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  1. Amazing mate - one of the best NW6 transformations of the year so far on here. Still plenty of time for more improvement aswell!
  2. Yet you are still adamant that Couto is such a good choice, despite not seeing any patient testimonials?
  3. Visually you can create the illusion of having; at best (with favourable lighting and thick calibre hair) - full density on average - A non hairloss sufferer It will never feel or be full density, because it is 40-70% less than your native density.
  4. Why do you recommend OP ‘definitely continues’ finasteride when he has expressed increasing concern over ill sides he’s experiencing ?
  5. Looks great! One of the first HT vlogs I followed was a Nader patient on youtube, blonde american guy called Tom I think - your hair style in your 9 1/2 month reminds me of him, he wore his hair long also and it looked amazing.
  6. Very interested to follow this, Dr McGrath seems to be one of the leading advocates for this, so the more information you can provide, the better! Keep us updated about what you decide to do with your finasteride treatment - from what I have read and watched, the pioneering surgeons behind exosomes seem to allude to the treatment being an option to be used instead of medical therapy, which should bode well, should you dc because of the sides. Wish you well
  7. Wonder where he went for his procedure, it still looks good 5 years on! I'm pretty sure his team mate Ben Stokes is another cricketer to have undergone secret work,
  8. You've still got a few months of growing time left, but I'd predict you'l likely need a second pass to meet your standards of satisfaction; not necessarily because this transplant failed, but because 1100 grafts with your hair calibre isn't a sufficient amount to have filled the size of area that you required.
  9. Which clinic are you going to for your exosome treatment? And is there a follow up treatment plan in place, or just a one off treatment? There will be a lot of people on here eager to follow this, so please keep everyone updated - although analysis of results would be more accurate if you weren't undergoing any other treatments or medical therapies simultaneously. RE. finasteride - I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with side effects. It's ultimately a personal choice as to whether the retention of your hair is worth putting up with sides, however you owe it to yourself to make informed decisions based upon medical advice - your eye rolling doctor sounds irresponsible to say the least, and I'd suggest changing practitioners, and speak with someone who cares about your welfare.
  10. Thankyou for the photos Matt - I think its fair to say you've came an incredibly long way, and have hair alot of guys in their 20's would envy!
  11. Looking amazing matt, both for 6 months and 763 grafts! Really happy for you, and shows promise for the future direction of HT artistry, utilising such few grafts! Do you have an idea of how many grafts you have left for the future (if needed)? What is your current medication routine, if any? Do you have any pictures of what you looked like before your first surgery in 2013 (I checked your thread, however could only see post op pics)?
  12. Thankyou for your reply and picture. I actually think your beard donor looks amazing, and wouldn’t think anything from looking at it. If you continue to grow your beard out I’d be interested in seeing what the Density looks like after 5-7 days growth, as this tends to be the length I like to keep it - if that isn’t your style, don’t worry about it though , I will look out for another thread down the line. Do you have any ambition on having your donor re-assessed by another surgeon to see how many more potential grafts you have to play with? I’d be inclined to say there are more than you first thought!
  13. Hi @Portugal25 You are looking absolutely fantastic for 6 months, its hard to believe considering where you started from, because you had quite a large surface area to cover! IMO looking at your 4 months pics, when your donor was grown out, I imagine there would be other FUE surgeons able to deplete that further more, and you should be in good stead to proceed for a further pass if ever you felt the need in the future. You're a big advocate of Dr Ferreira - why did you not choose to have your surgery with him? Could you also post a picture of your beard grown out, I'd be interested to see what under the chin looks like grown out after having grafts taken from it. Thankyou, and I wish you continued success with your brilliant results!
  14. I would offset his extra cost with what he is able to do with a lower amount of grafts compared to other clinics. Not only will that contribute to possibly evening things out in terms of the overall price on a $/graft price plan - but your donor grafts are invaluable, therefore should equally be viewed as an expense. Eg. 3000 grafts with clinic A = $30,000 2000 grafts with Dr Konior = $30,000 Same price, same illusion of density, however an extra 1000 grafts in the bank.
  15. Surgery looks clean and well planned, I’m sure you will have fantastic results with a HGI of 2.4, combined with Hattingen being the European masters of FUT. Please keep us updated.