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  1. Been very busy lately but will try to provide 4 month update soon.
  2. Looks like some reAlly good early growth. Do you feel a lot of new hairs have sprout?
  3. Looks good, the previous transplanted hair has grown in nicely and it seems the new transplanted hairs should start growing in nicely as well.
  4. You should talk to your doctor and try to get on Finasteride. It is the best treatment available and when combined with Minoxidil should work really well. Sides seem to happen between 3-5% of the time but I'm the vast majority stop once you stop the meds. 22 in my opinion is too early for a HT. All the other pills you have tried which you say haven't worked is probably true. At this time all that we have FDA approved for hair loss is Finasteride and Minoxidil with Finasteride being highly effective. If you are worried about sides you can perhaps try topical Finasteride.
  5. I've started to notice some new hair growth around the 3 month mark. It's not a whole lot yet but some very fine thin hairs. When I look in the mirror it's difficult to see to be quite honest because the hairs are so short and thin. The way I really noticed them was taking pictures without flash close to my scalp at an angle and not top down. Take a pic in a room with natural daylight coming in without having any direct sunlight hitting your head. It's still very early so anything you do see will be quite thin and only around 10% of your growth. I think by the end of this month you should see
  6. I was advised to wait about 10 months before starting laxity exercises but every surgeon may have a different opinion. It's probably safer to wait a year.
  7. @aaron1234 the crown looks perfect with such few grafts. I've always read the crown takes longer for growth. When did you first notice growth in your crown? It seems like you had some growth at 4 months was that your natives or was at actually the transplant? What did you notice different in terms of growth, texture if any with the crown vs the front?
  8. It all seems fine for this stage. Shedding will happen and between 3-4 months you should hopefully see some growth. Shock loss can happen, I didn't see any pre-op pics prior to surgery shave down but it almost always grows back unless the hair was on its last legs which means you would have lost it anyways. With an experienced clinic and surgeon which is the case with Eugenix I don't think you need to worry about permanent shock loss. Are you on meds?
  9. Do you any pics of the crown? Personally I would keep light coverage of the crown and rather use the grafts to have more coverage in the front and mid. 2100 grafts seem like small procedures for FUT. If you go FUT route have you consulted with clinics doing larger procedures? It would save you having to go through multiple recoveries. Then again laxity would also play a factor.
  10. Were there a lot of pimples? Did they cause an infection? Did you speak to the clinic about this at any time? If you pics of the pimples and the areas now would be helpful.
  11. I don't think age is a factor. I recently had my surgery with Dr. Wong and he still seems very active and even comes in on weekends to look at his patients. Speaking with him he is still quite busy but from my personal opinion I feel like Dr. Wong is still performing more FUT where as Dr. Hasson is performing more FUE and the clinic is trying to provide more FUE examples. I think they have really proved themselves to be a top clinic when it comes to FUT and the focus now may just be to show more of their FUE work. Again this is just my take on it from what I've seen and speaking to others.
  12. Hair growth normally starts around the 3-4 month mark. Some slightly earlier while some slightly later. Not only is it different with each person but it's also different with each procedure. There are some members who have had 4 FUTs with the first being the largest. I myself have had 2. My first surgery I had 3500 and the second I had about the same. I was initially told about 2000-2200 during consultation for my second procedure but was advised if I did scalp laxity exercises for 3-4 months about 45 mins a day I can likely get more grafts and it did help to get me 3500 grafts. You can go on
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