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  1. Watching your thread closely! The post-op looks incredibly clean. So clean in fact I've now added Dr. Pekiner to my list! Keep us updated.
  2. Looks like you're on track! That's a lot of grafts but your donor looks remarkably good actually. Sit tight and keep doing what you're doing!
  3. Sorry about your situation. Like others have mentioned, you should absolutely take a step back and reconsider before you go for that second op. Your donor is looking sparse. As it stands if I passed you on the street I wouldn't notice, but if you go for a second op with the same doc and he extracts the same spots again I'd be concerned for your final outcome. If you're not on Fin, it may be a better option to hop on it and get into a light routine with dermarolling + minoxidil. Give that a go for at least 6 months. If you're not seeing the improvements you want, seek out a HT expert who s
  4. Had gyno since I was a teenager! I'm almost 30 now. They weren't related even a little bit for me.
  5. Anecdotally, I've been on Fin for 5 years and had gyno removal surgery last year. No problems at all just make sure your surgeon "gets it all" - if they leave any it will still be apparent you have gyno.
  6. Goodness gracious that is a clean looking surgery. Looks very dense too. Pekiner is on the higher side for price right? I'm compiling a short list for my second HT once Covid slows down (god willing) and his work looks fantastic. Good luck OP!
  7. Looks fantastic so far - watching this thread very closely! I'm also a blondie (more strawberry than your straight blonde) and Demirsoy is high on my list. Can't wait to see the result.
  8. This was a great video! Really informative on a variety of topics. Thanks.
  9. Absolutely stellar. You should be over the moon and it's early. Awesome work!
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