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  1. In your experience, do single grafts grow slower/differently than multigrafts? I am 3 months post FUE and for some reason, 1-2 rows of singles on my left side have not started to grow... whereas they have on my right side.
  2. There is clearly a diversion tactic being played in this thread by those coming to the aid of Dr Diep. All of this "whataboutism" with regard to some good results doesn't negate the bad or mediocre ones. After all, as @jimcraig152 has eloquently pointed out, the mark of a good surgeon is his or her ability to produce good results consistently. The beauty of this forum is that it provides free information for people to make an independent decision about who they want operating on their body. The laws of supply and demand have a way of working themselves out in the long run. Only with hone
  3. 3 Month Update Thanks @cpfm for the reminder to post my update. It's been on my list, as this week marks the 3 month point in my journey. Overall, things are progressing well I'd say. I had my first haircut since the surgery last week, and my barber couldn't really tell I had anything done. He just assumed my hair was a mess because of the lockdown! After that haircut, I had a boost in confidence because my new hairline was coming in, and it was imperceptible that I had any work done. I no longer wear a hat out in public. I think I'm an early grower, because I've seen a lot of g
  4. Thanks Melvin. I do see the difference. I'm going to take a step back now so as not to hijack Jim's thread.
  5. Thanks for the clarification! I'm glad to hear that the forum is clear from any legal issues. You're right, I don't have a crystal ball. I would wager none of us do. That's precisely why real patient reviews are so important (and this forum invaluable, thanks to your effort)! I am not ignoring anything — to the contrary, I am paying attention. I think it's all too easy to get deluded into the reputation or positive results of a surgeon. Yes, every surgeon will have a mix of good and bad cases. But when the numbers of bad cases elevate to level they have on this forum in the past yea
  6. As a lawyer, I can assure you I am not making a libel claim. Nor do I believe what I said is at all sensational. You have in front of you a man who has thoroughly documented how he has suffered at the hands of Diep in multiple different ways. There are others on this forum who establish this fact pattern as well. I, as hopefully you do too, would prefer not to see someone else go through unnecessary suffering. That's what motivated my reply — to help the patient make a more informed decision. That said, thanks for your reminder of the pressures you're under as moderator of the forum. We should
  7. Since that was my post, I suppose I should respond. First off, I totally agree with you about free speech. In my view, the more speech the better! That's why this forum should exist. I have been a casual observer of Jim's progress — in part because we are at about the same stage in the healing process, and in part because I deeply empathize with the struggle that he has so meticulously documented. Based on everything I've seen in this thread (and others on this forum), I wrote what I wrote. I believe that is within my right and don't see any way I've violated the rules. If whoe
  8. Get out of this! Even if it means losing your deposit, your head of hair will be worth the cost. I have no dog in the fight but would hate to see another man suffer at the hands of this doc!
  9. I know not about concealers, but can you pull off a hat or something on your head? One month after my HT I needed to be somewhat presentable around friends, and I found a funny headband to wear to a party that concealed everything and made people laugh at the same time! Maybe a turkey themed hat?
  10. Try applying some coconut oil after you shower I have a similar hair texture and it has worked well for me.
  11. 1. FUE 2. Face down, head elevated on chair with a special opening in the headrest for breathing. 3. Awake with mild sedative and local anesthesia.
  12. Besides the fact that Dr Diep seems to barely have a command of the English language while texting with a client (professionalism much?), I can't say I'm all that surprised after reading @jimcraig152's methodical updates of his own procedure. (By the way, I have a feeling Diep is reading them, because he references "reading too much online.") I am very sorry for those who have to go through this. As someone who is about 3 months into his own HT, I know how mentally exhausting the process is... and to have it made even more so by an unethical doctor/clinic is beyond the pale. While it appe
  13. Head sizes vary. As a result, coverage area depends not only on how things look but also how they measure up. Your dr should take a ruler to your scalp and calculate the number of grafts needed to achieve 50%+ density. You can't go on photos alone. Also to note there are clinics, many in Turkey, that will quote a high number of grafts and then not implant them all.
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