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  1. Who was the doctor? Seems like only half the grafts survived and were placed in the crown. Placed too far apart to make a difference. I guess we'll only find out in a years time.
  2. Can we see photos of graft placement? 2.7k grafts seems way too much for just the hairline. Seems like those grafts placed in his frontal 3rd look like maybe 1.3k grafts. How was the transectionrate 50%?
  3. Dr. Konior, I was researching about HT to the donor strip scar and in certain cases, the grafts placed in the scar don't grow sometimes. Which cases is this research referring to?
  4. Question: I'm a young individual debating my hair transplant down the road. Do you have any photos of your hair before or around the day that you started finastiride in 1999? and then right before your first hair transplant so I can gauge where my hair loss might end up in 10-15 years? So I can plan accordingly?
  5. Could you possibly show the scar? I'm still debating between FUE and FUT and the biggest cons of either (respectively) are transaction rate and then the FUT linear scar.
  6. Why did the surgeon take hair all the way up toward the temples?? Could have have any negative effects on the patient in the future? Great Result though. He looks completely different.
  7. that is why FUE> FUT. Atleast after FUE, if you want to shave your head you could have SMP to cover the small dots in the donor area. There would still be scars with FUE (Obviously) but way less noticeable than FUT.
  8. 10/10 result. Photos of graft placement? Hair line looks extremely dense
  9. Doctor, Is there any reason why you split the donor area into two regions? Great natural result. How much (in cm or inches) was the hairline lowered?
  10. it has been common knowlege that curly hair patients have worse FUE results. Can we see after photos? This isn't a result. More of a progress photo set. I would recommend not posting any threads without actual RESULTS unless there are after photos of 6 months or longer than the procedure.
  11. That looks like a great after photo but I'm really hoping the graft number that was posted is wrong. May we see photos of the graft placement? Seems like 2700 is way too much for where the hair grafts should have been placed. I have seen way less grafts used for the hairline in Hasson and Wong results and Konior results seen here: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/188613-dr-hasson-1310-grafts-fue-18-months-post-op.html http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187881-dr-wong-1267-grafts-fue-hairline-temples-months-post-op.html http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/181721-raymond-konior-md-%96-chicago-hair-institute-%96-1600-graft-frontal-hairline-restoration.html I am not a representative of Konior or Hasson and Wong. I am just looking wondering about the hair grafts and the number of grafts
  12. What a result. 10/10. I've been on finastiride for 2 years now and stopped my hairloss. Once I get a few more years under my belt I'm definitely going to visit Dr. Konior. World class Surgeon.
  13. HOLYCOW!!! Hasson and Wong coming out with home runs almost every week. Dude went from a 50 year old dad to a bad ass actor. Maybe from a movie like the hateful eight. 10/10 result. Any photos of the scar? Seems like he wears his hair shorts on the sides and back.