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  1. I was told 6 months by my clinic. I went back after 5.5 months. I was told to go light. On the first day I did squats, 5x5, at 40kg then overhead press 25kg and deadlift 60kg and then parallel dips with just my bodyweight. No problem. The next day I went back and did 5x5 again: squats 42.5kg, chin ups, bench press 35kg and bent over row 35kg. My donor area ached quite a bit. I followed this adding 2.5kg to everything except 5kg for the deadlift each time I did the exercise. It has been two weeks and the bit of my incision/scar that was most tight was a little sore yesterday. Those are not even big weights. @Dr Blake Bloxham - you said you have your own opinions on this, what are they? I see professional sports stars getting hair transplants all the time and they have to do heavy exercise everyday as part of their jobs. They probably get them done at the start of the off season for recovery time but that is probably only 6-8 weeks (depending on the sport) and some of those have great scars (look at Theo Walcott from the Premier League - pencil line thin)
  2. I was a high NW - heading to a 5 pattern but already at the 4.5 (as also confirmed by Dr Feriduni who also said I should go with Hattingen). The pics taken under the strong artificial light at the clinic on the day of the procedure show me as already being a NW5. I am mid-30s and don't take medication, nor will I start. I have a good donor area. Feel free to ask anything else. If anybody can recommend a website which blocks photos from being downloaded from emails and makes them only viewable for a set amount of time by the email address I have sent them to, I will happily email people photos.
  3. As I have said a few times, I am not going to be posting pictures publicly. Sorry. I do not want them on the internet. I have just said on another thread that I am happy with the progress so far. I will need a second procedure for the crown but I already knew that beforehand. The temples, especially the left one, are weak still as growth started late there but growth overall has been good. As the hair matures over the next few months, I am sure it will be a stellar result. There are lots of cases for this clinic on the German and French forums.
  4. Hi! I decided against uploading photos from my case. I don't want them all over the internet - it is a big place. I have noticed since I had my procedure done that Hattingen's name is getting thrown about more around here which is good. If people want to see cases and become more familiar with the clinic, there are plenty on the German and French forums. My temples are still weak (there is growth there though it just started later than everywhere else) but the growth has been very good overall and when the hair matures in the next couple of months I think it will be a great result. They have even replicated a whirl I had just behind my forelock.
  5. I second Hattingen. I am approaching the 6 month mark after a 4380 FUT with them and the result is already great and I have another 6 months to go. Really impressive work.
  6. I wouldn't go with Diep personally so I would take him back out.
  7. I went FUT with Hattingen after 2-3 years of research and I am at the 4 month mark but H&W in Canada have a stellar reputation too. However, there are an increasing amount of people complaining they have been pushing patients into FUE once they are already in the surgery room saying they do not have the laxity to do FUT. Strange that this higher proportion of patients with poor laxity have only come become more commonplace since they have started doing the more expensive FUE method. Still, their results are amazing. Dr Feriduni is another excellent choice. I have seen results from Dr Konior that I am impressed with but I did not research North American clinics enough to know if he does FUT, FUE or both.
  8. Yeah, response is a little slow but as you say, I found that in general across Europe. The problem is that he is involved in the surgery but also the one who responds to the emails and does the consultations. Pretty hard to fit all three things in to one day. If you want, inbox me and I will give you the receptionist's email address. Post-surgery, they give you their cell numbers so you can text or ring them directly if there are any issues. As most people on this site will (hopefully) attest to, I did a lot of due diligence and spent 2-3 years researching this. However, in that time I didn't look at temple points at all because I do not need them doing so I really can't answer that question. The hairlines however are amazing but conservative. Look on the German and French fora for examples. I don't take/want to take medication and am a high NW pattern so needed to have a conservative hairline so this suited me. For others (you), it may not. I actually went for a consultation with Dr Feriduni. I do not think I need to wax lyrical about him or say how much of a lovely, generally great guy he is or how knowledgable he is so I will not. I loved the hairline that he drew for me (except for the fact it started above my natural hairline) but he wanted to do FUE and would not budge to FUT (or to start the hairline at my natural hairline). He even gave me a discount to convince me to have FUE. In the consultation he gave me his very honest opinion (positive and negative) about some of the other doctors I had consulted with and also ones I was considering. He spoke really, really highly of Hattingen saying they were "an excellent choice - a really, very good choice" - he also spoke very positively of H&W FYI. The fact they do FUT, have many, many good examples online and then were spoken so highly about by another doctor who has a world class reputation despite him knowing I would probably go there sealed it for me.
  9. I wore a hat immediately after the surgery (with a bandana on under it) and wore it whenever outside the house from that moment onwards
  10. Hey you're back! Good news. Where did you go? I got mine done in the end and went with FUT for it too.
  11. I went with Hattingen 4 months ago - I am glad somebody (you and @rocketmas ) added them to the list. World class clinic
  12. It is not that they have superior methods. My guess, and it seems to be the consensus, is that Spanish hair is perfect for this procedure and most of his patients are Spaniards i.e. right thickness, density, color etc. and it gives the illusion of density..... which is what we are all chasing anyway. So whilst they are undoubtedly good, do take into account if you have thin, blond hair from Sweden, you probably won't be getting the same result as Pedro from Madrid even if you both went to Lorenzo or Couto. I would really look at Heitmann in Switzerland. His hairlines are amazing and Swiss/Germans (where most of the Swiss clinics' patients come from) don't have the same hair characteristics. You could also try my clinic, Hattingen Hair. Swiss Elite clinic like H&W and like H&W, they added FUE a few years back. If you can't get in touch with Lorenzo, consult with Dra Vila as I mentioned above, so cheap, much shorter waiting list and did Lorenzo's transplant. I don't see how a consultation would hurt you? Dr Feriduni - I had an inperson consultation with him. I don't see the point in internet ones except to make a general assessment of the clinic and its quality but with Feriduni, that is already a known quality: he is world class. Inperson, they (clinics in general) can count your donor, design the hairline, take pictures, inspect miniturization and general hair quality..... definitely worth it. When I went, the waiting list for a consultation was longer than the waiting list for a procedure. You'd have to ask him what his schedule looks like now. When is your internet consultation?
  13. First of all, you should probably create your own thread. It is unfair to hijack other people's threads. Secondly, you haven't said whether you have a preference for FUE or FUT or no preference at all? The doctors you have mentioned are FUE so I am guessing that this is your preference. The waiting list for the Spanish doctos is huge - if you want to go with them, you will not be doing it this summer or possibly even summer 2020. I am not kidding either. It took over 6 months for them (can't remember which one) just to get back to my email to tell me there was a three year waiting list. Maybe even more. I had an in-person consultation with Dr. Feriduni and he was very good but wanted to do FUE and I want FUT. I eventually went with a clinic he highly recommended. I would still have a consultation with him because of his pedigree and very ethical approach, even if you go with somebody else. Be warned though, you have to pay for a consultation with him. Another FUE alternative is Dra Maria Ximena Vila. She has set up her own clinic in Madrid and whilst I haven't seen her results specifically, I can tell you she used to be aprt of Dr Lornezo's clinic and she and the team there did his transplant. For legal reasons you would have to find her results on Lorenzo's page. Another option, not mentioned on this site but is still excellent, is Dr Heitmann in Switzerland. For FUT there are other options. Hope that helps.
  14. I agree. It is a good result, as always from Feriduni, and the patient will be very happy.