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Is this DUPA?

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Hey guys,

So for the past two years I’ve been considering a transplant for my temple area and a little in the crown. I’m 32 and first noticed my hair loss about three years ago. I’ve been doing tons of research and although I otherwise have a great head of hair there are some things I would like to bring back. Obviously though in my research I learned early on some people are better candidates than others. DUPA sufferers having it the worst. I got a hair cut recently and it’s shorter in the back than I’ve ever really had it, a #1. When checking out the cut I noticed a patch in the back that I’ve never seen before. Let me know if you think this might be DUPA or my barber just getting to close in one spot. Some of these pictures are really harsh lighting at an unflattering angles. So I’m hoping it’s just because the hair is short and I’m catching photos at just the right angle to see the scalp.










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Looks like retrograde alopecia to me.

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You don't look like a hair loss sufferer to me.

Maybe the barbers clipped too short in that area, or you just have an area of thinner density there - I grew up with a guy in school who had a random bald spot in a very similar area ever since we were kids. He's still a very dense NW1 now in our mid 30's. 


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I agree with the others that you have great hair overall. If the spot towards the back bothers you, the easiest thing to do is just keep your hair a bit longer in the back to cover it. If you never noticed it before then it could be just a random shed that will grow back. I had this on my arm before where all the hair in a one inch area completely fell out, but it all grew back in within a few months.


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I appreciate everyone’s response. And I certainly recognize that my hair loss isn’t terrible. I’m not posting here acting like my life is all doom and gloom, many other guys have it much worse than I do and I am grateful for what I have. That being said I’m a bit ocd so feeling the difference in density on the top of my head is what bothers me the most. I also feel like I’m on borrowed time because a lot of men in my family had it worse than I do. For those mentioning treatment, I’ve been on finnasteride for almost four years and minoxidil for two consistently. I do believe it’s definitely slowed down my lost but I have not noticed any improvement or regrowth. The reason why I’ve considered a transplant is because I still have a lot of hair. Anything beyond a nw3/4 I think it would be better to not pull the trigger ona surgery. Assuming something like 1000-1500grafts would take good hair to great hair is more in line of why I am considering it.  So potentially seeing an issue with my donor area is admittedly disappointing.


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You would be wasting those grafts in that area. Worse still you will be forever chasing an island of grafts with more grafts ad infinitum. It would be like catching a tiger and holding it by the tail my friend. Stay with medical therapy. Be it topical, etc. You do not want to end up like me. So learn from my mistakes because they are free and can be avoided. All the best.

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The thinning in your crown can potentially greatly benefit from medicinal therapy, especially low dose finasteride.


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