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  1. Absolutely fantastic transformation - for anyone who has not seen OP’s 2017 Pre surgery picture, I strongly suggest to scroll back to page 2 of the thread. Dr A has crept up quietly on my radar this year after hearing a bit of noise surrounding his name, and I’ve seen a few very impressive patient posted results now - this being one of them. Big congrats OP, enjoy the mane !
  2. Its night and day from where you have came from, and looking at your donor, a successful second of pass of 1500-2000 grafts will turn this from 10/10 to 11/10. Go for it!
  3. Unfortunately, at current there's no proven advancements in terms of any of these treatments, otherwise everyone would be jumping on board. Although I believe there to be serious potential with for the future using this science, at the moment it is best if you save your money and spend it on a frontal hair restoration with a world class surgeon, and continue with your prp and finasteride. Exosomes aren't currently available in the UK - there only seems to be a handful of US clinics that currently provide this treatment, from what I understand.
  4. Looking forward to your thread. How long did it take you to get booked in?
  5. Yea I meant in regards to your native hair. At a shorter guard it looked like you had a clear emerging pattern, but at the longer length it looks solid. Anyway, can't wait to see you all grown in over the next few months - I will bet good money that this result is going to leave us all drooling with envy!
  6. I'd interpret that to mean he does the extractions, however I would have this absolutely confirmed by the clinic before booking any procedure. This is one of, if not the most important part of the procedure.
  7. Off topic Bill - do you write your posts with some form of dictation setting? I've noticed this before in previous posts of yours, where incorrect words have been used out of context, however could potentially sound similar if being interpreted by a device - in this case it is 'laughed' instead of 'left'. Anyway - OP there is no room for any transplanted hair to go at the moment. And even if a surgeon was able to squeeze some grafts in somewhere, you would likely end up with no net gain within a few years down the line, as your miniaturising follicles may shed permanently from the trauma o
  8. Looking good so far - when this grows in, you will be in for a treat. Its crazy the difference your hair appears in density between Day 30 and 2 months - albeit slightly different lighting conditions.
  9. I’m sorry but this is simply not true. False and incorrect messages should not be spread with regards to this - albeit rare case scenarios. If androgen receptors are permanently shut off, regardless of the quantity of synthetic testosterone introduced to the body, there is no capacity for this to have any stimulus in terms of ‘kick starting’ the endocrine system back to its old self, as the body is unable to make use of this introduction of T, due to receptors not picking it up.
  10. Nice video. Your hair in the photo of you wearing the white knitted jumper makes it hard to believe you ever had an issue with hair loss, let alone were a NW6. Pats transformation is equally impressive, given the era he underwent surgery. Who were his main surgeons ?
  11. But your logic in this case is subjective to the individual. For example; If a person weights their cognitive function as being a, if not the, fundamental component that contributes towards their quality of life, and their hair loss is merely a bugbear, Then medication which is potentially able to address the bugbear, however comes with a recognised side effect profile that suggests cognitive function may be adversely affected, their logic would be to prioritise what they deem to be a more valuable attribute to their day to day life, and avoid something that may pose a risk to
  12. I really admire your HT journey and the clear passion you have for achieving the ‘perfect head of hair’, whether that exists or not! I can relate to your romance associated with the HT journeys Aswell, I have such fond memories when I look back at the first year post my HT, and can only compare the months 4-8 post surgery as being a child the night before Xmas, because slowly but surely your hair improves week by week, and the new lease of life it gives you is highly addictive, and something you want to hold on to and never let go. I’m inspired already by this thread never
  13. Disagree. Fear mongering has no relevance in this instance, OP states ‘Dr. Feriduni recommended that I take fin, but I decided against it for personal reasons. The possible side effects are too extreme for me.’ This suggests to me that OP has in fact already done his research, and he has came across the fact that there is a possibility of a variety of unwanted side effects, as is clearly stated by the manufacturer and prescribing doctors. He has therefore concluded that ‘the possibility’ of these side effects are too extreme for his preference - percentages of users who experie
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