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  1. Great result. How many grafts did this gentleman have with the first failed surgery? Does he have more grafts left?
  2. This is actually one of the best cases I've seen. Only 4800 grafts and it seems he has never had hairloss even such a short hair cut. Was laxity an issue that it was decided to proceed with FUE? Did the patient have coarse hair?
  3. Can't wait to see the final results on this after 8000+ grafts. Seems like Hasson and Wong are normally able to get a large number of grafts even after multiple sessions.
  4. Keep in mind that you will get more grafts via FUT. Scars are easily hidden.
  5. You may want to just focus on front and mid and get some good coverage there first. I would start with FUT and only after maximum grafts used them switch to FUE
  6. Here is another one with more natural lighting. Feedback appreciated.
  7. I've had one HT and gonna go for a second one. Looking to add more density to hairline and mid. Not wanting to touch the crown yet. I know with a second HT you get fewer grafts. I'm really hoping to get at least 3000 grafts. What do you guys think of my donor density? And feedback on whether 3 grafts will make a noticeable difference.
  8. I've been on Finasteride for many years and it has helped stabilize my hair loss though my crown has thinned just slightly. I've now also added 5% Rogaine over the last 8 months but and not sure if I noticed any difference. Anyone else using both? Should I just stick to Finasteride and leave the Rogaine or would the combination work better?
  9. I would recommend 2500 majority in front as that's what will frame your face. Spread a few in mid scalp. Perhaps go for a second procedure in the future to address the mid and scalp with another 2500. You may want to give Finasteride a try it should help stabilize your native hair.
  10. Has anyone been asked to perform scalp Laxity Exercises and has that helped to get a wider FUT strip during surgery? I want to maximize the amount of grafts. How long each day did you perform and what was the outcome at surgery based on what you were initially told. Looking for others to share their experience.
  11. I want to maximize grafts and leave FUE in case for future.
  12. I'm planning a second FUT transplant and I've been told that they would make a second linear scar. This would be just below the existing scar and reason is to get the most grafts possible as usually there is scarring and graft survival issues if they used the first scar. What are everyone's thoughts on this? My concern is that right now I can easily cut the sides to #3 but with a second scar it will difficult to leave the sides short. Is this what others have done - proceed with a second linear strip scar?
  13. Thanks Voxman. Did you experience shock loss when adding more density?
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