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  1. Thanks for getting back to us. Good to hear he is trying to correct the mistake. Hopefully you get closure out of this. Why did it take two years, what are they proposing to do as it seems to be a difficult case to fix and what did he say went wrong?
  2. Hi! Re. Hattingen: This is not true - Dr Laura does the incisions and oversees the implants where as Dr Sever does the strip removal and hairline design.
  3. I will answer these our of order: 4) A couple of points here. First of all, "Eugenix are considered....." implies a consensus, not that this is the opinion of one person. Secondly, you didn't say FUE megasessions, you said megasessions in general. Specify in the future. I would still rather go to H&W over Eugenix for an FUE megasession but that's just me. 1 and 2) As you hold Melvin's opinion in such high regard, he happens to agree with me that FUT strip would have been best. See his comment above. 3) BHT is supposed to be a last resort in extreme/desperate situations for those who have depleted/poor donors and/or need a repair job and so need to find the extra grafts and not a first port of call
  4. Sorry to hear this. Three months is too early to say and you will have a better idea at the 6 month mark but can't really say anything until 9 months to be honest. The redness fades with time and the speed of that depends on your biology, surgeon skill and how well you followed post-surgery protocol. I understand you are concerned but unfortunately hair transplants don't work that way and the only thing you can do is wait now, which is also not what you want to hear.
  5. World class clinic. Sever is involved in the extraction of the strip and Laura makes the incisions and oversees the implants. Sever said she is much better at the incisions than him and it makes sense because the OP's post surgery pics are very clean and my own pics, a bigger case than the OP's, are also very clean (check my thread out). Looking good and on track. Excellent choice of clinic too - well done. I had mine done there 18 months ago. If you are curious, I have made a post on here with my story and you can see my result. I think it is the most advanced story you will see on this site from this clinic as everybody else was a few months behind me on going to Hattingen. Please check out my thread and let me know what you think.
  6. COVID-19 cancelled my travel plans to the clinic in March for my final review and to have the final result photos taken. When this is all over, I will be arranging another trip over and I will post the photos then. Sorry about this!
  7. Don't go to the third world just to save some money. Eugenix is a good clinic, from the results I have seen, but they are definitely not considered the best in the world for megasessions. How many grafts are you getting for your $12-14k at Bosley and Maxim Hair (which you shouldn't go to)? I don't know what Dr Bloxham charges, but I would seriously recommend that you consult with him first as you are in NY, even if you do not decide to go with him. I am not sure how much H&W cost. 12k euros/$12.5k will get you 4000 grafts with Hattingen and then the rest of your budget can be for flights and a hotel. You will need more than one transplant, regardless of who you go to. This is not something you want to go cheap on. I was in Istanbul in In February and the amount of shite hair transplants walking around the place was amazing. And also sad as pretty much every one of them I saw without exception will need a corrective procedure in a year or two. This will mean it will cost twice as much for a result that is half as good. Save up or go with a quality surgeon or adjust your expectations accordingly.
  8. Don't go to Bosley or Maximhair. If you are staying in NY then definitely check out @Dr Blake Bloxham . He even posts on this site so you could ask him questions on here before contacting him personally. Really good results but does not do mega sessions which I think you want/need H&W are the obvious candidate for FUT megasessions as you are already in North America. Hattingen Hair are also world class and also specialists in FUT megasessions but are based in Switzerland, so you'd have to travel. Dr Sever does Skype consultations. I had mine done here and you can see my 9 month results on a post I did. It has actually be 18 months but when I was going to go to the clinic for my final check up and for the final result photos last month, COVID-19 hit.
  9. 1) He said he wants FUT - why are you saying to go FUE just to plug your favourite doctor in the whole world? 2) He is a tricky case with diffuse thinning and FUT is definitely the right thing for him 3) What are you basing your expert suggestion of "FUE and beard" on? You haven't even seen his beard. My guess is the only motive behind this expert suggestion is linked to my first question above. 4) Eugenix are considered the best in the world for megasessions by who?!?! You? H&W say hello by the way.
  10. Yeah I did the video consultation too. Whilst better than pictures, I still don't think anything beats an in person one and flew out there a month before getting mine done just to have him inspect me and see what the hairline would be like. Also the vibe I get. Will your procedure be FUE or FUT if you do get it done? I have never looked at their FUE results as I have never intended to get an FUE but my FUT was amazing (results on here if you are interested) with them. Will probably go back end of this year for a second one.
  11. I am sorry that you had a bad experience in Turkey but, as an ex-patient of theirs, I am glad Sever and Laura are helping you and they are getting the recognition they deserve on this forum it seems. Is he just correcting Asmed's work or will you have a procedure with them? I still don't know why people take risks with hair transplants and go to somewhere where it is cheap. I was Turkey in January and the amount of people walking around, quite openly, with hair transplants was amazing. Most of them looked like they are not going to be happy in 6-12 months either. Just save up more money and wait a bit longer to go somewhere else!!!