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  1. Camera flash makes my hair look a lot more whiter than it is. Quite satisfied so far.
  2. Agreed this would be among one of the best HT I've seen so far.
  3. Thanks everyone for your comment. I like the hairline too. A little more density and it’ll be perfect. I had been cutting my own hair since HT. Went to my barber for the first time last week and she was shocked. 😁 I’m sure going to the barber is a milestone for many if not all who have had a HT.
  4. Wow, I’ll take that see-through any day. 🤞
  5. Thank you for your positive comments. Hard to see progress when you look at your hair everyday.
  6. Month two. Not much going on to the naked eye but if you take high resolution pictures and zoom in, you can make out some very fine hairs growing. Hopefully they get thicker. Hopefully, the shedding is over by now. Haven't noticed any recently. I like to keep my hair short (sides and back). So have cut them several times this past two months.
  7. Would love to see an update on this thread. Welwyn, would you please do us the honor?
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