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  1. I would hypothesise its a combination of; -Thicker, healthier donor hair grafts in close contrast to weaker, thinner native hairs -angles and directions of planted grafts - I imagine even the very best surgeons don't emulate the natural angles 100%, which may result in this appearance - difference in inplanted density vs. potential lesser density of native hair I have a similar situation with my own hairline HT (however it doesn't concern me) - I put it down to the fact that the implanted grafts are healthy and strong, planted in a systematic design - compared to my miniaturising mid
  2. What side effects did you experience, if you don't mind me asking? Putting up with whatever they were for almost 20 years makes me assume that hair loss was more of a concern for you, than what was being affected. And in answer to your final question - Correct. They are two different mechanisms - DHT miniaturises the scalp hair follicles that are genetically susceptible to androgenic alopecia - otherwise 'healthy' hair follicles are like any other organ in the body - due to cell and tissue changes as we age, they slowly lose function - so your remaining hair will naturally weaken over tim
  3. Your eyebrows are denser than most of our frontal zones! You have a great head of hair, with a slightly matured, yet still NW1 hairline. Enjoy life, hair loss is not your concern.
  4. I would recommend in person consultations from now on, it is the only accurate way to be assessed, and it will ultimately save you time and energy wondering or worrying about whether you are a candidate or not. I understand, easier said than done at the moment with restrictions in place. Theoretically topical finasteride doesn't produce side effects, however theres a question over whether it does indeed go systemic or not. One theory it may not cause side effects, is that it is just an ineffective form of administration, and patients receive little to any side effects from it - wanted or u
  5. Sorry to hear that man . . The international travel bans are certainly inconveniencing the world in so many ways. It’s frustrating, but keep head strong and don’t cave for a closer option solely based on the fact that surgery will be attainable. Seems ridiculous to think back to it now, but around about this time last year there was a thread on here titled ‘will Coronavirus affect the hair transplant industry’ lmao.
  6. It’s likely to be an initial shed of the miniaturised hairs.
  7. He seems a bit whacky, but he hangs around in the right circles of other highly regarded doctors, and I believe that he claims to have been the original pioneer of FUE . . Whether or not that’s the case, I don’t know. Last I saw or heard of him, he had a started up a clinic in Athens with a recommended surgeon on here, but then left, (for unknown reasons) , and is now at the fore front of injectable treatments such as exosomes etc. There’s probably a lot worse clinics you could go to, but personally I would select a surgeon who is solely currently focused on HT’s, and is ca
  8. Interesting backstory. Great beard Aswell by the way. 2x FUT’s seem pretty reasonable . . I would be interested to see whether an initial FUT, then a second and then a 3rd FUE would sit you in a better position. I’m pretty confident you’d get full coverage if you throw your beard into the equation later down the line. You have such a large area to cover it is vital you get as high a graft survival rate as possible, which is why choosing an elite surgeon is more important than ever - it simply mitigates the likelihood of things going wrong. If you want to stay in N
  9. I guess Mark Wright can also be classed as a footballer now,
  10. Didn’t realise about Berbatov . . I’ve not seen him in years . . I wonder if he went to Dr Zarev in his home country! Here are my top 3 footballer transformations. Silva’s looks like he was in the FUE expert hot seat . . Drinkwater’s turned back the clock by about 10 years, and Townsend’s some of the best Afro work I’ve ever seen.
  11. Looks great, really big difference with a relatively small number of grafts for the area that was covered. We need to look into getting in touch with Dr A here I think @Melvin-Moderator . . . his patient posted threads have been very good over this last year, far better than most other work I see coming from the UK.
  12. Looking good, right hand side is pretty much at full maturation already.
  13. Is this scientifically legit though , because forgive me for saying it sounds pretty bro sciencey . . I’m not denying it’s true, I’m just wondering.
  14. How do you evenly spread it around? Is it literally just like an oil you'd pipette 2ml onto your scalp, and then mix around as though you were lathering a shampoo?
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