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  1. I think taking grafts from one side depends on a few factors, namely the session size and the quality of the donor. For example, if you need 1000-1500 from an outstanding donor area, taking it from one side leaves no noticeable change in density. The advantages from a surgical perspective are that you don't have to keep moving the patient around, and also numb down a smaller area of scalp. I'm no doctor but clearly this saves time and reduces risks to a certain extent. Say someone had a slighly below average donor and you wanted to get 2500 grafts. Cleary it would be better to spread things out than create an abnormally thin side sompared to the others. I guess you can apply the same idea to FUT. If you just need 500 grafts, you wouldnt go and make a 30cm scar. You just do 10cm on one side, minimising risks of stretching, bleeding etc.
  2. I had some that stalled for a few months then started regrowing without shedding. All you can do is wait.
  3. Dr Konior in person evaluation of the problem is your best bet. He will know if it is worthwhile to try another FUT or go straight to FUE.
  4. 6 months is too early to start trashing the doctor. From my own experience the hair is still wiry and slightly unnatural looking at this stage and needs time to 'mature'. The outdoor photo doesn't look too bad so far. Indoor, under lights, is always going to look the worst.
  5. I would suggest seeing one of the Farjo doctors in person. Costs about £95 the last time I looked but is worth it for the expertise. I'm not sure but with finasteride it may be possible to get enough FUE on top to help frame the face and maintain a similar buzzed look.
  6. There's a place called The Chiswick Hair Clinic which, unsurprisingly is based in Chiswick. Might be worth a look. No idea if they are any good but they seem to do free doctor consultations. Farjo you can meet with an advisor at their Harley St office and might get 5 minutes with a Doctor if one is available, otherwise they appear to charge £95 according to the website.
  7. Dense looking donor area Stable on fin for a good number of years Still got a lot of hair left Like to keep things short on the sides On that basis I don't think you need an FUT scar at this stage. Yeah, Gabel very capable as well.
  8. Donor looks decent. I would prescribe ~2000 FUE with Konior for your case. Probably cost about $30G and 15 months wait time though.
  9. You can use a hairdryer, just don't go super high heat. If you just want to run some clippers and have a buzz cut it should be fine now. Looks virtually healed.
  10. On track. You can see the fuzz where it's starting to come in.
  11. Donor shows some signs of weakness around the ears but looks more solid at the back. i think you will end up a NW6 without medications but currently showing obvious NW5 pattern as a minimum. Your hair seems to be of wavy texture which is beneficial. 2000 grafts to the frontal 3rd is advisable, following the outline of the current 'hairline'. You have a risk of permanent shock loss of existing hairs throughout the top, so be mentally prepared for that eventuallity Finasteride would be advisable if not already on it.
  12. A fringe is actually the most optimal because the hair lays flat and forward. Think Antonio Conte. Slicked back works if you have a dense enough hairline, and can help to cover weaker areas behind.
  13. I think Dr B in India A very shoddy doctor to be honest, but it was more to do with his and his representatives behaviour towards disgrutled patients. The other one I beilieve was Dr E in Turkey. He is well known but now seems to be operating on too many patients at the same time. A few bad results posted here by patients.
  14. You could buy the Invesco CurrencyShares Euro Trust ETF with the $7000 and hold until you are ready pay. Whether after share dealing fees it is worth it you have to work out.
  15. https://shapiromedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/article_hairline-design.pdf
  16. Your's is an easy case and I'd suggest 1000-1500 grafts, FUE. Laser is just not worth it on an effort versus reward basis. I don't see how it could work unless the user kept a buzz cut, otherwise the hair just blocks the laser.
  17. One for @Gatsby to help on. Would suggest Drs Konior, Cooley, Gabel, Lindsey, Shapiro, Hasson & Wong as suitable options for advise.
  18. I normally book Premium Economy seats transatlantic. For the return (overnight) flight (USA to UK) I would ask at checkin for the "upgrade price" and often take it. It has varied from about $700 to $1100. Much cheaper than booking it in the first place.
  19. Definately below average donor to start with. FUT is the best choice for you if you can get another one.
  20. "Dr Joe T"... Didn't know he was performing surgeries now... You haven't posted any donor pictures so unable to comment on the post op situation. I don't like the way they designed the incisions in rows, especially the front hairline. It will probably look too straight. It seems to have healed well and there are grounds to be optimistic. Looks ok for 3 months and should start to see fine hairs poke through in the next 2 months.
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