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My hairtransplant with dr bisanga

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Hi everybody.

He is my story.

I am 35 years - never taken medicin for hairloss.

I Think i am norvood 3/4 a.

My Crown is uneffected.

I have been seaching for the rigtig surgeon for a long time.

I finally picked bisanga and had my first ever HT today.

My goal was to have a conservative hairline and a god dense.

Bisanga told me that i have thin/medium hair. Good colour to skin. About 75-80-75 in donor, with High sides so about 8000 grafts in the bank. He only took from one side and form the back so i still have on side Virgin scalp👍🏻

Today i Got:

3251 grafts, with an average of 2,12

- 506

- 1821

- 924

density about 60 in the first Lines - Then 50 and Then 45 grafts pr cm2.


The Day took about 10 hours and whent perfect.

Bisanga draw the hairline, and donor zone for me. Then he punched alle the grafts and som techs took Them out and but Them in number. Afterwards bisanga maked alle the recipient sites, and the the techs made the placing.

Here are som pictures Before pictures and Then from today.

Feel free to ask or comment.











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Now i need to stay positive.

And i Got alot of grafts so if affects that stream with blood alot Then i just need to fill it up with som grafts.

but when the blood is gone do you Then Think i Can se how many there is lost?

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Lets say i have only scratch 3-4 grafts off Then the final result should not be in danger.

But Will my scrach effekt the other grafts growth and Will til blod effect the good grafts under the blood.

anybody knows?

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Firstly, congratulations on the surgery and sorry to see you have scratched some grafts out. Be careful with this and go and buy some washing up gloves that are nice, new and clean and put them on at night as they will cover your nails and give some extra protection but essentially it is best to keep away from the recipient area as much as possible. Don't beat yourself up as this happens and you are not the first nor the last person to do this.  Try to be extra careful for the first few days and head scratching is so commonly done without even realising it. 


You have probably lost 5 to 10 grafts but not a big deal in the scheme of things and the blood on the skin will not effect the rest. 

If you can please make sure to be in contact with your advisor who had had surgery and many years experience, so he can answer you and detail on any concerns you have during this time and of course has all of the correspondence and details on your case also.


All the best and hope you heal well and thanks for posting. 


PS Some prefer to wear mitts but I find washing up gloves easier to buy from any shop and as they are rubber then they are easy to clean, dry and re-use! 

I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Thanks i have talked to Them now and whent to the clinic.

They Can not be sure but it only looks like there are 3 grafts Fallen of which are in the blood stream in the top - and the stream have just gone Down the head.

So when the blod is gone in a week or so i Can se.

hopfully it is just 3 bur as you say if it is 10 it Will not be much in the Big picture of 3251 graft😀👍🏻

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The work looks immaculate, what we’ve come to expect from Dr. Bisanga.

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Check out my final hair transplant journey

My Final Hair Transplant Journey (Over 9K Total FUE Grafts) 

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2 hours ago, Melvin-Moderator said:

The work looks immaculate, what we’ve come to expect from Dr. Bisanga.

Yes looks very clean

hopes for a good result👍🏻
and not to many graft where damage in my schratch

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Here is my 6 days post up.

I have not had any pain - but from Day 2-4 is was very swollen up - but that is all gone by now.

It looks like the redness in the recpient area is minimal.

I 7A79A0FE-3AF9-4D6F-B091-2B119A06EFF8.thumb.png.c39e68271362cf1dffce19d913b7928f.pnglook forward to get the scrabs away.



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On 10/9/2020 at 3:26 PM, JohnAC71 said:

This is what I was thinking, 2 up front and 1 at the back. It won’t make any difference to your final result, glad you got it checked out.

Yes Think you where Right 👍🏻

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Here are my Day 10 post up.

It have been a very good healing process, I beliveve, no pain, almost all scrabs are gone today. A bit Reed but worse on pictures than real life.

I have followed the post up Care Exactly as told.

I was Happy when the scrabs was gone because i only saw 4 dead grafts in the blood stream and if i look at the area it does not look effected by the scratch👍🏻

Here some pictures in very harsh light - be free to commment.








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