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  1. Beyond the lack of ethics, it also makes assessing patient cases difficult. You don't know which package the patient has had to be able to compare. They have done some good work, from the little I have seen, but I would avoid.
  2. Personally I would avoid a clinic with packages and that doesn't put their very best into each and every patient they see. It isn't ethical.
  3. Crown is good for the amount of grafts put in. I just need to ruffle it up a bit but it definitely needs a second pass. It is on my list of things to do for 2021. Off the top of my head I can't remember but yeah reasonably quickly - I know they have just moved house and also with Xmas and New Year, maybe they are not back up to full speed yet. Did you email Reka or Sever?
  4. The fact he didn't come back means he probably did end up with a good result and he will just be out enjoying his new hair. If it was a shit result he would be here looking for solutions/asking for advice
  5. Thanks for the compliment! I am very pleased. Somebody told me via private message that it is currently 6 months (I would email them to confirm though) but cancellations happen, mine was a cancellation, so I would just email every week and ask. I think with countries going back into lockdown, cancellations are even more likely at the moment too.
  6. Exactly! Keep us up-to-date with your decision(s). FYI - Hattingen does conservative hairlines anyway but in my case, it was actually a good idea given I don't take meds.
  7. The fullstop after "avoid" makes it pretty clear (along with, as you suggest, a modicum of common sense) I think. But a lot more of the latter than the former and even the former are controversial. Why go through the stress? This is really one of those things where you really do get what you pay for. Stick to North America and Europe. A quick look at the repair jobs on this site alone shows you that the majority are people are those that have cut corners to save a few euros and gone to Turkey, Lebanon or India and have now ended up having to go to Europe or North America anyway for the
  8. Discussing donor management in what sense? I don't think anybody knows the answer to that question. Just start with FUT and then you don't need to worry about it. He said mathematically it could be 9000 but he would never do that as it would make my donor look ridiculous. I am sticking to his advice/calculation and only going with 7,500, max. Another doctor, recommended on here, actually counted my donor with a microscope and clearly miscounted because he said I have 9,000 which was dismissed at pretty much every other doctor who looked at my head. That is a shocking mistake for a to
  9. FUE or FUT? FUT has the consideration of the scar too. My clinic said no weights for 6 months (!!!) which is a very long time but they did say I could boxing and swimming after a month I think. This was not because of the grafts but because of the scar and to avoid stretching it. It did feel tight on the back of my head too when I went back to doing weighted chinups after 6 months. Admittedly, this is the longest amount of time advised for avoiding weights I have seen but my scar is also a pencil line so who knows. Other clinics say there is no evidence to support the scar stretching from lift
  10. If you have sense, you will avoid. Europe or North America only - if you don't have the money, save up for longer.
  11. Both! Yeah but only a week before the procedure as I got a cancellation appointment for a week after my consultation. He said laxity was average/normal. Donor is above average but can't remember exact number of grafts I have to donate according to Hattingen. I do remember that Feriduni said he wouldn't do more than 7,500 but I could, in theory, take up to 9,000 but this was FUE (he didn't want to do FUT which is why I didn't go with him) so I don't know if this means I would have more or the same for FUT. Irrelevant either way as I am going to have one more procedure for ideally 3,000 if my
  12. Again, this is why people are recommending in-person consultations. I think the decision regarding the clinic has been made and you are going with H&W. Now let them guide you as to what it is that will give you the best result for your unique case. They have been doing this for years and that is why they are in everybody's top 3 clinics. I would still have consultations with other clinics though to get their opinion(s) to inform your conversation with H&W. My scar is invisible even at a number 3 in direct sunlight. I don't know if I could cut it shorter because I have never tried.
  13. It is not odd but you haven't told us anything like where you want the hairline etc. Typically somewhere between 1500-2000 would give you a very good result. I think FUT is the way forwards for you - I was on track to be a NW5 too (see my thread) and went with FUT. The scar is a non-issue at a top clinic. Bloxham is also great but I still think if you can choose between H&W and Bloxham, I would go with H&W. That is nothing against Feller and Bloxham at all, they do great work and Bloxham posts a lot on this board, but I can't think of many (any?) clinics that would beat H&W.
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