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  1. Unfortunately Melvin is correct. I have tried practically every supplement, topical, natural treatment under the sun and nothing worked besides actually drugs like fin and min.
  2. The donor is not completely dht resistant, some patients need fin to protect it after transplantation.
  3. What you think and what reality is may be two different things...I would have a doctor check if it is miniaturizing just to be sure.
  4. 4,800 grafts is a lot for one pass...the post operative work doesn't look the cleanest I'll be frank. How has your growth on top been?
  5. Are you on finasteride? Your transplanted hair may be thinning.
  6. Thanks for posting this @Melvin- Moderator, it is very useful for prospective patients to see. I have posted numerous threads here trying to help educate people on this topic, and I received some pushback but that's ok, it's an uncomfortable topic because we like to idealize hair transplants as the panacea to this very psychologically challenging condition of hair loss, particularly for young and desperate guys. Recipient scalp characteristics, donor dht resistance (not complete immunity) all play a part, and vary person to person. The key point is that prospective patients need to be aware of the risks, particularly if they are young, headed to a high Norwood quickly, and reluctant to take medication (even then finasteride or dutasteride may not be enough, but the statistics show it can and usually does help significantly).
  7. Did you continue to lose hair while on finasteride? (the last 6 years from when you started at age 31?) Your donor area looks pretty good, I think you could definitely harvest an eventual 6000-7000 grafts at least (of course spread out over 2 procedures).
  8. Why are you not able to travel? The general consensus is it is strongly recommended to pick your surgeon/clinic based on quality of the results and expertise, not geographic location.
  9. If you really want regrowth you should consistently use minoxidil 5% twice a day as well. It is a pain, but it does work especially when combined with finasteride.
  10. Why did you get off of finasteride for a year? That is a long time, and much of your native hair may have fallen out from that. Did you stop and start minoxidil? Doing that can trigger a major shed.
  11. Yes, of course prevention is always ideal. But he can still strengthen his donor for a future procedure, as well as straightening what he has on top at the moment.
  12. I think you need to be on finasteride and minoxidil first and foremost, otherwise you will continue to lose hair. You also need to stabilize your donor as you are headed to what appears to be Norwood 6 or 7.
  13. @HugoX How has the redness been in your recipient area? Is it mostly faded away or still some left? That hair spray looks pretty good but I don't know if they sell it in the US..
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