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  1. Without spoon feeding you - you have to take on board what has already been said, you need to research, and luckily for you, you have found this forum which is an excellent starting point. Look at doctors who have patient posted results with cases similar to your own - similar hair calibre and similar pattern of loss. Learn what can be achieved - and make a list of docs you like. Contact each of the docs, as you did with BHR, explain your whole situation - and ideally go and visit them in person for a consultation and assessment. Depending on your donor's strength, family history, beard and chest hair as a source, and levels of miniaturisation will determine an estimate of how many grafts you have available. This number, combined with your hair calibre type, will allow yourself and the doctors to determine what can be achieved, if you were to become fully bald in the NW5 pattern you present. So for example - if you have 8000 total grafts available; The measurement of the surface area of your NW5 pattern will be taken - the density that can be achieved will be presented to you, and examples of similar transplanted densities with your hair type will be shown to you, to give you an idea of what can be expected.
  2. Ok yes, these pics certainly show a transplant has been carried out here!
  3. I would have thought if there is any such minimal elevation in your levels of DHT from creatinine, the finasteride will be enough to keep on top of it. MPMD did a video with some steroid users who also stacked finasteride, and they were fine hair wise - obviously we don’t know if they are genetically predisposed to hair loss, I think he himself is a pretty big steroid user however and IS a hairloss sufferer, and his finasteride usage seems to be keeping him above the water at the moment.
  4. His hair quality looks to have improved if the second picture is taken after the first . . However the hairline shape doesn’t look too indicative of a transplant IMO … however the strengthening of his forelock suggests some work at play I suppose. Could be a good responder to meds
  5. Advanced level of balding for age Unclear donor strength - would be useful to see pics of it grown out longer Beard looks like a potential source Good skin colour:hair colour contrast Patient needs to provide more information, RE: goals and expectations, budget, family history, age at onset of hair loss, Patient needs to research hair restoration as a whole, learn about the subject extensively, and then short list clinics and surgeons who he likes - and arrange in person consultations.
  6. Hair looks amazing mate, if I were to walk past you in the street, you'd fall into the category of guy's I look at and envy, perceiving them have never worried a day about hair loss in their lives. Good for you.
  7. John, sorry mate but I've got to say it, because I can't see past it every time you write a post; You're = You are Your = Yours Don't worry, I know you're a southerner 😉
  8. I'd love to know what Becks has done to his hair. His hairline I am almost adamant has been transplanted.
  9. I've not been on the forum much recently, but I unfortunately also seem to remember having seen quite a few Arshad cases showing some early causes for concern. The wait until 12-18 month rule of thumb, although technically is correct, is also a bit of a get out of jail card for clinics to use, to shelve patients' concerns until further down the line. In my experience, at 6 months, more times than not, you are able to tell whether a result is going to be a winner or not. There are obviously exceptions to this statement, and I have also seen quite dramatic improvements from 6-10 months occur . . however, like I say, more often than not, I think 6 months is a reasonable timeframe to predict how something is going. I fear this Dr may have been rushed onto the recommended list too prematurely.
  10. You're going to have to do a lot more research, stop panicking and trying to rush things through, learn what is capable with your situation, have a look at yourself in the mirror, and workout if you can accept being happy with what is capable to be achieved with your situation, and then you will be in a much stronger position to make a decision. You're young, but not so young. Your loss in a NW5 pattern is evident, however there are worse off people at your age. FWIW I think BHR have given you sound advice. However, I also think, there will be ethical surgeons who would be prepared to strengthen your frontal hairline conservatively, to give you a confidence boost and improve your appearance - as long as you are aware of the commitments down the line you have to make, the limitations that you will face, and they are happy that you are clued up enough to know that you will be happy with what is achievable. You need to research and learn about hair restoration a lot more. I, and many others don't take medication, however we understand the implications of this, and are prepared to face the consequences, albeit mitigating it as best as we can, with carefully planned surgeries, at top class clinics. You also need to go for in person consultations. Good Luck
  11. I think it's to do with the shape of the back half of the head, due to the curved nature of our skulls in this region, the cm2 of the surface area is actually a lot greater than what it appears to be. Regardless, all positive that modern day hair transplantation is utilising grafts much more effectively, and efficiently. I always try to make the point that, people often get too hung up with finding 'the cure' . . however, sometimes improving and perfecting what we already have, is going to be just as good, if not better for some. Look at how far we have come from transplants that were being carried out 10 years ago - they are only going to get better and better.
  12. Need your age to help answer your question more accurately. In a nutshell however, patients who aren’t looking to progress beyond a NW6, who have realistic expectations, and at least 5000 available grafts from their scalp donor, and 1500-3000 from beard and chest donor . . are more or less ok to pursue multiple hair transplants without medication over the course of their lifetime, under good surgeons hands.
  13. Wasn't in the Euro's, but it appears Karius has had work on his hairline
  14. Interesting one - because I do believe it important to be able to scrutinise a surgeon before selecting him, and the best evidence we have of doing this is by looking at member posted results, that haven't turned out to be as knock out the park as ones that are showcased or tend to receive the most limelight. I always judge a surgeon based upon what his worst results look like . . . and my reason for doing so, is because with the right patient, anyone can hit a home run - I've seen some amazing results from the hair mill clinics that receive so much scrutiny, so it goes to show . . a handful of good results, doesn't provide enough validation. Anyway . . no idea whether this poster was genuine or not, I don't really care tbh, and haven't looked at the threads he has posted, but from his posts on this thread, nothing in particular stood out as trying to cause shade. Ironically - it's a shame this poster has only turned up to the forum now, as there was a member blocked on here recently who was complaining about this surgeon giving him too dense a hairline 😂
  15. Looking great Matt - how has your crown grown in now from your last procedure? Any future plans or touch ups, and how many grafts left in the bank?
  16. Yes I would do, and yes I did. People take loans out for cars, holidays, household improvements, etc. . . give me more hair over any of those things please, that is what I prioritise. A loan is a loan regardless of what it is used for. Regardless of society potentially deeming it more normal to use a loan to buy a new car, you are still paying back the same monthly repayments if you were to use it for a HT instead. Self Improvement > Possessions
  17. Anecdotally, I have read quite a few posts over the years from forum users who have speculated their hair loss has got worse as a result of using concealers. I have no research to base my assumption on other than these posts that I have read, however I do personally feel consistent use of concealers on thinning areas has the potential to worsen your overall hair quality and health.
  18. Tbf, after reading your backdrop in your initial post, I was expecting your pre op photos to be a lot worse. It read like a horror story! You just on DUT and no FINA?
  19. The clinic have stated that the patient started on 1mg daily finasteride post surgery - which by the looks of things, has contributed overwhelmingly to the final result by thickening up the areas of thinning that weren't surgically treated. Finasteride can have this affect in some patients. Other factors that you should consider are; Length of hair is longer in the post op pics, which contributes to the illusion of density via the layering effect. Lighting is different, which also contributes to the illusion of further density. We don't know whether the patient has used any sort of fibres or concealer in his midscalp or crown section in the post op pics - this could be a possibility.
  20. You actually present with quite an interesting and unusual loss pattern - your temples seem to have maintained somewhat, however your frontal forelock and mid scalp area show the signs of the most extensive loss. May be more of a ludwig scale loss pattern. Again - all the more reason to book in for in person consults with top surgeons, and have an expert fully examine you. All the best
  21. I think for 24, it would be accurate to label you as one the more aggressive hair loss sufferers, unfortunately . . however we have all seen a lot worse, so don't lose heart. Great that you are on medication, and hopefully it will continue to go well for you. I would stick it out, and potentially consider upping the dosage if you feel ok on it, and see how you get on for a further 6 months. Your native hair looks to be quite nice characteristic wise - which bodes well for future surgeries. You need to assess your family history, what your goals are, and arrange some in person consults with some fantastic surgeons that you are able to travel. Having only skim read your posts, I think you may have mentioned you want to stay in the US? I am not as familiar with US docs as I am European docs, however I have seen some very nice diffuse loss cases performed by Dr Konior, and I believe his stick and place method is perfect for this type of surgery. Keep doing your research here and on other forums/youtube etc. . and don't get sucked into making any rash decisions. You are still young and have a lot of years left ahead of you . . so try to think as long term as possible. Good luck!
  22. I would expect more at this stage , particularly with your hairline. Having zoomed in on your hairline progress , I think it is likely you’ll need a second pass to add to the density, not a huge cause for concern . . Sometimes these things happen. Crown development does tend to come on more so in the latter months. Thankyou for sharing your update, and please don’t be discouraged by my feedback, I just think it is important to be transparent on these boards. As I say - not a huge concern, I’d also be keen to request feedback from your dr and for him to post a reply on here.
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