so a little uneven, but I couldn't be happier.
  4. It just gets worse before it gets better. Everyone tells you that but nobody can fully prepare. It’ll look great in a few months.
  5. Yes, I’m 41 years old, and I didn’t want an obvious hair transplant. Keeps getting better at 7+ months.
  6. Six month update. I am extremely pleased with the results. Will post again at approximately 9 and 12 months.
  7. Today is day 150, or 5 months. Things are progressing really nicely. For the past 40 days, the new hair has grown slowly but consistently and I now have good coverage in the whole transplanted area. The hair is wispy and shorter, but still thick and dark enough to look good! I have been using Rogaine religiously 2x a day since day 15, and taking biotin and other vitamins. No propecia. I’m attaching a picture from 2 months and one week post surgery for reference.
  8. I looked at your post. My advice is to wait at least 5 months before you start passing any judgement. As you can see from my posts I was getting very impatient around the 3 month mark, which is very unrealistic. I understand how hard it is to be patient firsthand. I bet you will be quite happy by 5+ months post surgery.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Jim. My hair loss was accelerating in the front a bit, but obviously was slower than many. I’ve been extremely pleased with the growth so far, and the naturalness of the HT. It’s so subtle no one would ever notice but is filling out really nicely. Already it’s a significant improvement from before surgery. At this point almost 5 months post surgery, can say that would highly recommend Dr. Nadimi for those who want an undetectable, natural and excellent result. I’ll share an update in a week or so at my 5 month mark.
  10. I agree with zoomster. It’s night and day! You had no hair in your frontal third and now have a full head of hair with what appears to be extremely minor thinning consistent with most people over 30. also you said you regretted doing no shave... I wouldn’t do another HT even if it was free unless I REALLY needed it. Coming out of the ugly duckling phase it’s fresh in my mind how rough the first 3 months are.
  11. Looks very similar to my progress and hair loss pattern. Everyone is different, but I looked pretty bad until about day 100. After that it’s SLOWLY started to grow in. I’m at about day 135 now and I can say that I now officially look better than before the HT. Growth is still slow but starting to fill in. Good luck!
  12. Looks good. It’s going to look rough for the next 2.5 months, just prepare yourself. Other than that know you’ve done all you can do and it’ll start growing after 4 months!
  13. It’s hard to say for sure as you have styled your hair differently at 6 months. Seems to look good though based on your goals. Six months is maybe 50% of final result, and many new hairs aren’t as long or haven’t matured, so it should only get better.
  14. It seems like people forget how bald they were. If you compare the before to the 9 months, there is a huge difference. Also your hairline is age appropriate for a 36 year old. It will likely look perfect at 12+months. Month 9 is only 70% matured, meaning hair will thicken 30% more. Looks great!
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