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  1. Dr. Bisanga's assessment is probably correct. I think he is good, but haven't quite seem home run results where he does a lot with limited grafts. For your case, I would look at Dr. Wong or Eugenix and see what their recommendations are. Also, consider for sure if you want to go through with another procedure, and maybe try buzzing your hair. At least you have a solid hairline to frame your face now, you can maybe pull of the Zidane look, where he still has his hairline, so the shaved look can be pretty cool in such a case.
  2. This result looks fine to me. The guy was practically a slick bald Norwood 5/6 and is now out of the bald guy category, with probably 2000-3000 more grafts in the bank + body hair if he so chooses. With fine hair one cannot expect miracles. Going from slick bald to this result is life changing, and he can certainly improve the hairline a bit more if it bothers him. The fact that this was done with FUE alone gives hope to high Norwood guys that you can get out of the bald guy category without opting for FUT. One criticism that I think is valid though is that this clinic, like others, do not necessarily post the clearest pictures. Many use combovers in dimmer lighting conditions, making it look like there is more density than there really is. Why can't we get pictures with regularly combed hair, preferably straight, rather than these side-combed dim photos? And in clear direct sunlight to avoid any confusion for prospective patients? More transparency is certainly needed.
  3. This is very scary and I hope you heal well OP. The higher invasiveness of the FUT procedure certainly worries me and makes me lean towards FUE, not to consider the scar itself.
  4. I understand, I think that your hair is certainly passable particularly for your age, and you should overall be happy with your result. Could it be a little bit better in terms of yield and graft placement? In my humble opinion yes, but hindset is 20/20 and I think just as every situation in life, one should be an optimist when possible. So certainly enjoy your hair and I didn't mean to criticize the result. I am in a high Norwood situation myself and thus am concerned about yield and maximizing results, and would maybe pay a premium like with dr.wong or dr.konior to do so. But of course, is 20k usd more actually worth it for just "slightly" better results? No one really knows in this business, results are never guaranteed, even when paying the highest prices.
  5. You have great hair, why take a risk? I wouldn't do anything in your shoes.
  6. I unfortunately have nothing smart to add about finasteride, as it is a calculated gamble. I choose to take it because I would surely go to Norwood 6 without it, and fortunately I have not had any side effects. I do think that annual visits to a GP/urologist should be done while on it, just to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening.
  7. Keep us updated! Dr. Ferreira could certainly use more online cases to help patients see the quality of his work.
  8. Don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but I would have expected a better result. Thank you for sharing your experience though, but why not go to a different doctor after your first pass?
  9. A lot of them probably take finasteride or dutasteride, like Ashton Kutcher and Trump.
  10. Right, I meant to say is affiliated, sorry! Responding at 7 am and the mind is still a bit sluggish 😄
  11. Thank you for the video Dr.Lindsey! Quick question: Are you able to provide lifetime donor capacity for patients based on examining their hair quality? What I mean is: by examining a patients donor, perhaps with a microscope, could you give an estimate such as: With FUE only procures: 6000 grafts FUT + FUE: 7500 grafts Multiple FUT: 7000 grafts. Something like this?
  12. Since I saw Dr. Ferreira is* affiliated with Dr. Lorenzo's clinic, I thought that would give him an immediate credibility boost as I have been very impressed with Dr. Lorenzo's results. However, his website is truly barren and that is a bit concerning. Well, I would look at it this way. A 2500 FUE procedure with Konior would be really expensive, but at least you would have the peace of mind you went with the elite and gave your self the best chance of an good result. After the trauma your scalp has already been through, I would not go to a higher mega session than this. I think blood flow and graft survival would be risk factors for another transplant after already 3500 grafts. However, I am not a doctor, so express these concerns to one during a consultation and see what they think. Generally, I am more risk averse at the viability of mega session and prefer the more conservative approach of smaller procedures over 2 passes (with 2500 being the absolute limit). More money can always be made, but once donor is gone, it's gone.
  13. Judging from your pictures, yes your hairline was improved by the second procedure, but in my opinion Dr. Mohebi did not utilize your grafts wisely. Considering you had a larger area to cover, he should have been more judicious in adding more coverage to the midscalp area. I think Dr. Wong or Dr. Konior will also be good alternatives, but they are quite expensive. If price is not a limiting factor I would ask to consult with them and see what they think. Dr. Ferreira from what I have seen is an ethical and reliable doctor. The results from this patient, in my opinion, are quite good: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/56111-dr-bruno-ferreira-3659-grafts-28th-29th-of-january-2020/ Also, I would do a consultation with Eugenix as well, they seem to specialize in high Norwood repair cases and have produced some great results. It wouldn't hurt to inquire what their opinion is. If you have decent beard donor and maybe chest as well, Eugenix is particularly good at incorporating those into the crown, which can make a significant cosmetic difference. I would go for FUE though because I think it will be hard to get full coverage with your next transplant. I would aim to go with a buzzcut look that at least frames your face, with decent coverage on the rest of your top. Because your hairline is good I think you can pull this look off and be pretty satisfied with your results, maybe adding some light SMP between some gaps to just add a hint more illusion of coverage.
  14. I would have thought your previous two transplants of 3500 total grafts would have given you more density. Did you talk to your surgeons to find out what they think the yield was? I hesitate to say the transplants were a failure, but unfortunately that may have happened. In your situation, I would come to peace with having a semi bald head that is buzzed, and I would go the FUE route with maybe some SMP. If your hairline stays in tact then I think it will be a good look. However, maybe a surgeon like Konior or Lorenzo would be able to get a top result given your circumstances. Dr. Ferreira's opinion on your case seems reasonable to me, but 4000 grafts is quite a lot. I would maybe break that up into two sessions, one 2500 and then another 1.5k later once you see how the yield is.