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  1. I’ve never came across any evidence to suggest minoxidil affects libido, aside from perhaps 2-3 patients on forums asking the same question out of the 1000’s of threads I have read over the last 8 years. Theoretically, it could potentially even enhance sexual performance, as it is a vasodilator after all. If you are on finasteride as well as Minox - it is more likely to be the former that is the culprit, if the libido loss is associated with your medical regime.
  2. Totally agree. Despite all ‘evidence’ and ‘research’ pointing towards low occurrences of this happening, for any male aged between 18-55 . . I wager that they are up there amongst some of the most undesirable side effects imaginable to potentially have to risk.
  3. DiMuzio is an idiot - he’s a classic case of proclaiming his way or the high way to make himself comfortable and justify his decisions (3x FUT’s - 1 horrible looking scar). FUE is only acceptable on patients who don’t have hairloss in their families? Lmao . . You might as well say wearing a winter jacket is only acceptable if you don’t go outside into the cold. If you require a hair transplant, the likelihood that another male in your family tree has suffered hairloss is 99.9999999999999%. There are candidates that present to be more suited for one or the other, s
  4. I’ve just read your posts on his thread, and equally would like to find out the answers to the questions you raised.
  5. The patient is only 33 - don’t be fooled by the white hair. The extraction pattern doesn’t go too high on the lateral humps IMO on this particular case, however I have seen this clinic (rightly or wrongly) extract pretty high outside of ‘traditional’ extraction patterns in quite a few of their cases. Lovely result none the less. Congrats.
  6. OP You’l have to post better photos for a more accurate assessment, and with longer hair length too if possible. Based from what I can see - your crown looks to be dipping into NW6 territory, hopefully your sides will stay high. Your beard also looks like it will be a viable donor source, which bodes well for maximising the amount of grafts you will have available to use.
  7. So if you usually wanted to sleep with her/him 10x a week, after taking medication this was reduced to just 7x a week for instance? The 30% drop in libido just stood out to me as quite an odd place to use a metric value lol - if you had said blood work showed it reduced your DHT by 30% etc this would make more sense, but to place percentage values on your libido I thought was impressive.
  8. I agree with Melvin, you're in good shape for 32. How did you calculate your libido dropping by 30%? I've never known of anyone able to put a figure on their libido before.
  9. Seems you still have quite a few miniaturised hairs up top, so with your comprehensive routine, I’m sure You’l be fortunate enough to see some improvement down the line . . Keep us posted! I’m sure your ‘pelazo’ will ‘come to you’ soon 😉
  10. This is an excellent result - even more so impressive that it’s at 6 months and a very modest amount of grafts were used considering the size of the area to cover. Congrats
  11. In your first pre op shaved donor photo, it does appear there are already sparse areas in your donor region - I can’t see any FUE scars, however had you already had a procedure prior to this ? If not, did the Dr mention anything about your donor, IE it being low on density or showing signs of miniaturisation ?
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