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  1. my native hair is much stronger bc of the meds (used to be less thick), the transplanted hair that didnt shed is very slightly thicker (except those that are just re-sprouting which still look fine). those who have already shed and sprouted I would say same as native hair
  2. honestly it was all in the last month... November 26 it was still a disaster, december it sprouted. let's see what happens going forward, frontally I see the little hair sprouting, im more concerned for my temples, those seem to be done already.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for having stopped the updates but I was in the process of moving to another country & co. Significant updates are: - Be prepared cause IT WILL SHED and you will look awful. Around the last week of november it looked horrible, I had a haircut and I was full of patches. - the meds (propecia, minoxidil) DO work. I've been taking it everyday with no side effects and my previous hair are stronger than ever, plus hairs sprouted all over my body (annoying cause I had just started laser hair removal LOL). - Today December 26 - 3 months an
  4. Gosh we wrote almost the same post with the same words days apart.. this forum made the difference for us! best of luck with your growth!
  5. Updates from day 9 after surgery: - Expect the swelling from the surgery to go down your face and to look like you were taken out of Night King Army in game of thrones - Buy comfortable pillows (meaning VERY SOFT and mellow) because when you sleep your donor area will hurt. (unfortunately I only sleep with hard rock pillows so it really hurt) - Today is my second day after I started washing my new hair with the recommende shampoo and the crusts are already all gone! I saw some hair in it but it's normal and it's nothing to worry about cause the important thing is the follicle
  6. donor capacity was good but I don't know the exact specs. the day after surgery I went back to the clinic and they showed me how to do everything post-op. Also the person who "booked" my HT ETC. is always reachable via whatsapp and ready to answer all your concerns.
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