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  1. You’re not worth arguing with because you can’t articulate the contradictions in what you have said in your previous posts to what you say in your replies.
  2. Amazing result and fits with the OP’s narrative of what he’s hoping for. Great to see it can be done. Congrats
  3. Very natural and artistic design. Well done to all involved 👌
  4. Yes but I’m the random forum member telling him to go and see a specialist about it. You’re the random forum member telling him to go and jump on it. And you don’t need to see a doctor, you can buy it online at the click of the button, or in the UK you can go to a pharmacy answer a few questions with the pharmacist and walk out of the shop with a 6 month supply. Poor lifestyle and diet can contribute to detrimental health effects, sure . . But they don’t actively seek to block an enzyme involved in hormone conversion. Look I’m glad for you that you have had a positive experience taking the medication, I wish everyone did - who wouldn’t want to take a small pill each day for it to halt their hairloss and potentially regrow some it back, it’s a no brainer. However it’s unfortunately not as simple as that, and undoubtedly comes with the potential of some pretty severe health risks - most of which, I would argue, the majority of hair loss sufferers wouldn’t deem a beneficial trade off for their hair. For that reason I encourage EVERYONE to research, educate, and consult with specialists in this field before making the correct and informed decision. Call me blind, but I fail to see how anyone could have an issue with that stance.
  5. @makehairgreatagain another one - both Konior patients. @DEB1982 2 procedures and a larger amounts of grafts used, however stellar result. @Portugal25 is a good recent example of a very blank canvas who’s gained good coverage predominantly from BHT.
  6. Although I believe your intentions are good, random forum members like you casually advising other random forum members to start taking a drug designed to block the conversion process in creating one of the bodys most androgenic male hormones is absurd. You have no idea of OP’s past or current condition, as neither potentially, could he. The advice should always be - Hey, there are medical options available - however you MUST consult with a urologist/endocrinologist/hrt specialist beforehand, regarding the use of this drug. I’ve recently been fortunate enough to visit a senior urological consultant, after years of what I thought was pretty solid due diligence and research on my behalf, in which I had reasoned with myself a compromise I was prepared to try - only to have had my eyes Re-opened a lot more than what I was expecting.
  7. I am not sure on the exact science behind it - logic would suggest they could impede growth by clogging pours/restricting blood and oxygen flow. You have to remember that these newly implanted grafts are young and precious in their infancy, they’ve just moved home and are starting their growth cycle all over again, the last thing they need is to have a load of sticky chemicals poured on top of them whilst they are trying to peak out and become like their former selves! A lot of clinics and reps on here advise against it , so hopefully one of them will see this and be able to advise you with more integrity than my offer of reasoning 😀
  8. It's a very subjective question on a number of criteria. Regarding shock loss, No. of grafts extracted/implanted, Size of recipient zone Size of donor extraction zone Volume of hair in or around recipient zone, Quality of native hair (miniaturising or not) Patient physiology Surgeon skill level Arguably type of HT (FUT v FUE) the list goes on. Regarding 'Back to baseline' - thats largely dependant on the patients natural speed of hair growth. There is evidence that certain vitamins, PRP, LLT and minoxidil can help speed up growth and 'bring in results earlier' - however there are a few threads on here that I have seen where patients haven't shed, or shed very little without the use of any of these, and then patients who have been using the aforementioned products, who have grown at a more average rate. Have a look around cases that are similar to yours to get a rough idea - however IMO shock loss is very rare amongst quality surgeons, although it can happen. I would advise to just go with the flow during the ugly duckling phase and just accept that it is part of the process - trying to make good of a bad situation with things like toppik etc will likely impede growth and results, which is kind of defeating the purpose of under going surgery in the first instance.
  9. First time Dr Dieps Donor Extraction pattern has been bought to my attention after reading through this thread - disregarding the topics of punch size and graft count, is there any reason as to why he has extracted from outside the classic 'safe zone' from all of the patients presented in this thread?
  10. Correct. But for other NW6 observers who don't see the transformation on this thread as a good result, hair transplantation is absolutely not for them. This is an example of a very good result - and still, IMO, with the potential to improve up to 12-18 months, and furthermore so, with a second pass down the line if OP desires, to add to density with an extra 1000-2000 donor scalp grafts.
  11. I once again refer you to what you previously wrote, in which my response was aimed at. I am not discrediting @gillenator as such, as there is no question he has been around the industry for a lengthy amount of time, and adds valuable input to the forum on a regular basis. However: 1) Your summarising point was in essence advising the community for it to be important to seek second opinions from non medically trained strangers on a forum, via photos, to that of an in person consultation with a HRN recommended surgeon, 2) The points that @gillenator made, in reference to your NW7 progression (in his opinion based from the photos), and thinning lateral humps and sideburns (again his opinion based from the photos), if true, should have and would have, been picked up during the consultation by any skilled, reputable and ethical surgeon - three attributes the HRN prides all of its recommended surgeons on being, 3) This therefore insinuates you are dubious of the credibility of the surgeon, in which should you have a dispute for whatever reason with any of the HRN recommended doctors, this should be raised as a separate issue altogether, and be bought up with the community and @Melvin-Moderator , alongside the provision of evidence as to why in the form of a case study, 4) My advice to you would remain the same even had it been one of the medically trained professionals on the boards commenting on this thread as, simply put, you cannot compare an in person examination to that of viewing some photos online, (something that @gillenator himself highlighted). An ethical, skilled, and reputable surgeon would not have recommended you had a further 3500 available donor grafts for surgery, unless you did have an available 3500 donor grafts for surgery.
  12. From my understanding, the 6-8 hour half life of finasteride refers to its presence in the blood, and doesn't consider its enzyme inhibiting affects remain 'at work' for upto 30 days. With this in mind, if 5ar enzymes weren't continually produced on a day to day, you could theoretically take 1mg every 30 days - however the frequency is required to 'mop up' the new 5ar enzymes that. I think it would largely boil down to trial and error to establish the dose required, and the frequency of that dose needed on a case by case basis - I'm just trying to learn workout whether frequency > dosage, or vice versa. Have you been able to notice a difference in your native hair quality between the different protocols you've tried and tested over the years - and what were the deciding factors that has led you to opt for 1.25mg MWF - as opposed to 0.5mg MWF, for instance. Thanks
  13. Looks brilliant Matt - you have perfect head of hair, theres no question. Re. your finasteride dosage - have you always microdosed at 1.25mg MWF, or is this the result of some trial and error? I've recently watched a customised dosage video, alongside some other smaller dosing threads, and I'm trying to get a general feeling of whether the efficacy vs elimination of sides is worth it or not. Thanks
  14. Is it not considered to be a contraindication to take finasteride if you’ve had a substantial amount of beard grafts transplanted to scalp? Thanks