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  1. damn bro , like everyone is saying , donor looks iffy...but i hope you recover from finas sides....4 years and still issues? that is truly scary why is nobody commenting about that ? so scary.
  2. lol what haha falls better ? and yeah bro wish i didn't have to buzz it so i can maybe cover up a bit once i start to shed but this uneven look is so wacky hahaha a buzz cut all around would be great but then it will be wacky again once the shedding starts and the recession shows up again...thats why its such a do i buzz it or not you know what i mean...but yeah go ahead and buzz if , 3 weeks should be fine. its 2 weeks for me today.
  3. i think you should be good, i am only 1 day ahead of you, tomorrow will be 2 weeks and at day 16 i am pretty sure i am going to buzz the top. feel free to check out the thread i made on the other section for procedures by patients.
  4. yeah thanks bro....it literally looks like i just randomly shaved random parts of my head and never finished hahaha that is why I am thinking buzzing it all....thoughts?
  5. DAY 13 update .....feeling good, each day that passes its getting better and easier to sleep and less bothersome in the donor area...i have gotten dandruff which i am not sure if its related to the procedure and the disturbance of it all to the biology of hair ? anyway I picked up a bottle of nizoral.....I am debating weather or not to buzz the top so it can even out and match the recipient and then just trim and adjust as the process goes on...or should I leave the top intact and see if I can cover up during the ugly duckling phase ? what do guys say? TY
  6. Any one here that has never been on anything (specifically minox) start to use it after FUE (within the 1st 2-4 weeks) apply only directly to the newly transplanted area for 3-6 months then stop ? anyone here do that ? bueller bueller ? TY
  7. op i also chose a no shave fue and its been tough lol i will be buzzing it asap . i am 12 days post and looks and feels healed for a careful buzzcut
  8. nice bro just saw some parts of it, dr. look very nice and friendly...any reason why you are holding off til december/jan and not asap like in the next few days/weeks ?
  9. BUMP.....i also have this question...i left my hair long on top and i should have just buzzed it all around.....i think i am going to buzz the top carefully at day 14-15 so it can even out....is that ok ?
  10. got it....nothing before right? are you still on minox foam and or finas ?
  11. nice...were you or are you on any meds post transplant ?
  12. just read an article allegedly saying dead sea salt works wonders....
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