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  1. Another pitch here for Demirsoy. Lots of fantastic results of his on this forum (and others) - many satisfied folks. He was high up on my list personally and is very affordable while still being matched with significant quality. A rare thing in the HT world. I'm less familiar with Bicer, but I trust Melvin and the other posters above to make a good recommendation. Best thing to do is search for individual results online and see if you think that doctor's approach would work well for you! Demirsoy's recommendation for your surgery is pretty on par - that's what I'd recommend anyway. Re-establish your hairline (this will make you very happy, trust me) and then a year or so later return for the crown, if you so choose.
  2. Work looks fantastic! If you're not on finasteride I highly recommend it, especially seeing where your hair loss was headed before. Can't wait to see your results as they grow. If you don't mind me asking, what ethnicity are you?
  3. Wow, just fantastic. I'd be thrilled if I were you. Looking at the before pics is especially shocking.
  4. That is a mega-sized surgery, wow. Everything looks beautifully done - wishing you all the best!
  5. You may have gotten mixed up John, I wasn't responding to you.
  6. I'm usually in agreement with other posters on this board, but for once I disagree. Op is 28 - you have a pretty good sense of where your hairline is headed at that age, especially if you've stabilized on finasteride for 2 years. If OP is unhappy with the current situation and believes they have "maxed out" per say on non-surgical options, then a conservative hairline restoration from a reputable surgeon is absolutely a feasible choice. It's reasonable to want to spend your late 20s and 30s with a full head of hair. The recession in the hairline is clear in what is otherwise an immaculate head of hair. Get some more opinions OP.
  7. Good call with HLC here. They do incredibly dense hairlines and I think are gonna hit this out of the park.
  8. I know you're asking rishi, but I would say a few things as someone who's had a HT and been researching transplants for a few years: 1. While those types of review sites can have some insight, what is most valuable is patient-experience threads backdated with a years worth of pictures, testimony and information, like the kind you find on this forum. Everything else is just noise as far as I'm concerned. 2. Every clinic has bad results from time to time. No exceptions. 3. In cases of subpar results, the clinic's response is hugely important. Taking Eugenix as an example, @Looking for HT's experience made me feel quite comfortable choosing them in this category.
  9. Agreed with the other posters - for that area 3500 is nuts, even 3000 seems like way too much. If you're interested in another affordable but still very professional option, Dr. Demirsoy in Turkey comes to mind. There's lots of results on this forum of his you can search for. He was my #1 choice before eventually settling on Eugenix in India, but I would've felt perfectly comfortable with him.
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