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  1. mikeyhwk

    dr griffiths madrid

    Hey Jean, I don't have a dedicated thread, I value my privacy but I've shared my pictures with a few posters who have asked and if you'd like to see my evolution i'd be happy to show you a few pics, just pm me. Going into my first op the docs had me down as a 3v but I'm a diffuse loss patient so while loss wasn't hugely evident outside the 3v pattern, we know our hair and i could tell density was down thru the midscalp as well. That loss just wasn't showing thru like the 3v pattern that had emerged. I was projected to be a nw 4 without meds. My first op was hairline with Dr Bisanga, and that was 2500 grafts. My 2nd op was 900 crown and 1200 midscalp for 2100 total with Dr Lorenzo. As it is I have full coverage, in normal lighting I have the illusion of a full head of hair but the density and blending could be improved. Dr Erdogan and Lorenzo both use the coverage value system so as long as they use it the same way the numbers should help clarify what I'm saying, my real recipient coverage value for hairline is 7.2 and my crown is 6.3 so i'm trying to get that better balanced as you can see how thick the hairline is and how it tapers going back. I've got according to their numbers another almost 13k grafts in the bank... I can only hope that's right lol. I knew I'd be back in for a 3rd procedure, I had talked to Lorenzo about it prior my 2nd op about the best game plan and he said we could go for a higher graft count but he likes to go in stages in the event there is exactly what you said some smaller micro issues that arise after the 2nd that may need addressing, we felt like if there was I'd be back a third time anyway so lets do it in stages. Now he can go in and just boost density and this last op should last me a long time...I will be glad not to have to do this again for a while. Dr L thinks I'm good with another 1k grafts but I'm pushing for 2k min, preferably more...my feeling is if im going thru this process and shaving my head again lets make it worthwhile, I don't want to be thinking I could use a little more in a couple years...if his estimate is right and i've got near 13k grafts what am I saving them for lets get that density, I'm on dut and my worst case progression isn't that bad, might as well put them to work. You should be in a great position after this op, you might have some micro issues, that's just the reality with transplanted hair, it's never perfect for us hair obsessed but that you can live with a while, most likely. I hope you find the break after this one that I've been unable to find... I never thought when this all started that i'd be planning my 3rd op in as many years :eek: I will be watching your case, wish you the best result!!
  2. mikeyhwk

    dr griffiths madrid

    oops I forgot to answer the where am I getting my third op done, same place I got my 2nd op. With Dr Lorenzo in Madrid
  3. mikeyhwk

    H&W vs Dr. Diep

    I'm not sure where you got that H&W hairlines weren't aggressive, Dr Hassons hairline work is immaculate and as long as your donor can handle your current level of loss and going forward he can deliver a hairline as aggressive as any doc I've seen in the industry. I think Diep has built a reputation for hairlines as he tends to draw younger patients like HT which I believe is in part due to HT, he did absolutely fantastic work on HT that many young patients wanted similar. The legend of Dr Diep hairline whisperer was largely built in HTs first thread lol but he's backed it up with similar excellent results. Both docs do great hairline work. I have seen a couple cases of some donor issues, one stands out recently in Diep cases but I am weary to pin that on poor extraction as it seemed the patient didn't have a lot of density to begin with, lots of coarse hair but overall his extractions have looked good to me. You're picking between 2 great docs, comes down to gut feel and preference, which one are you feeling, you're unlikely to pick wrong.
  4. mikeyhwk

    dr griffiths madrid

    I hear ya, the procedure itself is not fun, it's not that it's painful for a long period just the shaving down and going thru it and then going thru the regrowth period and the will it yield well won't it, it's just a lot of hassle to keep putting yourself thru. Turkey is probably among your best bang for the buck in terms of value, you can get some good work for cheap but you can also be royally screwed, it is really the wild west out there, there is little rules and regulation and very little honor among thieves. We've seen it on this forum but it's present on others too that clinics send employees to post up rave reviews, that's why we really push for long track records and are generally untrusting of clinics with very few patient experience logs, it's so hard to know who to trust. I can't say I know anything of the 2 Turkish clinics you mentioned, again that isn't to say they're good or bad, just unknowns. I mentioned the clinics I did in Turkey because they've stood the test of time. Dr Pekkiner is the best value and that's because he himself is relatively new but he has apprenticed under 2 of the bigger names in Turkey and is entirely hands on, you know what you're getting with him. When going to tech mills, you need to know not just the doc, even tho they are rarely involved, but it is because they are rarely involved you have to know what the qualifications of the techs are. When you're dealing with the low priced options, how much do you trust the tech training, how much do you trust that the tech has experience, how much turnover do you think that clinic has paying techs so little, once they have experience do they move on? how much can you trust that you can get the same result as a guy years before you if the team involved isn't the same...I know you're wanting to save here but you're playing with fire and that makes me nervous. I don't recommend any doctor I wouldn't trust my own scalp to so I won't recommend any of these low end clinics as they're just endless questions to me. In Turkey I gave you the names I could personally trust but the choice is ultimately yours and you have to feel confident in it, if you find one of these lower priced options could be your clinic that's your call. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide!
  5. My apologies Wayne, I made a bad assumption you were talking just a normal pony tail which tends to be on the looser side, most don't tie to the tightness that is necessary for traction alopecia so my mind didn't even go there but as the others brought up correctly, it is possible if you tie it tight enough on a consistent basis. Sorry for the incorrect info.
  6. mikeyhwk

    dr griffiths madrid

    Well that is disappointing to hear about hdc as based on the work I had seen I thought for the price they were a solid choice but that they didn't do what you wanted and agreed upon and the standards not good, that is very disappointing. Unfortunately even after a couple cases sometimes goals aren't met, I've had 2 world class docs and I'm still heading in for a third procedure. I am happy now and the third is more just a luxury as I have lots of grafts available and I got hair greed but I couldn't say it's perfect now, still some minor fixes and that I think is just the reality of transplants you're always going to want a little more but what I'm getting and talking about, that's different from not getting what you asked for and was agreed upon. As for Dr Griffiths, as I said, I don't know him so I can't say good or bad but unknowns make me nervous and if you're down to your last 2k, they should make you nervous. When I hear a clinic say they prefer google/facebook ads, my initial thought is they are trying to get the budget shopper and not the quality shopper...and that is not how we should be picking docs. I know that budget has to be a consideration for many but largely you get what you pay for. Spain isn't as cheap a place to hire techs as Turkey or India so if they can compete on price with those regions you should be nervous until you can verify they do quality work. The clinic is right the forums do charge to be there but to be fair a good clinic will make that money back many times over if they do good work. Nowhere will they build up bigger word of mouth than a forum, all the top clinics are represented somewhere, they may not all be here but they'll be on the Italian, Spanish, Eurocentric forums or they'll be here and not there...if you're not on a forum and your reputation doesn't already precede you, your work usually isn't up to par and you're trying to compete on price. If you got a house in Spain there are great Spanish options but not at the price point of an hdc or below unfortunately. If you can get your price point higher than I would look into Lorenzo/Villas or Meyer/Alcaide (from Bisangas Spanish branch) if you're patient you could try to wait out Dr DeFreitas but hes a couple years out, I don't think Couto is worth even mentioning anymore. If price is a factor I would get my butt to Turkey if I were you, Erdogan, Keser, Pekkiner, you got 2k left, put them to use with some sure hands.
  7. mikeyhwk

    dr griffiths madrid

    I spend a lot of time on the spanish forums and that is a name I have not seen make the rounds much at all. Every once in a while somebody will mention it to find out info but its hard to come by patients. That is not to say he is not good or bad just an unknown. which unfortunately may as well be bad as going into op 3 your margin for error has to be low. HDC does very nice work, why are you not looking at them any longer? is it strictly price? I know you don't want to fly as well and I get the hassle there but if you're looking to save money and not go to Turkey you don't have a lot of options. The best docs in spain aren't cheap, Belgium is priced higher than hdc as well so your options bottom out quickly without Turkey or hdc
  8. Dr Lorenzos techs go thru an insanely rigorous training process. One of the pen loader techs told me she trained for 6 months just on loading the pen before she got to be a part of an op team, she said she was just loading cotton into a pen over and over for 6 months lol and they're literally just loading the pen for Dr Lorenzo...if you're doing anything that touches the patient which is just extraction with Dr L as he implants himself, the process is longer... Grace has been with Dr Lorenzo since he was in England, years, she was first a pen loader as that's the first level but she has moved on to doing extractions. After sufficient time as a pen loader and proving themsleves to Dr Lorenzo they can choose to undergo the next step and learn extracting which is again a lengthy process, not every tech makes it to extraction nor do all who train make it as an extractor on patients. He is a great dude but the ultimate perfectionist, if you're not good enough you don't get near a patient. He told me if his extraction team wasn't as good as he was at it, he wouldn't let them do it so trust they're fully qualified and trained. His teams don't have a high turnover like some other clinics so he's had largely the same team in place for a long time. Grace did half of my extractions and she is great.
  9. 1. I'm a diffuse thinner with good results. Ive gotten to know many others as I've mentioned on here that I'm a diffuse thinner and they've reached out to me and kept in touch after their ops. There are lots of successful cases of diffuse users but before we go any further you need to clarify what type of diffuse patient you are as there is a patient who is ideal as a diffuse patient and one who is not. If you are a diffuse unpatterned patient then you are diffusing from all over your scalp donor included and that unfortunately makes you not a good candidate for transplant surgery. If you are like me, and are a patterned diffuse patient then your donor isn't prone to minaturization and loss and you would be a candidate. Not to promote just my doctor but I know he has a lot of presented cases, look at dr Lorenzos youtube channel and he makes note of the diffuse patients and you can see the results. 2. We have the same factors as any other patient, there is nothing that changes our density any differently than another patients, it comes down to your own characteristics and how many grafts/cm2 your doc places. 3. As you mentioned, get on and stay on meds if your body tolerates it, we have a better than average response to fin/dut and pick the right doctor. Experience with diffuse patients is a must, ask to see work they've done with them. If they don't have it, move on, you don't want to be their test case, no matter how much you like their hairline work or crown work what have you. You want to see cases like yourself. We're not wildly different to work on but we are prone to more shock loss and transection in our recipient so if a doc isn't experienced with that you could see less than optimal results.
  10. The carriers are mainly the same and the base ingredient is minox so there should be very little difference other than percentage and other throw in ingredients. Some like to hype up that their brand has other hair loss fighting products but minox is the one that has the testing and approval behind it so if you find it's working for you, just pick another topical minox and go with it, shouldn't be any drop off in performance.
  11. Your dr is right about it being really early and that you have no choice but to wait right now. You may well have some new growth, they are just barely springing at this stage so it may be tough to even notice but that doesn't mean there aren't some there. Just be patient and give it time.
  12. While the other 2 are right about topical minox being approved and safer than the oral, I have heard from a couple members about oral minox being far more effective in terms of results. I can only speak to the topical thru personal experience and I found it useless and a nuisance. There was a doctor Dr Path in Thailand, who I'm not sure is still approved here or not, that used to recommend oral minox to his patients. Under a drs supervision you can get it approved for off label use, much in the same way dutasteride gets scripted for hair loss while technically not approved for that. I would only use it under a drs guidance tho as it can play with your blood pressure and cause headaches so it's best somebody monitor that and make sure you're using it safely if you decide to try that road.
  13. getting conflicting info lol, It sounded like you were saying you were still in a freefall as you expected so much more loss but now you're saying your loss is at a crawl now which is about all we can we can hope for if we're prone to loss. I get the frustration with the crown, it's the part that bugged me the most as well, even after my first op for hairline I was still mainly in ball caps, it wasn't til this op that I abandoned caps altogether. With our diffuse loss we can fake our way thru a hairline in the beginning, I was the same so it didn't bug me like the donut hole in the back did, but I see now that the hairline is what is what makes me look younger and makes it all work. The crown was for my confidence but the hairline is what people will notice and get you attention so don't underestimate it's importance thinking it's passable now, it won't be forever. See what your doc has to say about your options but I'm just trying to ready for you the reality that docs rarely make crowns a bigger priority than hairlines.
  14. Even more important that you do this properly from jump, and unfortunately you may not be looking at this practically if what you're saying is true about lots of future hair loss coming, we all will see progression that's the reality but if yours is really going to be bad, you have to take that into account. Your doc will need to talk to you about how far you're projecting to go on the scale, what kind of donor viability you have and what your game planning options are. If it's true that you're destined to lose a lot more hair then putting grafts into your crown now is probably not in your best interest, crowns eat up grafts. If your crown opens up further after you've transplanted you're going to be left with a halo effect with the transplanted hair in the center and hair loss around it, crown is something you do when you're stable not when you're heading towards further progression. You'll just end up with a worse problem...Conventional wisdom is work your way backwards, the hairline is the part that gets you the best bang for your buck, it's the most visible and it frames your face. If you skimp there to try to get a little boost everywhere, that only buys you some time, as that density will continue to drop and then you're going to be left with patchy parts thru out as the transplanted hairs will remain and the natives dying around them. Depending on your level of progression you may be able to account for those native but if you do progress to higher nw the odds that you'd have enough to keep density everywhere is low. I know you really like this doctor but I'd consult with a few, get your head in front of a few docs and hear what they all have to say, get a consensus and come up with a game plan. In the end choose who you like but it's good to have confirmation that docs are seeing it the same way. Getting 2.7 hairs per graft is high even if you don't do hairline...each persons donor is different, you may have an abundance of 3s and 4s or you may not, you won't know til you get your hair examined but I wouldn't bank on getting that, if you do, lucky you. My hair looks great, like I said I could use a little more density in the crown but that's me nitpicking cause I want it to be event proof, I don't wanna come out of the swimming pool and think the wet hair exposes weakness or strong lighting shows weakness...but nobody can tell I ever had hair loss when it's in normal lighting and my hair is styled. I get a lot of indirect compliments about my hair, I went out of my way to not expose my hair diffusion, I didn't have lots of recession mainly diffusion but there was uneveness in my hairline as well...but overall people didn't know that I was losing my hair, I could cover it. I own my own business and I work in an industry that allows me to be casual when I'm there so I would just toss on a ball cap...and id do that 95% of the time and the other 5% where I needed to dress up id dermatch or fiber it for a day, I hated it but I got thru rather unscathed, so nobody has come up and said your hair looks better now what did you do, but I get a lot of you look younger and they question what I'm doing differently so they notice something they're just not sure what it is. It's taken years off my face no question, I pass for at minimum 10 years younger than I am and closer to 15 younger on average and i'm in my early 40s so that's huge.