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  1. Do you regret getting FUT? No, not at all. How's the scar? Typically 1 to 1.5mm of bare scalp. Maybe better on the left than right. How was the recovery? Hard but worth it. Do you feel good about the results? Yes. How is your laxity? (before and after) It was assisted by 2 months of scalp exercises prior. It felt a bit tight afterwards for up to a year but felt normal after that. I could probably get another 2000 grafts or more with scalp exercises.
  2. Ah welcome back. I remember your results/posts from years ago. Well, it was intended to be no shave but he kind of had to trim it back so much I'm going to get the front buzzed down quite short. Will see what my barber can do tomorrow. It looks ridiculous at the moment! Liza did the donor shave leaving some hair above and below the scar. It's looking better by the day and should be concealed more or less in another week. Best of luck with yours. I think I would recommend just allowing them to shave it all!
  3. 350 is probably ok provided the hair is not coarse. Lets say the hairline is 15cm long. To implant 47 grafts /cm in the first 0.5cm deep you need 15 x 0.5 x 47 = 353 singles.
  4. The last FUE I had I was back doing weights after 14 days. I just went in about 30% lighter than normal for first week. FUT I would double it and then be really careful with activities that flexed the neck a lot.
  5. Thanks mate. The 1.78 was quite low as he had to rebuild both the entire hairline and temple points. I think some larger grafts were split down to select only the finest hairs. Also, because I have coarse hair, I suspect he used more singles than he normally does for the hairline. From memory the temple points were about 300 singles. With the FUE it's just more efficient since he can pick and choose what's needed and since most of the FUE work was away from the hairline he took more multi hair units. No idea what my average natural grouping is. Probably '2.2' hairs/fu.
  6. $30k+ here and it doesn't bother me one bit that some people have had passable results for 1/10th of the price. More often than not I can see flaws in their results and while they get excellent growth there is usually some sort of issue: hairline shape, position, too thick grafts, depleted donor, etc. I would never have been satisfied with it even if they are. Fortunately where I live I do not need a car, although I do own a cr4ppy one...well, not that bad but lets just say worth $4000 at most. I'd probably be in a bigger apartment or a house by now had I not taken this path but then I didn't really need the extra space, and with it comes more taxes, mortgage interest and bills. So everything kind of evens itself out in the end.
  7. As long as you're washing your hair daily, e.g. cup of soapy water over transplanted area, it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. I was advised to, as the build up of puss could theoretical place pressure on the underlying follicle. Just do it after a shower and apply some ointment afterwards.
  9. I think it should be good. The number of hairs was over 7100 (see graft breakdown above) which is about what I had in my first HT over a similar surface area.
  10. Quite possibly, though even if they are not damaged, the temporary loss of blood supply may cause them to die off if they were already weak and affected by DHT. Strong hair should come back hopefully. Stick and place is a good way of minimising damage compared to slits, but since you are completely blind you never know if there's a dormant follicle beneath the surface.
  11. I think once hair has miniaturised for a long time I can't see it ever coming back, even with a new treatment. The new treatment would probably only save existing hairs.
  12. Looks good and will be a big change to your appearance. And yes, us pastey white guys don't look good with shaved heads!
  13. Breakdown 1s – 10 2s – 275 3s – 378 4s – 100 Total 763 (2,094 hairs) [Grand Total 7,676 + 3,152 + 2,094 = 12,922 hairs (6220 grafts)] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So hopefully this is the third and final one for the next 15+ years! Apparently I have, or had, a double whorl and the plan was to follow the remnants of what was remaining. We started around 08:00am, and had the extractions done by 11:45. Again, the doc was using the WAW punch. Interestingly he told me he has had great success using this with AA hair too. We stopped for a few 10 minute breaks but no particular lunch break (which was fine by me) as the doc had another patient that afternoon. I think we were substantially complete by 3pm. It didn’t seem like I fell asleep at all but the whole thing seemed to go quite quick. I barely needed any Ibuprofen the following week, in fact I could have easily not taken any. I used a travel pillow and a bunch of pillows to sleep at a 45 degree angle the first 4 nights, then travel pillow + pillow the next 2 for good measure. It wasn’t too bad. The photo attached is 3 days post op, and today 8 days post op it looks more or less the same. Like a buzz cut with little to no crusting. Healed really well and the same goes for the donor. According to one of the techs, Dr K is generally doing Monday to Wednesdays, 3 or 4 procedures a week. Occasionally it may be 2 in one day if they are small. Dr Nadimi worked Thursday and Friday while I was there, doing an FUT and an FUE. Dr K is booked out over a year and Dr N until about April. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Travel Some useful info for anyone flying in internationally to Terminal 5 O'Hare. Non residents no longer need to fill out a customs declaration form (handed out mid flight usually) as this has been replaced by computer terminals in Chicago O’Hare. A bit of a queue but I got through passport control in about 15 minutes. If you want an Uber, go to exit 5B (lower level) and cross the Taxi area to the general pick up and drop off zone. Request an Uber pick up from there. To get to the car rentals place, use exits 5C or 5D where there are generic free buses arriving and departing all the time. Car rentals are now all located in one big building about 5 minutes drive from the airport. I took a car rental myself as it was a free deal with my airline ticket, but I reckon an Uber would cost $30-40 to get to Oakbrook Terrace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hotel Comfort Suites again, for convenience and costs. As I had booked direct I suspect they gave me a better room than normal. Bathroom could have done with some updating but overall it was fine. Breakfast was basic but I kind of liked what was on offer. They have upped their game with the TV channels and even have English Premier League football games live. It was easy to get an Uber in less than 4 minutes, even at 6:15am. Journey to the CH Institute is $5-6. Likewise, a return journey was easy to request within minutes. With Pete’s Fresh Market 5 minutes away you can easily get food in off the hot counter to keep in the fridge for the first few days. There’s also an Aldi within a short walk, Starbucks, Walgreens etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. Fin and Min both have the possibility of shocking out hairs. This would happen in the first 3 months and then between 6-12 months you should hopefully see improvement. A good result is to slow down the rate of loss. Just stick with the Fin for now and give it more time. You crown is very similar to mine, though I just had a HT on it. 763 grafts (2000 hairs).
  15. AA have not been a renowned clinic for years, 10 years + in fact, and are know for the occasional botch job. I work with someone who paid $3000 in Turkey in December 2018, 5000 grafts. One year on he looks no different to what he did (NW6 with a few hairs on top). the result looks like 1000 grafts at best with a hairline too low and stalky. He only went to this place as another guy in our office went there and got an OK outcome. So in a sample of 2 Turkish surgeries I have seen live there was a 50% failure rate.
  16. I would recommend NOT going to Turkey. There is a difference between implanting into a wide donor scar versus an area that was peppered with incisions. You need a considered approach where a modest density is attempted first, to see how well the growth pans out. If that works out well you can boost the density another time. In Turkey you run the risk of the doc just pushing maximum grafts and profit.
  17. lol. Goodness me, I wasn't aware of that but had assumed he at least visited these places for a day to observe what goes on.
  18. I was thinking something similar the other day. What if you can take some kind of compound over a 3 month period which deposits a harmless substance into hair follicles (radio isotope type thing, or something), and then a robot can scan your donor to detect the alignment of every follicle beneath the surface. A bit like when they inject a dye for CT scans. The robot then knows exactly how to alter its direction to extract the grafts. Artas still seems quite crude to me.
  19. Just like in any other trade they are different people. I would certainly promote meeting in person a few doctors rather than just booking blindly. It's a question of trust. Sure, it is an expense but if you can afford $10,000+ then surely a few months extra wait and $1000 spent on visits is worthwhile for peace of mind. I remember some guy on here did a tour of Belgium and met 3/4 doctors over a couple of days.
  20. You may be right. On the guidance sheet it doesn't specify oral or topical, at least it didn't in my brand. Despite using one spray of Flonase a day it built up in my system significantly and I ended up with some not very nice side effects! Took a good few weeks for them to fade away too. I'm only using saline nasal sprays from now on.