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  1. A bit of off-topic but if this is the case, why did you not just go FUT? You would have a scar in your donor anyway, but at least one confined to a pencil line area across the back of the head, but a lower transection rate and healthier more successful grafts for a cheaper rate.
  2. 1. Ask your doctor but I would say no problem at all. Life is more stressful than an online game. 2. Lots of pillows to keep your back up at an angle and then use a travel neck pillow for the first couple of weeks. Once you are 10-14 days in, the grafts are anchored and won't be coming out. Confirm with the doctor what the time period is for full anchorage at his clinic. 3. Depends what you mean by large. I wasn't allowed to lift weights for 6 months, which is my main form of exercise, so I put some weight on, yes.
  3. Feriduni told me about post-finasteride syndrome, which I hadn't heard of before. I am also not up for taking meds. He told me I was sensible and that I shouldn't go on them unless absolutely essential. I would honestly consider an in-person consultation with him. Great results, very ethical and really knows his stuff. Online and picture assessments are only so good.
  4. I had stopped using the forum at the time of this post. I think going with Feriduni was by far the best option. He did you right the first time so why go into the unknown? Looking forward to update pics of the crown.
  5. Yeah I am not affiliated with them either - just posting my result and commenting honestly on my experience. I also consulted with Feriduni but he only wanted to do FUE and I only wanted FUT. You were the one that pointed out Hattingen to me initially and told me about the German forum, hence why I tagged you. Feriduni also sent me to Hattingen when I did my consultation with him so they came with a great recommendation there too. I agree he does conservative hairlines (it is Sever and not Laura that does the hairlines) and he knows this as he made a joke about it saying everybody online says the same thing about him. However, I needed a conservative approach as I don't take meds and as you say, a lot of space to cover. I would like a lower hairline but I think I will just add density to what I already have rather than give into hair greed. Undecided.
  6. Thanks! I am really pleased with the result too. It did actually thicken up a bit more after this point (this was 9 months). I am going there next month to have a check up and discuss a second procedure. At least it gives the forum a new clinic to consider now there is a result when names are being thrown about. Thanks to @Gasthoerer for pointing me in their direction.
  7. Yeah they will. Hattingen Hair, where I had mine done, does small touch ups with FUE. When I was having surgery done, one of the doctors (it is a wife/husband team) did a small FUE of around 120 grafts into an FUT scar in the next room. Where are you looking at getting it done?
  8. Yeah but I don't think you will find any in Kolkata. Best to accept you're going to have to travel for this.
  9. Hahaha did you not bother to read what I wrote and just look at the pics? As I said in the above, I don't have any other pics until I go to the clinic next month when I go for my check up and they can take the pictures which I will then post.
  10. Yeah! Thanks man. I am very pleased. This was 9 months too and I think it looks better now. Even my barber mentions that my hair seems thicker now. Your result will be even better mine as you had 6,000 which is crazy but you hopefully this post should calm any doubts you may have. Looking forward to your photos!
  11. 10 euros to you for being the first commentator 😉 For 9 months it is not bad at all, yes. Thanks! I don't dye my hair though, no (hence the grey hairs). I agree the colour change is strange though - I wonder if it is because it is taken with my phone in the after pics and the clinic's camera with the others? The true colour is closer to the afters I would say. These are the only pics I have until I go to the clinic in March.
  12. 😂 passive aggressive much? Your comment is out of date though 😉 I agree though - keep it on track. Happy healing!
  13. In India there is Eugenix and Darling Buds but the results coming out of the latter recently seem to indicate that he is one to avoid and I remember reading that in Eugenix, one patient reported they dropped some grafts (!!!) however the overall result was good. Alternatively there is Thailand with a doctor whose name I can't spell out but I think is recommended on this forum
  14. That doesn't mean it is not unusual. I think most of what Diep does is unusual.
  15. In case you are interested, as you are a few months behind me (almost a full year), I have just posted my 9 month mark publicly here. I will post the full result when I go to the clinic (they can take the photos).