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  1. I disagree. I think he will finish as a NW5 with high sides and crown. With the right surgeon, he should get a good result. OP - do not rush on to meds. Ask a surgeon what they think ASAP though. In person consultations.
  2. I am just reading through Dr Bhatti's website and in his FAQ, he has said FUT can stretch the crown thus negating the extra grafts that you get from an FUT procedure as you are removing a strip and then pulling what is left together. That makes sense logically but I would have thought the scalp's elasticity would return after a few months and it would be back to normal again. Any informed opinions on this?
  3. TrixGlendevon

    Options for Asia - Dr Bhatti?

    Thanks as always Spex!
  4. A friend who is from and lives in Asia is looking for a hair transplant. As I have never considered leaving Europe for this, I have no idea what good options are available in Asia. I know Dr Bhatti's name is used quite a lot here, how good is he? Who else could my friend consider? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss to properly advise here.
  5. TrixGlendevon

    Couto & Freitas

    Probably. I wouldn't mind too much if the results are good though, and they often are. Also, with the high visibility of his work out there, because of how many patients post, I think it is a good enough sample to make an informed decision of what to expect
  6. Hi Bismarck. As I said on your other thread, I do not. On top of the reasons I mentioned there, I intend to get FUE into the scar and I am also considering MSP into the scar too. I have seen men with this done and they are able to cut their hair very short without it being visible. I also think milking your donor to its full potential with FUE will also leave scars so that also limits somewhat how far you can take your hair down. Although, I concede this is more of a visible and therefore more of a risk with FUT than FUE.
  7. @spex Always! Thanks for the advice @bismarck I am not. Or anywhere else for that matter! I want to stay in Europe for this. That is not because I think one continent is better than the other etc. It is just the logistics. North American security and immigration are horrendous plus long flights and different time zones. I really do not want to go through it all and add to what will already be a stressful experience. If I stay in Europe I can take the train and be back home at my doorstep 2-3 hours after checking out from the hotel. No contest.
  8. Hi @spex As I said above, my donor has been measured already by Dr Lupanzula and I have several other in person appointments this weekend with other top surgeons, including your old clinic Dr Feriduni. Dr Lupanzula calculated a donor of 9,000 if he used FUE. I am performing all due diligence before I make a decision. There was no miscommunication. His English is flawless. The clinic has a stellar reputation on the German fora of being very good at large sessions like this and he said "large sessions of 4,000-5,000 are our bread and butter". There was a debate on one thread of who was better, H&W or Hattingen. Even if H&W was the winner, that is still good company to be compared to.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have actually had a consultation already with Dr Lupanzula and this weekend I have one with Dr Feriduni, one with Dr Bisanga and one with Dr Devroye. I will likely go to Hattingen for an in person one as they don't travel much to do consultations in other countries. I a NW4 heading to a 5 and I do not take medication so I will need two surgeries anyway therefore I do not mind the fact it may be a large session in terms of cost, it is the risk involved if it goes wrong. On their website, 5,000 would cost around 14,000 euros which is fine. Although I know it will be helpful, I do not want to post pictures just yet. I will make a decision about whether I do or not in the next few weeks.
  10. What are they exactly and why are they good for diffuse thinners? What are the other pros and cons? I know the Spanish seems to like them........
  11. Hi! Today I had a consultation via Skype with the Hattingen Clinic in Switzerland because I want FUT and @Gasthoerer recommends them so I though an e-consultation can't hurt. I have looked on the French fora and some of their results are really, really excellent. Great hairlines and good on the crown too. He was also very nice and I imagine he has very good bedside manner. Both he and his wife are the surgeons and they do every surgery together. They have a large team of techs too. His wife does the incisions as he said she is just naturally better at it then he is. They are experts at FUT mega sessions and he said to me we could do a 5,000+/- transplant for the first procedure. This is a huge risk though. If this goes wrong, it is about half of my grafts gone (from other doctors' calculations in consultations). That said, as I will have a virgin scalp, they are more likely to take and I could potentially have an amazing result from it. What are other people's opinions on this as I am really torn. I had originally wanted 3,000-3,500 grafts but I would debate this 5,000 graft avenue too.
  12. TrixGlendevon

    Couto & Freitas

    I always get the Spanish ones mixed up. http://www.fuexpert.com/ is Couto's. Injerto Capilar is de Freita's
  13. It does in the pre-op picture too though. Less so, but it is slightly pink. Maybe he has skin conditions? Unlikely but I do not know otherwise
  14. TrixGlendevon

    How does my donor area look

    To be honest, the second pic already looks like FUE scarring a bit. Donor looks alright but go for a few consultations and they will calculate it precisely.
  15. Sums up perfectly my opinion on the matter too. I will opt for FUT though and then get some grafts put into the linear scar. I am also researching MSP to put into it. I have seen very good results of this where the hair transplantee can shave their hair to a number 1 (or less) and the scar is still hard to see.