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  1. @HisHairnessI would not worry. Do not judge your case by other people and their progress. Everybody's physiology is different.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I only have a picture from not quite 5 months (4 months 3 weeks maybe?). Happy to share if you like? It is just one though and I can't find any more from around that time period. I do remember thinking at around the 6 month mark period though that I am behind from where I should be.
  3. Thanks Legend and good to see you back! Yeah I am impressed. The crown does need more work on it and I am looking at a second transplant which I have Skyped with the clinic about but really, needs to be done in person. I just need to wait for travel restrictions to be lifted first. My hair helps give the illusion of density too as it is thick and wavy/curly. Overall I am very pleased though. Thanks! No, I never style it to be honest. I am too lazy truth be told. Maybe I should though....... I will definitely post more pics when I get out there after I can fly again. I have found som
  4. This guy, for example, does not have a great donor or hair characteristics and he went to a top clinic and got a great result with far fewer grafts: There is actually another case I was looking for which highlights my point even better but I can't find it - I find the search feature on this site clumsy. Hattingen and H&W can deliver in cases like these and there are numerous cases on this forum and others to prove it.
  5. Is there any evidence to suggest you have poor genes for scarring? Do you have scars elsewhere on your body that haven't healed well? Going to a top clinic will limit the risk of getting a bad scar. Depending on where in the world you are based, or where you are willing to travel to, we can give you recommendations. Having in-person consultations then would be the best way forward.
  6. Also a fair point and I agree with using normal people as an indicator and not cherry picked amazing cases on the websites. 2 counter points: 1) I was just replying to your comment that implied this size of surgery is extraordinarily rare and I don't think it is at certain clinics. There are other fora too with cases. H&W also now do FUE which I think is more popular, rightly or wrongly, which also reduces the amount of these megasessions they do as it eats into the amount of FUTs they do. It does not mean they can't and don't still do them though. 2) this is why I suggest in-person appoin
  7. Completely agree! I have said this to people via PMs - don't look at my hair and expect the same result even going to the same surgeon with the same pattern. My hair calibre is about average, I was told, but it is wavy/curly. Which helps with coverage. I was also told, as we are discussing density, by a couple of clinics (including mine) that the number isn't necessarily important as you can use some small tricks like putting hairs in at certain angles etc. to give even more illusion of density. I think having in-person consultations with top clinics that are ethical and get consistently
  8. Hasson and Wong have 3 pages of results on their website alone of patients with 5000 or more grafts done with them with good results. Hattingen regularly go above this number too but their website is limited in showing cases because of Swiss law. Both clinics get great results. It does depend on laxity, obviously, but I had average laxity overall (quite tight in the corners he said) and still got 4500 with no complications and a great scar. Just because most clinics can't do it does not mean it cannot be done and isn't done relatively regularly. I have seen more than a couple of very large FUE
  9. Exactly this. Either pay the same on the Continent and get a stellar result or get the same result as in the UK but for a much cheaper price. The UK is overpriced relatively to markets that are a couple of hours away by plane or train.
  10. Hattingen costs are on the website and are transparent
  11. They won't do it because they pay to be on the recommended list
  12. If you go to a top clinic, you don't have to worry about about scarring unless you are an outlier and have especially poor genes for scarring but this will be such a low % of the population. Mine is a pencil line. Where are you considering? In theory, you could yes. However, your scalp will no longer be virgin and I do not think this small insight outweighs the benefit of working on a virgin scalp. All else being equal, yes it should be an indicator. i.e. if you go to the same clinic and have a similar sized or smaller procedure as the first time, then yes. Different clinic etc. may
  13. Which doctor and what did they say your donor was? 5000+ in one go will be pushing it and you will need to have very good laxity for this to happen. I had 4400. I disagree with needing 4 operations. You can do two FUT megasessions and you will be fine. You could look at H&W in North America and Hattingen in Europe, depending where you are based, as these are probably the best two clinics in the world for FUT megasessions. If you look at my thread, I had one mega session, at Hattingen, and the result is good. However, your hair is quite fine, especially in comparison to mine, and you may no
  14. Depends on skills of the surgeon and blood flow to the area but I would bank on at least some for up to 6 months.
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