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  1. Super exciting for you! Our hair loss patterns are similar so I'll definitely be following this. Keep posting!
  2. Hey man, I was in a very familiar-looking situation as you about 8 months ago. On recommendation from a friend I went with a local doctor who tried to cover a large area of my head (similar to yours) with 2200 grafts. I have fine hair and that was not near enough for the size of the area they thought they could cover. The funny thing is the doctor originally suggested 1800 would do it, which is laughable. I've since learned a lot more about the topic and have a much better clinic etched out for my second procedure, which I'm SO excited for. The good news is you don't have to worry much - like others have mentioned it's better to have more donor then for them to have used too much. Seriously, donor = flexibility. Which is great. Enjoy the growth, stay positive and keep on the fin. We're always here for you.
  3. Work looks clean, great job to you for going through with it! Excited to see the growth. It looks the grafts aren't packed as "tight" as I'm used to seeing but after watching the videos it might have everything to do with hair quality and texture. Nice job doing the research!
  4. Work looks great, super excited for you. Can't wait to see how this turns out, especially with the use of beard and chest hair! Nice job.
  5. Our hair quality, colour and waviness is almost identical haha. Really curious how this turns out.
  6. Hi Foobar - sorry your post got off topic. I reckon it's an important discussion however, and one that's long overdue on this forum. On the topic of your query keep researching and asking questions, there is a goldmine of info available here once you really dig into that "search" tab. To add to your searches I'd recommend Eugenix, who have been posting result after result to this forum for a good while. Their price point is higher than Cinik but not staggeringly so considering the quality they consistently give out. And consistency is worth it's weight in gold. Kruchie - I just want to say I really appreciated reading your dialogue with Portugal25. I think it's important to recognize that everyone on this forum (with the exception of the odd troll) truly means well. By that I mean everybody wants everyone else to have the best hair transplant possible. It's one of the things I love most about HRN and why I migrated from another forum - the support network here is really on point. At the end of the day we're all going through the same thing and want the best for everyone. On your discussion, there's a clear suspicion of Turkey from some of the regulars here. It needs to be said that a fair piece of that reputation is earned. But a piece of it isn't, and there are plenty of real patient results to back it up. This is a hot take and I'm probably going to get some flak for it, but I genuinely believe some people feel upset when they see others getting professional and aesthetically-pleasing transplants at a third of the cost they paid, and try to justify their annoyance by making sweeping, generalized statements about entire regions, often riddled with anecdotal evidence. I find these kinds of statements wholly unhelpful to the conversation, and the forum as a whole. At the end of the day, the thing I trust most is consistent quality results posted by actual, real patients. I don't care if techs or doctors do the surgery, I don't care if it's manual or motor punch, I don't care if it's in Istanbul or Chicago. I care about a good final result with healthy donor management. So, to bring us back to the beginning of this topic, the question Foobar needs to ask is "Does Cinik have enough consistent quality results to make me feel comfortable choosing him?". Everything else, as you said, is conjecture.
  7. I think this is gonna turn out really nice. Super excited for you!
  8. Thanks for your tips and words guys. I'm actually not bummed - I'm a generally chipper guy haha. I've been balding since I was 16 so any hair at all is incredibly exciting to me. Asterix - Not a bad idea! It's totally not scientific but when I look back at pre-op and compare it to now the yield actually looks good. Unfortunately the clinic I went to is not that professional (hindsight is 20/20) so in regards to your idea I am almost 100% confident they don't offer that service and would probably just try to sell me on a second surgery. Honestly in terms of where I'm at I want to avoid them entirely. I appreciate your input on the hairline too. That's something I'm still mulling over, along with the idea of getting temples done (you can see the outline of them). Dr. Arika of Eugenix supported the idea of lowering it very slightly (a couple mm) and was confident she could thicken up the density of my entire head at the same time. Eugenix has also done some fantastic temple work recently which is really fascinating to me. Aaron/Guy - Agree with both of you 100%. I'm lucky that Dr. Rahal is around the corner, in addition to the slew of amazing international doctors I've learned about from this site. As lame as it sounds I'm really excited to start having consultations 😂. Thanks for the words!
  9. 7 months, quick update. Not a huge change, mostly just hairs maturing and getting longer. Still lacking in density due to low number of grafts inserted in frontal third. It doesn't bother me though because I know it's only temporary. This thread started as a question but kinda became a patient review, sorry about that admins. After this update I'll probably hold off for a while then start a new thread for op 2. Stay tuned.
  10. Work looks really good, your donor doesn't look half bad either! I'm super excited to see you in 6 months. Great work finally pulling the trigger too, I know it's a lot of pressure and buildup. We are here for you. Hair systems are fascinating to me - it's not the kind of thing that I'd use personally for apparently some people stand by them.
  11. Hey jnx! I don't chime in my opinions too much on this forum as there's a lot of experts, but I can speak to this topic a little bit. I'm about your age and had a similar experience with Minox. In addition to the "fragile nature" of the gains I did make, the skin on my face took on some weird water retention issues (increased dark circles under eyes, generally look aged, etc). Also like you said the daily routine of it was just annoying as it left your hair relatively oily for the majority of the day and didn't feel great on my scalp. The point of doing these things for our hair is that we want to enjoy having hair - not being afraid to run your hands through it. My understanding of Minoxidil as a treatment is you apply it for life, and rigidly. In the end the minor gains I achieved after more than a year of consistent use just wasn't worth it. I stopped and sold the rest of my supply, a month or so later I felt the health of my face immediately improve. There have been some amazing results of people who use Minox. What works for me is staying on Fin, eating healthy, taking Biotin and using Nizoral shampoo, with the occasional dermaroll. It's fairly low effort and easy to keep consistent, and best of all I don't feel any negative effects on my body.
  12. Agreed. I'm strongly considering Eugenix and they have lots of great results on this forum, so there's really no need to lie or sound ambiguous to prop them up. Please post some results Mr. Naresh.
  13. Wow Zoomster I'm in shock. Just considering how much they covered is astounding - you look like a new man when you put the pre-op and current photos next to each other. Absolute kudos to you and the surgeons who worked on you. I'm very close to deciding a final clinic for my second HT and Eugenix keeps popping up as the likely candidate. I'm especially amazed at how they recreated the "swirl" in your crown. Most clinics I see just seem to fill it out with no distinct pattern. One thing I'm concerned about is I might have to get my temples done, and that's often a hard spot to look natural and not pluggy, even by great doctors. I'll talk to Dr. Arika about this and see if she thinks it's obtainable in a natural way. Great work!!!