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  1. @hairlossPA thanks. I guess I was being to gentle earlier on. Cause the grafts were Transplanted between existing hair it's hard to tell if those were the new grafts or existing hair shedding due to shock loss.
  2. To everyone who's had a HT did you notice shedding on its own or when shampooing in the shower? If in the shower when shampooing were you being gentle or how you normally would shampoo pre HT? I was not shedding up until now about a month mark but I may have been really gentle. Over the last 2 days I've been shampooing with more normal pressure and I noticed my fingers were filled with hair. The hair had grown since my HT but seems even the grown hair shed over the last 2 days when shampooing with a bit more pressure to really clean up scalp, dead skin. Outside of the shower I didn't really no
  3. @Melvin-Moderator can you ask whether beard and chest hair shed and grow back the same way as head hair - starting at 3-4 month mark, thin and eventually thickening.
  4. Generally all surgeons will request to remove them the latest starting by day 10. I was advised that it's healthier for the scalp and part of the healing process.
  5. Dr. Konior has some excellent results. Looking forward to see your updates.
  6. Already looks much improved compared to pre-op. Is this at 4 months?
  7. I think you should consult with a few surgeons to get different opinions. Then decide on whether you want to do FUT or FUE. Finally, decide whether you are ok with multiple session or prefer a mega session to get as much possible. Mega session will really come down to Laxity if you go the FUT route. If you do decide mega FUT you should get started with scalp Laxity exercises.
  8. Finasteride and Minoxidil should help stabilize the loss. Go to a referred doctor on this site and if you decide with 3000 my suggestion is to use that for the frontal third. If you spread 3000 grafts over the entire head it will look too thin. You can then opt for a second procedure for the mid and crown. Your front will frame your face and will be the most cosmetically noticeable. If you have sufficient beard hair you can also mix some beard hairs. These days there are BHT options when you run out of grafts from your head.
  9. @aaron1234 has Finasteride worked well for you for all 14 years. Have you experienced that after 10 years it was not working as well?
  10. I'm wondering if the short ones are the new transplanted hairs which are gone into resting phase. But then again each hair has an independent cycle from others so perhaps it it could be native hair which is not in the growth stage.
  11. You may be the lucky 5% never know. During my first surgery I probably shed 30-40% but not all. If you look closely do you notice some hairs have either broke off near scalp or are gone in resting phase and not shed.
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