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  1. Best result I have ever seen for less than 4000 grafts, and the patient even appears to have retrograde alopecia too, thus limiting his potential donor even more.
  2. I agree, you have awesome hair. Enjoy it, this is one of this if it aint broke don't fix it situations.
  3. Would you mind sharing your pictures? If you prefer you can also PM me, maybe my opinion might be helpful.
  4. Sorry, meant to say I was wondering for myself that I may not be a candidate.
  5. Looks better but still thin obviously in the crown area, which is the main region I'd want to address, with a maybe a little strengthening in the front.
  6. He didn't say I wasn't a candidate, just that I need to be mindful of DUPA/retrograde alopecia, and with a microscopic evaluation he'll be able to better assess the donor region. I think it's because on the sides, there is retrograde alopecia which appears to look like DUPA (like the area above my ears), but also because I buzzed my hair super short, that may play a part in it looking like that. Yes finasteride and minoxidil have pretty much slowed things down to a crawl in the last 4 years, but I am still losing, just at a lower much rate.
  7. You need to do a microscopic evaluation with a hair transplant surgeon. I also having thinning in the donor area and from pictures it is hard to tell, but a surgeon will be able to evaluate your donor properly and discuss your options.
  8. Fibers work great but I was hoping to fortify the crown to make them easier to use. Same with the forelock area of the hairline and maybe slightly on the edges if possible, like above the right temple in the first picture.
  9. Hi guys, I had sent Dr. Lorenzo some pictures for a consultation and getting back my pictures, I'm wondering for myself that I may not be a candidate for surgery. He agreed to do the in-person consultation for a microscopic evaluation, but still, judging from the pictures, I'm not so optimistic. Here are my pictures, I've also been on finasteride and minoxidil for years and am 28 right now.. I buzzed my hair with a 1 and a 2 in the first pics, and the mixture of brown and blonde hair kind of creates a thinner appearance, but I'm not sure. I know I will never get full coverage an
  10. @jc636 There are some doctor's who produce great crown results with relatively few number of grafts. See the work of Dr.Konior and Dr.Maras from this forum. I also think you should fine with 1000-1500. Usually the area of thinning, when you shave your head, is revealed to be larger than anticipated. This is why the graft estimates are usually higher.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience in such great detail. I have two questions, when you were talking about "choosing" a hairline design, I was a bit confused. Wouldn't you have been satisfied to simply have the temple points/hairline you had before you started losing hair? Why did you choose to decide on some "design" that would be a bit of a roll of the dice as to how it would look with your face? It may turn out to look great I'm not making any statements as it is way to early for that, I was just curious about this.
  12. Hi Rolandas, thanks so much for updating this thread and keeping everyone informed about your progress. How long was the waiting time until the procedure with Dr. Ferreira? Also are you still on minoxidil in addition to finasteride, or did you drop it?
  13. Hopefully me soon 🙂, I sent him an inquiry and would like to schedule surgery as soon as his schedule permits!
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