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  1. TrixGlendevon

    How to undo a hair transplant ASAP

    I would say the opposite. If they aren't anchored then they will be easier to extract. With 6 days though, they will already be anchoring so I think that ship has sailed. I don't know of any clinic that does electrolysis but it is not something that I have looked into either. Why don't you go for a consultation with a few top clinics before the grafts shed and see what they recommend? Where did you have it done?
  2. TrixGlendevon

    How to undo a hair transplant ASAP

    Go to a much better doctor and get them to do a repair job. It will cost about the same as the laser and as you say, leave fewer scars. How recently did you have it done? The grafts may not have anchored yet.
  3. Hattingen is not a person, it is a place and the clinic used to be there. The clinic is called Hattingen Hair. They then moved to Schaffhausen in Swizterland on the border with Germany but kept the name when they moved as they had already built a brand using it. The doctors are a husband and wife team - Drs Sever and Laura Muresanu. Before surgery, you mostly deal with Dr Sever. He does the consultations etc. On the day of the surgery (for FUT, I am not sure who does what for FUE), he does the hairline and the strip and Dr Laura does the incisions. The techs take the grafts from the strip and prep them for re-insertion whilst Dr Laura is doing the incisions and then 2-3 techs place them at the same time with a doctor coming in periodically to check on progress. The techs then swap after lunch so they are not tired i.e. you don't have 2-3 techs doing graft placement for 6-8 hours or whatever but 2-3 doing 3-4 hours and and then a different 2-3 doing 3-4 hours. The tech with the least experience there has been with them for 7 years. Very smooth operation and I was very impressed. I can't wait for the 12 month mark to be honest. To be honest, I hadn't heard of them when I was doing my consultations and was pretty much set on Dr Feriduni but a German speaking poster on here mentioned them as an option to me last year. I did my research and then when Dr Feriduni spoke so highly of them during our consultation together, I set up a consultation with them too and they happened to have a cancellation so I went for it. The French forum has some videos on there too. Let me know what you think!
  4. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Thanks both for replying. I do not think anybody has any problem with doctors paying. At least I do not and it is me who started the thread and I hope it isn't seen as a complaint but genuinely constructive feedback. I have even said above that the site helped me make an informed decision about my procedure and I recognize that for that to continue, the site needs to generate money. That is fine. With respect Melvin, it isn't us that should have to tell you which of the doctors isn't posting, that is your role (that sounds very snotty, especially written with no body language etc. but I can't think of another way to put it so I hope it isn't taken as such - sorry). Bill is right in saying that the site will investigate. The issue I think is, if the site doesn't know which doctors are posting and which aren't on a regular basis, then how can it be enforcing standards? It isn't one or two either. Look at the first 10 pages which is 4 months of the clinics posting results. They are mostly the same clinics. I would like to reitierate that I am not singling out Dr Keene. She just happened to be the first in the list.
  5. High Norwood, FUT mega-sessions are their bread and butter. I am (was) a high Norwood. They are big on the German website: alopezie.de but you have to become a member to see the pictures. They have their own area just for their results on that forum. They are also on International Hairloss Forum. If you can't speak German or French respectively, use Google Chrome and then just translate the pages. The thing that sold Hattingen to me wasn't even the results on these fora, which are excellent anyway. I went for an in-person consultation with Dr Feriduni who I think we can all agree is excellent and enjoys a stellar reputation for being ethical. He asked me what other clinics I was considering and I told him. He said he thinks H&W and Hattingen are amazing options for clinics and waxed lyrically about both. He also expressed reservations about some other clinics that I see on this forum so he wasn't just saying nice things about those two because he is a nice guy, which he is.
  6. TrixGlendevon

    Returning to Work After Procedure

    No and also the advice of the weekend above is poor advice because the swelling would start on the Sunday or the Monday so you would be riding out the swelling in the middle of the office with staples in the back of your head. Postpone it to September and then take two weeks off.
  7. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Exactly. I am fine with them charging for continued recommendation status. No problem at all as it means the site stays up and it is one of the reasons I was able to make such an informed decision when I came to do my procedure. However, one also has to maintain the standards implemented by the very recipient of the revenue itself or it undermines its ability to generate revenue and its usefulness as a tool
  8. I am not saying to go with this doctor or not. However, I will say that this is one of those things in life where you really do get what you pay for. A clinic in Holland that charges less than 5,000 euros for 4,000 grafts will almost definitely not give you the result you want. Going to a cheap clinic in Turkey that you are not able to research properly because of a lack of online results is highly risky. I would either save and go to a clinic with an established reputation and a consistent track record of results or not do it at all to be honest. If you absolutely have to do it in Turkey, Cinic seems to be pumping out very good results recently on here. As I said above, I have not really researched the Turkish clinics though as I never even considered going there so I would not be the best source of advice for that.
  9. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    In the site's defence, the requirements for getting a recommendation to begin with are quite stringent. That is not the concern. The concern is then how those same requirements and standards are monitored and maintained afterwards. If there is no policing and moderation, standards can, and probably, will slip.
  10. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Dr Bloxham still posts results, he just doesn't contribute to advice or answering questions anymore. Some of the others don't even do that, with any great frequency. I agree I completely with you. Recommendation shouldn't be a one time grant. Standards should be consistently held high and monitored in case they fall below the limit set. Let's see what @Bill - Managing Publisher and @Melvin-Moderator say
  11. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    I wasn't picking on one doctor, she just so happened to be the first on the list of recommended doctors as she is based in Arizona and it is done alphabetically and lo and behold! she doesn't post results every month. Her results aren't exactly mind blowing when she does post them either. She posted some before and after pics in September and the only comment on the thread is asking her where the after pics are hahahaha. There seems to be poor policing of the site's own high standards which then reduces the quality of the site's recommendations. Clinics pay a montly premium to be recommended here because they feel they are buying quality and there is a lot of traffic in a very active forum and (potential) patients come here because they are getting quality advice and recommendations. There is a symbiosis. If the quality of the recommendations is reduced through poor enforcement of its own standards, it undermines the whole process and patients may stop coming to the site and doctors may stop thinking they are getting quality value for money which means patients stop coming to the site...... It is not my business model to worry about, just an observation. I think after Feller/Lupanzula Gate, Feller and Bloxham as a clinic made the decision to stop posting here. It is a shame because their information and advice was very good and they were very helpful. I wonder if they still post on other fora or if they stopped altogether.
  12. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    I am not sure that is necessarily correlated. I haven't posted my results either. I will probably stop using the forum as much now too. Some people just have their transplant and then move on with their lives. Others want to stay in the community. The former are not going to log on each month and post results for 12 months and are going to have forgotten all about the site after the 12 month mark..... until it is time for the second pass.
  13. Probably is real but I have never heard of him (although I didn't even consider Turkey as a possibility so apart from the usual 3 suspects from there who everybody knows, I have no idea). The problem isn't the doctor per se, it is the person representing him. It all just seems a bit suspicious. Some guy's first post is to ask a very, very niche question to bait "John" into saying his surgeon uses that or something. I'd avoid. Not worth the risk.
  14. For mega-session FUT, Hattingen and H&W are the best IMO. Rahal and Konior are both equally as good from what I have seen but I haven't looked into the North American doctors as much as the European ones.
  15. TrixGlendevon

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Well, I don't want to pick on anybody but the very first surgeon on your list (because it is Arizona) is Dr Keene who I had never heard of. I went through the first 10 pages of the results from leading clinics forum which takes us to 20th September and she does not have a single result posted.That is almost 4 months to the day. Also, if you give even a quick cursory glance at those same pages and who posts in them, most of them are the same few doctors posting multiple results (which is great for potential patients). Dr Cinik in particular is an eager beaver with almost the whole of the first page being his. Dr Arocha posts a lot, Spex has posted several times for Dr Alexander. Dr Bloxham posted once. Dr Devroye posts a lot, Loke posts for Dr Feriduni, H&W etc. Given that they are posting a lot of cases and the list of recommended surgeons is quite large, this means there are quite a few who are not posting. *Edit - my mistake - there is 1 for Dr Keene on page 9. Going through her posting history, she only posted in July before that and March before that. I am not picking on her alone, it just so happens that she was first on the list. There are others.