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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Great results? Do you have photos of the donor area before and after the surgery? and then after his 1 year mark?
  2. I don't understand why Dr Wesley doesn't ever post photos of graft placement? This before and after just looks like he grew out his hair. Can we see photos of graft placement?
  3. This. I just skimmed this entire thread and holy crap. OP, no offense but you are too shallow and suffer from body dysphoria. Rather than going for more surgeries you should go seek medical help and maybe invest in a therapist. Whats the point of all this? Getting a female? There a millions of great girls that will over look your hair loss. You have a great attractive face and instead of spending the majority of your 20's and early 30's having fun, traveling, etc. You are saving more money for more surgeries that will never ever be enough. Just stop this. Everyone has insecurities and flaws. There has to be something in your life that makes you more happy than trying to look more attractive. And if there isn't, I feel sorry for you. You're happiness from seeking approval from others will just just make you regret everything that you've done up to this point.
  4. Great result. Spidey why haven't you tried finastiride?
  5. That is worrisome. 1700 grafts at that small of an area? Seems like the doctor has a high transection rate. That's too many grafts for such a small area.
  6. What's worse is that Dr. Wesley still has yet to post or answer any questions. No idea why he just feels like he can post on the forum and ignore all comments in this thread. pathetic.
  7. Again another thread of Dr. Wesley's that shows no photos of graft placement. Although this looks like a big improvement, 2.3k drafts for this HT seems like an overkill of grafts where Dr. Wesley might have a high transection rate of grafts or a low survival rate. We would much appreciate it if you posted photos of graft placement.
  8. What a result. Can someone aware me what a flap is? they cut out a section of hair from the back side (similar to FUT) except they place the entire piece as a hairline?
  9. If it's true why would I get banned? This is a free speech forum. I am not slandering or talking about any surgeon negatively without any factual basis.
  10. Wesley has been without a doubt one of the best surgeons with providing lack of photos of graft placement and just showing before and after photos. Doesn't even follow up with questions on this forum from various posters. Be aware.
  11. 2255 grafts for this patient? It barely looks like the total graft count exceeded between 1000-1300 grafts. Can we see the placement of the grafts right after surgery?