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  1. Looks great so far. Thanks for posting! You're helping others like myself.
  2. Hey Guy73, I read your thread! Your results are amazing. Unfortunately I don't think I have it in me to do a third procedure ha ha, unless it was drastically necessary. I'm hoping for my second to give me most of what I'm looking for - my goals are pretty mild. Your journey is insanely impressive though. Your thread also put Nader on my list! I'll be sending out tons of consultation requests at 12 months.
  3. I know this doesn't directly relate but after recommendations from users on here I've started looking into Eugenix - goodness gracious their results are amazing! I think that's exactly what I need - tight dense packing for my thinner blonde hair. Going to get in touch with them asap and see if after 12 months they can help me. I wish they had more results for Caucasians though. Can't find much out there.
  4. Any update OP? Also a Canadian here in Toronto and looking at Cinik for my second surgery. Your work looks amazing so far!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry about your experience Sean - sounds like a rough go. My hair loss has almost completely slowed or stopped (I'm 27, been on Fin for 4 years) and the donor is in good shape. Although I'll let the Doctor decide that when I go to a clinic. Here's some more pics. In a perfect world my second transplant would be my last, and I'd get the following goals done; - Increase density in frontal third (1st surgery area) - Lower hairline slightly (0.5cm or less) - Put whatever is left in the crown It'll be a decent size job, I estimate about 3000 grafts. I'm looking at H&W, Rahal and Cinik to name a few. Still got a few months to wait but I like planning and getting peoples' opinions on this forum. As far as transecting previous work Dr. Rahal's rep said this is something they do on a normal basis and no problem at all. If anyone else has input on the hairline let me know!
  6. Slightly off topic - can I get people's opinions on the hairline? A colleague of mine who had a hair transplant mentioned to me it might be worthwhile to ask Rahal (or whoever ends up doing the work) to lower the hairline slightly while they're working on that area. Personally I agree and think it's a little high. Any thoughts? When I say slightly I'm thinking 0.5cm or less.
  7. Thank you guys so much, it really helps hearing your feedback. I got in touch with the clinic and we're gonna stay in contact while I reach my 12 months. If I had to ask them for a touch up I'm not even sure how I would word that. Do I request it free of charge? They've made it clear they take their reputation seriously but I'm not sure how to professionally approach that. I sent Dr. Rahal's team a message for down the road planning. We'll see what happens.
  8. Thanks for your reply. That makes me feel better that it's possible to fix. I agree wholeheartedly - 2200 was not enough for the area. The clinic was confident it would be enough, which saddens me because it wasn't. In the end it's my mistake for putting my trust in them. We'll see what the coming months bring.
  9. Hi there. New member, excited to be here. I post on Hair Loss Talk from time to time. I'm approaching 5 months after a ~2200 FUE to my frontal third from a lesser known clinic in the Toronto area. I made the plunge after meeting a colleague in person who went to the same clinic and seeing his results. I'm disheartened to say the density so far is lacking. I had suspicions from day 1 as the grafts seemed a little spaced apart compared to other results. Now that I'm halfway through I think it's pretty much confirmed my transplant won't be that great. I'll likely be looking at a second procedure after 12 months, maybe with Dr. Rahal. People on other forums have mentioned a "top up" is possible, where they fill in a transplant and make it more dense. Can somebody describe to me how exactly that works? Wouldn't incisions run the risk of damaging nearby transplanted grafts? Thanks in advance. The pics are today at almost 5 months, at 4 months, and pre and post-op.