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  1. It is. That's a new site too. Basically, his old representative screwed him over and locked him out of his email from the English speaking site so that should work. If you don't hear back from him, inbox me and I will send you his personal email address. What I like about De Reys is that he does all the work himself with just his wife, who is a nurse, as his assistant. You also get free accommodation and food for the price. Do check him out if you're looking at Belgium and considering FUE over FUT.
  2. TrixGlendevon

    Average Donor Yield

    Hi Bill. Head is normal size, really. On the link to the consultation review in the OP it says that I have just over 100 per cm^2 for the density. Dr Lupanzula cut a piece of my hair off and looked at the scalp with a microscope. It was 100 per cm^2 at the side and "just over 100 per cm^2" at the back on the occipital bone. The doctor said I was a great candidate. Feel free to read my review.
  3. TrixGlendevon

    Average Donor Yield

    Thanks Spanker!
  4. Dr Dereyes too! He is cheaper than the others and used to be recommended by this site. His work is good but he only does FUE. He used to be the head surgeon at a clinic that had a very good reputation. Worth emailing him too. Annoyingly, the email address on the English language website no longer corresponds to his clinic and you have to find the Flemish website and get the email address off there. Inbox me if you want it.
  5. Hello! What would people say is the average donor yield they can extract for FUE? I had a consultation today with Dr Lupanzula (write up here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/51670-dr-lupanzula-consultation/?tab=comments#comment-477106 ) and he calculated mine was 9,000 which I know is above average but I do not know by how much. I would guess about 6,000 is average.
  6. Hello! I have just had a consultation with Dr. Lupanzula in London at the Pullman hotel. I found him to be very friendly, open and knowledgeable and he did not mind me asking questions. Eva, his assistant (I assume clerical and not technical), was also very efficient and friendly and was obviously experienced as she participated in the discussion(s). A bit about me: I am in my early-mid 30s and am approximately a Norwood 4v moving towards a Norwood 5 pattern, which is what the other men in my family that have lost their hair are. The difference is that my dad was already bald by his late 20s and my younger brother too, also in his late 20s. My other brother is a Norwood 3.5. I have been active on the forum for a while now and have been doing research for even longer. However, this year I feel is the cross roads where I either have to shave it or transplant it. I am not taking medication and I will not start. For me this is a vanity surgery and has nothing to do with emotions or self-consciousness. I just think men look better with hair but if I had to, I would have no problem shaving it (although my strong preference is to not shave it). I started to noticeably lose my hair at around 28+/- He started by asking my expectations. Having been researching for such an extended period of time, I know not to expect an 18 year old hairline and I do not want one anyway. It would look silly in a few years. I have never really had a perfect hairline anyway, even when I was much younger so it would not be an issue. He was pleased about the fact my expectations were realistic. I told him I want to prioritise the frontal third because it frames the face and I want coverage on the crown but I am also aware that getting complete coverage will be very difficult. He then looked at the donor and cut a bit of my hair off in the back and the side and inspected it with a microscope. He said my hair characteristics are very good and almost perfect for the transplant. I have a density of about 100 in the whole donor area (100 at the side and just over 100 at the back). My hair is wavy and so will give good coverage. He said the width of the hair is normal (which I suppose is better than thin). He said he could extract 9,000 grafts and that this might be a bit conservative. He said with 9,000 grafts he could make a noticeable difference to a Norwood 7 so mine would be a great result. After inspecting my hairline and crown and measuring them he said I would need about 2,500-2,800 in the front and about 2,000 in the crown (I think, I need to confirm this). He then drew on the hairline and said the start of my hairline (front lock) was the perfect height at 7.5cm and suggested it meeting the temples at 9.5cm. The hairline he drew the first time was perfect and pretty much exactly what I had imagined. I have requested the photos to look again later. He suggested I take medication to preserve what I have and said it is a shame I will not. From an aesthetics point of view, he is absolutely right but I do not want to. He suggested topical fin but said there are not many studies on its efficacy but he has seen good results from it with patients. I will look into it but I am not convinced. He only does FUE and I am leaning towards FUT but will consult with the doctors on my shortlist first before making a final decision. He did say he would do FUT under exceptional circumstances and that he has not done it for a long time though. I was open about going to visit other doctors there and he said it is a good idea. I intend to pass by his clinic again once I have seen the others to see if I have further questions as I will be in Belgium next month. I asked about his technical team. They have 13, 8 and 5 years of experience. He does the extraction and the incisions and they do the insertions although he is involved in that too. If anybody has any questions, fire away!
  7. Dr Erdogan at Asmed clinic is the only doctor in Turkey I would entertain. The best doctors in Europe are in Belgium. Drs. Bisanga, Deroye, Feriduni, Lupanzula and Mwamba. I have just this minute had a consultation with Dr. Lupanzula in London. He is here for the weekend doing consultations. I will do a write up separately but I would recommend you speak to him if you can. Just email his assistant, Eva (who is very good) and get something booked in. He regularly comes to London for these consultations though.
  8. TrixGlendevon

    Thinking on getting a hair transplant

    Hasson and Wong are amongst the best in the world! If they're too much and you're willing to travel (which I assume you are as you were looking at a clinic that prices in euros), I still recommend those I said but also Dr Bhatti is based in India. There is a doctor in Poland too but I forget their name. The few results I have seen are good and they're not expensive.
  9. TrixGlendevon

    Thinking on getting a hair transplant

    Definitely don't go with them. You will regret it. Where are you based? I assume it is Europe. Go to Belgium, Maras in Cyprus or Ergodan in Turkey
  10. TrixGlendevon

    Feller and Bloxham Posts

    His FUE results are good though. The thing is, what he says is true though: FUT produces higher yields and the transection rate is lower. Skilled surgeons can lower the transection rate significantly but it is still higher than FUT. Ultimately, it comes down to preference.
  11. TrixGlendevon

    Feller and Bloxham Posts

    I like his honesty. I want a top surgeon, not a best friend and a sing-along by the campfire. If they were based in Europe, they'd be on my shortlist. I also appreciate the time and effort they put into educational material on Youtube etc. It shows they are really passionate about their work. I also think their results videos are always very honest - wet hair and a comb going through it in the same lighting, situation etc.
  12. That's great. Thanks for the reply. The scar looks very clean too (if you do mine, please do it like that ) It is a shame we cannot see another picture of the scar once it has healed but c'est la vie. See you in September!
  13. I wouldn't go to any of the UK clinics. Get a train over to Belgium.
  14. Well, basically because your pattern isn't a NW6 pattern hahahah I don't and I would only go to those two clinics in those two countries anyway.
  15. I am but I won't be able to get to London on the 15th unfortunately (friend's birthday on Saturday night). Really appreciate the offer though!! Thanks.