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2979 Grafts FUE, Przybylski Clinic, Dense packing

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I had a hair transplant last year. Almost 3,000 grafts were transplanted into an area of about 40 cm2 which should give a density of about 70-75 grafts per cm2. The operation was performed on two consecutive days.

The procedure was performed in "Przybylski Clinic", a small clinic in Poland. The clinic is completely unknown on the international market and this forum. Unfortunately, after the surgery, I realized that there are not many well-documented cases from this clinic and its effects are not spectacular, especially compared to the leading clinics in the world.

I had large scabs and the redness in the recipient area lasted up to 5-6 months.

Currently, it is 7 months after the treatment and I am aware that the hair will thicken and a few more of them will probably grow, but already at this stage you can see that the percentage of regrowth is really low and it will not be the expected result. Of course, you can say that there is some regrowth, but I believe that the measure of success is the percentage of grafts that survived.

I would like to start planning the touch up procedure slowly, so I am asking for honest answers (I want to approach the topic as objectively as possible).

For this reason, I would like to ask a few questions:
1. What percentage of grafts do you think survived? Is it more like 15% or 35%? I can clearly notice large spaces without hair and comparing with this dense packing case
 https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/61031-very-high-density-forehead-reduction-3361-grafts/#comments, the percentage must be quite low.

2. What do you think about donor area? It may not be the worst case, as in some Turkish clinics, but it seems that the grafts were not evenly extracted and the scars overlap in some places which gives an uneven effect when looking at the whole. This can be compared to the case where the spaces between the extractions are more even https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/61736-dr-bruno-pinto-2025-grafts-nov-18th/. Are there clinics that will be able to selectively pick up grafts to even out the entire space?

3. The clinic where I performed the operation offers free touch up, which of course is tempting financially, but I understand that this is not a good idea and should I go to leading clinics for a touch up?




Recipient area:



Donor area:






 Week 2 :




Week 2.5:



2.5 month:



3.5 month:





7 month:






Donor area:




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No, it's just a matter of a different light. I started using topical minoxidil from 5 months after the surgery due to the fact that the skin was irritated for a long time. Moreover, I am not the only case from this clinic who has had red skin for a long time.

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Hey my dude, here's my quick thoughts.

1. I wouldn't go back to the clinic. I'd start researching on here to find another.

2. This part is a little confusing but aesthetically it doesn't look like 3000 grafts, it looks almost more like 2000-2500. This could be explained by poor yield but honestly I think you grew most of what was implanted - the sparseness on the sides is visible even before scab removal. You may have been oversold.

The good news is that you're just looking for a density-improvement, which is totally feasible. I'd say the most important thing is good donor management and finding a Dr who is comfortable working between other transplanted hairs and achieving a low transection rate. Our situations are actually fairly similar in that I had a mediocre first HT, and am now filling it in with a second. I was super bummed out at first but honestly there are people with much worse situations.

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I have created a topic on the Polish forum with the name of the clinic, so if anyone makes research about the clinic then the topic will be found. However, as you wish, I have also updated the first post here.

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Well, title says dense packing because implanting 70-75 grafts/cm2 is rather considered as dense packing and another thing is the effect. That's why I wanted to ask what percentage of grafts survived in opinion of forum community and how does donor area looks.

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16 hours ago, Euphoria said:

3k is a lot of grafts. What a waste.

You should mention the clinic name so others can find your post and know to stay away.

Your donor is also B word 

My god, you’re posts are atrocious. Goodbye for good. 

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Thanks to  @rob7331  who said that it looks more like 2000-2500 grafts I've started to wonder if it might be the case.

I talked with the doctor who performed the procedure and he said that 2979 (and that's what I paid for) grafts were extracted, but to create a natural looking hairline on first day of the procedure, around 100-150 double grafts were divided into single grafts. So as far I understood there should be around 3100 implanted grafts after the procedure.

I tried to calculate those grafts as meticulous as I could but it is not easy since before the procedure my native hair were in the recipient area:





I counted 2593 grafts which seems to be significantly less than around 3100. However, besides of native hair in the recipient area, it is even harder to assess because some transplanted grafts could just fell with scabs.

Here is the link to PDF file with better quality pictures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YLwzVt2FEqD2hz9zQXC1MUiqyeT9PNAK/view?usp=sharing

What do you think about that?

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Hope it wasn't Saifi bro... 

Well I looked at your case. 

I totally understand your frustration and I am sorry to hear about your experience. 

Yeah it's possible that they lied to you and put around 2500 instead of 3100 as they initially sold you. Sadly little scams are  not uncommon in the hair transplant industry. 

The problem is that it's really hard to tell whether your suboptimal result is due to either 

A. Poor survival 

B. or poor planning and placement (not enough dense) 

I suggest you buzz your head with a 3mm guard and proceed to counting again. That will give us a better idea of the survival rate. If we rule out the survival, then poor placement could be the problem. 

Also your donor area wasn't harvested homogenously in a proper way. They clearly made a very poor job. 

I would try to negotiate a refund but don't go back to the same clinic. If they botched you the first time then chances are they'll botch you a second time so better not risk it. Your grafts are limited. 

Otherwise look into another better surgeon for a small touch-up. Pinto and Freitas are the best for hairline repairs. 

The positive news is that you really don't have much hairloss. A 2nd pass is all you need for a very good head of hair. 

And of course you absolutely need to be on oral medication like finasteride/dutasteride. The last thing you want is your baldness  to start attacking and depleting the midscalp and crown. 

Good luck, stay strong and all the best.

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Thanks @Botch me baby. It wasn't Saifi, it was doctor Przybylski (as it is stated in the title). Well, the problem of poor survival is for sure here, I can clearly notice large spaces without hair and it wasn't the case after procedure. I think that blood vessels could have been damaged during the procedure and combined with large scabbing, it could have disrupted the blood supply, it seems like the job wasn't so "clean" as it could be (comparing to other clinics):


However poor survival and bad donor management is one thing, another thing is how many grafts were used.

What do you think about that? And is it common to divide double grafts into single grafts?

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