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  1. TrixGlendevon

    Can A Hair Transplant Be Concealed

    I do not understand why you think that FUT was easier to hide. Do you mean just the scar? Did you not still suffer from shock loss in the recipient area?
  2. TrixGlendevon

    Can A Hair Transplant Be Concealed

    I am just going to shave my head to a number 3 for the first few months.
  3. Hattingen! In the end, it was a toss up between Hattingen and Feriduni but as the latter wanted to just do FUE, it kind of made my decision for me. I am sure both are excellent choices though.
  4. Accommodation found too! It is official now.
  5. Hi guys! Thanks for the support. I paid the deposit yesterday and go ahead later this month. Currently looking for accommodation in the area which is proving quite difficult at short notice. Has anybody got a tent I can borrow?
  6. Yes very true. I am still apprehensive though
  7. Jesus! I would never have the courage to do that. Good luck! Thanks for the support - and no, it is FUT
  8. So, I have to decide if I will take a cancellation at a clinic for the end of this month. The waiting list would otherwise be 6-12 months. I am very, very nervous though. I need to decide tomorrow and all the normal (I imagine) doubts are going through my head like what if it doesn't work out etc. I have done my research on here and other fora and I have travelled to visit clinics and speak to the doctors in person. The results are amazing too. Really top notch. Even so, there is still the doubt at the back of your head of the "what if....". Can anybody offer support/help/advice/calming lullabies?
  9. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    I haven't actually had the surgery yet. I am getting it end of this month (in theory - need to confirm tomorrow morning)
  10. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    Thanks dude and thanks for the replies!
  11. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    I mentioned it in the context of shaving my head short to avoid the ugly duckling phase being so obvious. However, with FUT, this is not an option because of the scar.
  12. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    That would actually be perfect if I was more or less looking how I do now. Thanks.
  13. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    So basically, at this stage I should look exactly how I did before the operation (adjusting for genetic differences etc.)?
  14. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    @HairLossMentor - thanks for the reply. Yes, I imagine I will suffer from buyer's remorse as mentioned by another poster above. My question isn't about the result in and of itself. It is more about if I will have passed the ugly duckling stage yet or not so that it is easier to hide the fact I have had the procedure done from people from work when I return to the office from being abroad for three months. Ideally, I would like the ugly duckling phase to have finished or be finishing, the shock loss hair to have grown back, the redness to not be too obvious and the new transplanted hair to not have started growing yet.
  15. TrixGlendevon

    3 month mark

    Women make up approximately 50% of the office though and it has 150 people in it so if one person notices, everybody will. If there is shock loss in my forelock, it will be obvious too as this may not grow back in time. If there is not, I could get back to the office at just the right time so that I look the same as before the procedure, as you say. This would be ideal as I would then just change over the next 2-3 months gradually. My comment regarding FUT referred to the scar in the donor, not the recipient area. I won't be able to shave the hair down to ride it out as I would with FUE.