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  1. Hey man, I was cooking when I read this and got quite down, mainly because I feel like I had a plan (getting a hair transplant), and maybe one again 5 years after that. I didn't think I would be destined to a 5 or 6 tbh. I am just so terrified of Fin, I swear to god, I spent too much time on Reddit and Tressless, even got added to a post-finasteride group, im freaking terrified of it. Is there anyway I can go about this in your opinion without meds. I play sports at a high level, wouldn't fin affect me massively. Also suffer with anxiety and other problems which I feel Fin will bring out. I just am not sure if I am ready for that, and that it could cause more problems. Also, why do you think I am getting Retrograde, how are you able to tell that from just my pictures?
  2. Crikey. I dont even know which pictures of his are after the opp, is it the first ones or later ones. My mum's dad had very bad balding, but my dad right now has some good hair (60 years old and I would be happy with his hair), however, I presume it's all from the mums side right? This is my current state:
  3. Hi there, I am close to booking a hair transplant and do not want to go down the path of taking Fin or Min. Has anyone here gone this route and I was wondering if you documented your journey, or have pictures of the progress? Please do share as much as possible and any advice is appreciated. Just out of curiosity, what went wrong in this guys transplant as this kind of scares me:
  4. Hi there, I am close to booking a hair transplant and do not want to go down the path of taking Fin or Min. Has anyone here gone this route and I was wondering if you documented your journey, or have pictures of the progress? Please do share as much as possible and any advice is appreciated. Just out of curiosity, what went wrong in this guys transplant as this kind of scares me:
  5. Hey man, appreciate the thoughts, i actually am getting therpay right now for it. Had my first session yesterday.... I have apparently she said 'general anxiety disorder'... Still not sure if after that, I would still take Fin, I dunno man, i really dont know, I wish there were more concrete studies on it.
  6. I really really want/wanted to take Fin, I still have it sitting next to me, just not sure if I can even risk it man. Maybe I over think things, yes, but i ve seen enough people saying they have side effects thouhg to know they must be real
  7. Thanks man, and its posts EXACTLY like this which help me, or may hinder me I do not know, but I have read now posts like this in the 50-100's. Do you not feel the same since? There are too many posts of these to ignore? One thing I do want to know is, getting a HT without Fin before or Prior, is it even worth it? I hear hairs on different parts of the body can stay on the head, but I have read differently here. Basically, is it worth getting a HT without Fin or Min?
  8. I'll be completely honest, I actually laughed out loud. Seriously. All of the good posts, I put into a word doc, and then I put them into different categories, its actually quite impressive, so I can make a decision and go about it. I dont have 'serious issues', appreciate you trying to diagnose me. I'm extremely healthy, I live a good life, the only thing I do wrong is probably drink too much soda, and thats it, but I work out, I run, play high level sports, and have an extremely good job, so its funny when I see you say that. All my posts, and questions, are fair. I am reading tons of stuff, and people telling me to stay away from the drug and how its the worst thing they ever did, to others saying its okay but they have mild side effects, and others saying they have none. Pretty understandable how im bloody confused, then you have people like @ciaus. Happy Fin is working for you mate and you cant empathise with me and the thousands of other people who don't just want to pop a pill and ignore the side effects... Then get outted on a forum with the moderator (Great support by the way), when this is actually playing on mind due to the conflicting opinion, oh, and there is. Melvin, even you in the comments on the side effects of fin poll were astonished, but cool, lets ignore the guy who is asking relevant questions and doing tons of research, because I am, and ive spoken to all sorts of people who have been affected by it, and trust me, even then I still want to take it for the sake of my hair. I actually fully understand it now, when people with PSF say, you get bashed for 'fear mongering' or 'downvoted', i havent even taken it, and i feel like youre having a go at me for asking fair questions. Pathetic.
  9. Thanks, but isn't it too late if the side effects appear ages after? Some could be irreversible? I spoke to my Pharmacist today, it really wasn't that helpful, he said some have sides some dont. I also woke up to a message on reddit from a guy who has PFS saying: Taking finasteride is the single biggest mistake that I've made in my life. Took ten pills in 2010 and have been a different person ever since. It wasn't a gradual transition, it happened practically overnight. Horrible anxiety, changes in cognition and personality... I don't have kids but I've read about PFS people who don't love their kids after they got the side effects. I've lost close family members and not felt anything - it's like any random stranger died. The whole situation is torture beyond belief. Losing my sense of self, my sexuality, my ambition... and at the same time having all my emotions stolen from me so I can't even get angry about it. True PFS is very rare, fortunately. And even if you get side effects, they usually resolve within 3-6 months. That makes it easy for people to dismiss the very tiny minority who get really fucked up from finasteride. You can take the chance, of course. But I'd say that the benefits of hair are pretty minor (although it may not seem that way now), and that the value of your health and sanity is incalculable. So you're rolling the dice - medium chance of having some hair back, plus a very small chance that you'll be cognitively and sexually disabled for years
  10. I understand, the thing is, with doctors in the UK, its awful, the GP's are different doctors, I dont have one doctor. I am going to Boots to speak to a pharmacist tomorrow, but I just think they will say "yeah no one has sides just 2% take it we can stop it if you want", but what if thats too late, or like you say, triggers something? How would that work by the way, if I had depression, would just taking the pill for a trials sake be too late and too risky?
  11. Thanks, I actually have a high libidio, am always quite horny and in the mood for sex, however, depression, I use to be on Anti-depressants. Does that mean I shouldn't take it, how come you say this "If you have a history of low libido or depression I would say stay away from it"? As you can tell, I am an over thinking, and there was a time in life that I was very down and resulted to anti-depressants, but does that make me depressed, I don't know, I feel okay now. I get down and over think, for an example, every day this week I have been on this forum, reddit, and feel worse and worse each day, conflicted by the different advice of people saying 'take it' and others saying 'stay away from it, its the worst choice I ever made'. So what do you advise as a doctor?
  12. Thanks Doc, as a doctor, how many patients do you treat for this, and how many come with side effects, in real numbers. I keep getting directed to other PFS pages and its quite terrifying overall. Trust me, theres nothing more than me wanting to take this. Also, does Topical Fin go systematic, would that be safe?
  13. Hey man, yeah Im starting to think that, even when I find a solution, Saw Palmetto, I think Ill start on that, thats an easy route, then I see stories of people who just like Fin, are struggling massively, I dont get it, maybe im the issue (probably I am), maybe you think: "Damn this guy has problems", I just research everything, and thats maybe my problem. Even my biggest supporter here, J1mmy, seems to have given up on me 😥
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