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  1. Hi Mate, I’m not too sure what you mean by this question, sorry? If you mean my existing native hair . . Then no I can’t notice a difference in quality between before and after the procedure? The transplanted hair however, has matured month by month, and is also darker, so because of this, and it’s stronger characteristics, it has created an overall more healthy, youthful, and fuller appearance to my hair in general . . Perhaps creating an illusion of overall higher quality calibre of hair? Hope that helps!
  2. Even though you’re right at the very start of the Growth phase, you already seem to have a pretty noticeable difference to where you started mate (I’ve just came across your thread and did a quick side by side with your pre ops) Looking forward to seeing how you get on over the next few months, enjoy the journey!
  3. Looks good paddy - same amount of time again and you will be hitting the fun part! If you grow your beard out to a trimmer length number 2-3, what does the donor zone look like now after ~700 grafts? And what were the avg. groupings of these beard hair grafts? Did you get an estimate of how many remaining scalp hair donor grafts and under chin beard hair grafts you have left in the bank? Cheers, and all the best
  4. Hey Guys, quick update of some morning 'bed head' shots taken at approx 9 months 3 weeks - room lighting,
  5. Hi sl I’m not sure if you’ve misinterpreted my posts On the thread, or whether your reply is for the hair disaster guy - but I Just want to make it clear that I am very happy with my results so far, and have been since around month 4. My latest post was Purely to help educate people looking to undergo HT procedures with the differences lighting can play in appearances from my own personal experience, (which by all accounts is classed as a decent result) something that I believe to be a common curiosity for a lot of people pondering a HT, and I felt it would be useful for the community to have an insight to, in particular after having received quite a few separate requests in private messages. I have stayed in touch with my advisor, all is good, and I’m looking forward to meeting with the team for my follow up in the next few months 😊 Thanks
  6. Congrats on your surgery Paddy - work looks great, and after all your extensive research I am sure you will be rewarded with knock out results! Will follow how you get on,
  7. 9 Months Morning Everyone. Hard to believe its still only been 9 months - it honestly feels as though the procedure was at least 18 months ago now, however that may be due to having had a very busy 2019! Either way, its continued to be an exciting/interesting/frustrating at times journey, largely depending on what mood you are in - but overall I have been very happy with my decision to go for surgery, and I am impressed with the results that I see today. Two of the threads I followed in depth before having my surgery were @DEB1982and @lukeyb1687 's - Interestingly enough, I have the same observation as Luke did at 9 months surrounding an area which appears more sparse dependent on the direction in which I push my hair - not sure whether it is part of the limits of the 'illusion', a normal consequence of how the angles of graft placement are designed, or perhaps a result of hairs still not being fully matured.....however it isn't a huge aesthetic concern, and probably mimics a natural hairline's composition. It was actually an area where i had a cows lick as a child, so I wonder whether that plays any part in it? Anyway - after reading through various threads, I've noticed the demand for people to show the differences lighting can play post HT - again, all I can do is broadcast my individual experience and observations - so don't take my words as Gospel - but at 9 months (so still with some room for additional maturation), having had 2000 grafts to lower my hairline, and fill in NW 2 loss temples with a medium/medium fine calibre of hair - only under harsh lighting, such as bathroom spot lights, nightclub lighting, overhead halogens can you see scalp, mimicking the classic 'halo' appearance, in all other conditions, it looks thick, healthy, and natively dense - The first two front on pics are literally taken one step apart from each other to highlight this. The final 3 are a mix of lighting in a bathroom with spotlights. I have been in communication with the clinic, and will be meeting with Dr B upon around the year mark next year, which I am looking forward to - will be good to have feedback and a professional evaluation, as I am aware he is very critical of his own work, and always wants to ensure the best outcomes!
  8. 7.5 months. Bit of a different update this month, just to highlight the disparity of growth between the different areas! I had my hair cut shorter recently, which has further highlighted a patch that has always historically been slower/less dense than the rest of the transplanted areas since surgery, so hopefully helps give an insight! First pic attached is the area at 2.5 months post op - second two pics are at 7.5 months - I think there has been slight growth, however considerably slower than the rest of the recipient, which is frustrating! Keen to here some thoughts!
  9. Huge transition already with the whole new re-framing of your face - and an abundance of sprouts that are still yet to thicken and mature, this will be perfect in 6 months! Really impressive with the amount of grafts used!
  10. Thank you Raphael, I've really appreciated your continued support!
  11. Thanks for your comments guys! Will continue to update 👍
  12. 6.5 months Real quick update - some pics shower wet through and back combed that were taken in a mirror, and standing facing away from room lighting. It's obviously not the most unflattering conditions, but I think it gives a good idea of the new shape and framing that has been created, I'm very happy with it! Will update again after 7 months!
  13. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm over the moon! 😄
  14. 6 months! - (a little before) Hey guys, Update with pics that I took just a day before what would have been the official 6 month mark, date wise. First 6 are wet, combed back, in front of a window in daylight - then the donor, in the same position (as best I could), and lastly 3 that are wet and combed back, however not directly facing light. Things have been progressing well, although its hard to tell when you see yourself day in day out, but I've let my hair grow out over recent weeks, so its feeling as though appearance wise its on the road to reaching the heights of my youth, and its amazing to be able to wear my hair in the same way I did years ago, after having forgotten the styles you can do, and what you could/should look like, after living the last few years compensating with frontal loss. There are areas further ahead than others, and when dry and not styled, I can notice groups of shorter, finer, baby looking hairs in the hairline, that hopefully will be on their way to thickening and maturing over the coming months, and add to the overall density - maybe those with sharp eyes can see where I mean in the pics. I'm over the moon so far, its been a great journey, and already it's turned out to be a decision I am very happy to have made. Happy to answer any questions as always - will stick with monthly updates from now on!
  15. Hi all Taken a little under 21 weeks, and then just for comparison, one from the day of surgery pre op - both dry, combed back. Will update again like normal with all angles and wet at around the 24 week mark, I just wanted to get this in now because I know i won't have too much free time over the next few weeks! Cheers
  16. Thanks everyone! Will get some more pics up in the next few weeks 👍
  17. Yep you're right Paddy, good to have others thoughts, because its very easy to get lost in your own little bubble when its your own head you're dealing with 😂 Will update properly later in the month!